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Chapter 1269 - The Founder's Invitation ⑥

Arriving at Suiren, I opened the door and went inside. We had wasted some time and it was already past dinner time, but looking at it in another way, we arrived here when its quite nice and empty.

[Welco———Arehh Kaito-kun and Olivia-sama]

[Good evening, Kaori-san.]

[Sorry to bother you.]

I greeted her lightly and took a seat at the counter, where Kaori-san served me water and talked to me.

[How unusual. Olivia-sama coming without a reservation, and theres also Kaito-kun, who usually comes earlier in the day. Also, both of you were wearing very expensive-looking clothing……]

[Yes, actually———–]

Indeed, I may have been to Kaori-sans restaurant many times, but I usually go a little earlier in the day or during the daytime, so todays visit time may be unusual.

At any rate, I explained to Kaori-san the situation…… that I had returned from a wedding and that I had been talking with Olivia-san, who attended the wedding with me, and we decided to go to Kaori-sans restaurant.

Hearing my story, Kaori-san nodded her head in understanding.

[I see, a wedding huh~~ That explains the formal wear…… Unnn Arehh You participated together Olivia-sama was there too]

[Yes, as the Founder, I wanted to see the marriage ceremony conducted by our church, so I made an unreasonable request to Miyama Kaito-sama.]

[Fumu fumu, how was your participation like]

[I learned a lot. I was able to actually facilitate the event, so it was a good learning experience for me.]

[……It kinda feels like Im hearing abnormal things just now, but I feel like Id end up getting a stomach ache, so I wont ask about this anymore.]

As she listens to Olivia-sans words, Kaori-sans eyes are starting to look towards the distance, but seemingly trying to switch gears, she brings out the menu with a bright smile.

[Well then, what would you like to order~~]

[Ahh, Ill have a Chicken and Tomato Stew Set Meal.]

[I will also have the same one.]

[Hoh, youve got great eyes. Ive recently been able to procure better chicken than before, so you can raise your expectations to a higher level! Expectations for a Set Meal Restaurant, okay!]

[Ahaha, Im looking forward to it then.]

I chose this set meal because it was Olivia-sans recommendation, but it seems to be an item Kaori-san is quite proud of. That aside, she has been able to stock up on good chicken Did she find a new business partner

[Did you find a new business partner that you can now source good chicken from]

[Unnn. Though I say that, it wasnt me who found them, but Akane-san who introduced them to me.]

[Eh When you say Akane-san, youre talking about Mikumo Akane-san]

[Thats right. After hearing about me from you, she came to my store. Since then, just because were from the same homeworld, their trading company has been cooperating with my restaurant in various stocking activities.]

[……I have only recently met Akane-san…… but she immediately came to visit here huh.]

[Akane-san was quite the bundle of energy.]


If she came to her store and helped her stock up, and on top of that, acted as an intermediary for the purchase of the chicken….. Akane-san would really have visited Kaori-sans store within a few days of meeting me.

[Even so, I see…… A wedding huh……]


[No, its just, in this world, there are a lot of long-lived species to begin with, and not many people care about the timing of marriage, so people around me havent really gotten married…… but thats certainly something that slips your mind when youre nearing your thirties……]

[I- Is that how it is]

[That is how it is. Even when I know this shouldnt be something you should be impatient about, you cant just help being in a hurry about this sometimes.]

I- I dont know why, but I at least understand that this is a topic that I shouldnt venture into carelessly. The melancholy Kaori-san was clad in was so unbelievable that it really makes me feel like stepping into this matter with superficial thoughts would be a big mistake.

As I was thinking this, Olivia-san tilted her head and spoke.

[Mizuhara Kaori-san, do you mind if I ask you a question]

[Eh Ah, yes. What is it]

[Why is it that people become impatient with marriage when their age is close to 30]

[……I- Its kind of hard to explain. How should I say this…… Its like youre feeling as if youre gonna stay single even when youre 30 years old……]

[If you say that, Im over a thousand years old though]

[That you are, arent you! Thats why its so hard to explain this feeling to people in this world……]

Im sure that Olivia-san has no ill will and is genuinely wondering about this, but for Kaori-san, this must have been a very difficult question to answer.

After all, when she explains this on the grounds of age, Kaori-san would be someone so young that she could be described as a child from Olivia-sans point of view……

[Errr, Olivia-san. The only race in the world we were in was humans, and our lifespan wasnt as long as the people in this world. Therefore, the age of 30 is a milestone for us, and many people were concerned about it. This was also the case for Kaori-san……]

[I see, so its a difference in common sense with the difference in the world huh.]

When I followed up on her words, Kaori-san looked relieved and patted her chest.

[Well, even if you worry about it, thats just something that cant be helped, right]

[Thats true and I know that in my head, but its just, lots of things fill my mind…… Im sure Kaito-kun will also understand when you get close to 30 years old. You would also start feeling like youre getting old around then.]

[……Errr…… Because of the effect of Shi…… God of Creations Blessing, Im immortal so…… Im sorry.]

[Immortal You talking about that one where you dont age Thats…… Thats cheating!!!]

The scream of Kaoris soul echoed throughout the restaurant.

Serious-senpai : [I guess thats how it is. Saying youre in your 30s would make you considered rather young, at a level where youd be counted among the youngest named characters in this series.]

: [Among Kaito-sans lovers, if you exclude Anima-san, after 2 years have passed, the youngest would be the 25-year-old Lilia-san.]-

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