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While flipping through the guidebook Kuro gave me, I think about what shop we could visit.

I dont have time to read through the book page by page, so I would make a rough selection based on the illustrations and rating stars.

A shop where seasonal dishes are recommended, but it isnt suitable for this time of the year. A shop that is open only at night. I tried to find a restaurant as close as possible to where we are now, excluding those that require reservations…… and found two choices.

One is a very exclusive restaurant which Kuro rated as 8 stars…… A fairly high rating. Reservations arent required, but the price is high and the portions are small for the price, but the taste of their food is described as first class.

Kuro rated the other one with 5 stars…… 3 stars lower than the earlier restaurant. The restaurant isnt really that extraordinary, but it serves fine cuisine and is located in a somewhat secluded area, so we apparently dont need to have a reservation. The most eye-catching thing is that the food in this restaurant is said to be very large in quantity and can be eaten with gusto.

Both restaurants are reasonably close to where we are now, so either of these two candidates would be fine.

The question is which one to choose…… The 8-star for luxury or the 5-star for quantity. Well, they are both high ranking restaurants, but its about making a comparison between quantity or quality.

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[Would you rather eat a lot of food at a reasonably good restaurant or a small portion at a superb restaurant……]

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[Fumu…… Well, this Alice-chan is a woman who clearly knows the difference. Lets go with more quantity!!!]


A powerful response with no hesitation at all. Yes, Ive had this feeling that she would choose this but…… As I thought, shes someone who would choose quantity over quality……

Since this dinner is for Alice anyway, Im OK with whatever she wants.

[Alright then, lets go to this shop.]

[Yeeeeess…… Let me see Hooohhh, if it isnt that shop with the meat tower! This is a great shop.]

[Meat tower]

[Just as its name says, its a tower of meat.]

I- I dont really know but, that sounds like something that would be sought for by those who eat large amounts of food. As a self-proclaimed maiden, why the heck are your eyes glittering when you think about that meat tower

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After ten minutes of walking from the Arts Plaza, we arrived at our destination.

The inside of the restaurant is made of wood and has a calm atmosphere, and as expected of a high-class restaurant, I can feel a sense of elegance around the place.

However, there arent so many customers in the restaurant. No wonder its called a little-known good place…… The only thing that bothers me is that there are so many large build customers in this store.

Thinking about it, the door of the store is quite large. That should mean that this store might be specializing in serving large-bodied Demons.

Then, the waitress led us to our seats and I decided to order that meat tower that Alice had mentioned.

[Please choose what volume you would like to have. Theres half, normal, double, quintuple, and tenfold.]



[Very well. Well then, please wait for a moment.]

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This freaking woman…… She didnt even hesitate to choose tenfold. Even the waitress-san was looking twice at Alice…… As expected, looking at her size, it doesnt seem like she could eat this meat tower with ten times the size……

As we waited, chatting with Alice for a little while, the door in the back opens…… The waitress brought “along six people” as they brought a huge plate, where a mountain of meat piled up on it.

T- That is the meat tower huh…… I see, that literally is a tower of meat.

I began observing the giant tower of meat on the table. This tender-looking, beautiful log of meat, which I can tell is high-quality at first glance, I dont know if roast beefs are supposed to look like this, but it looks like a tower made of red jewels.

The tower of meat is surrounded by decorative slices of vegetables and garnished with colorful sauces in the crevices between them, making it look gorgeous.

[……T- This is amazing……]

[Its because this store is very popular with the Ogres and Orcs.]

[That somehow certainly makes a lot of sense.]

This is the ten-times size huh…… I probably wont be able to eat even one serving of that.

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Its a beautiful cuisine, brimming with high classiness…… But as I said, the size really is out of the ordinary, so I was rather taken aback, but Alice was looking at it with glitter in her eyes.

[Well then, lets eat.]

[Yes! ……Ahh.]



If Alice is happy, then Im happy as well, so Im going to eat sparingly so that she can taste it well. Just as I was about to start eating, thinking about that.

Thereupon, for some reason, Alices expression changed to a look of contemplation abd her eyes began to scurry about.

[Is something the matter]

[……Uuuuuu, uuuuuuu…… P- Please wait a moment! Im gathering my resolve now.]

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Concerned about Alice, who wasnt touching the food yet, I asked her, but she didnt tell me whats happening.

Her cheeks are also slightly blushing, could she be nervous Resolve, she said, what exactly did she need to be ready for

[……Its alright…… I can do this…… If its me…… I can do this……]

[O- Oi, Alice]

[Kaito-san and I are lovers…… its alright……]


It seems like my voice isnt reaching Alice, as she was mumbling something while looking down.

After Alice continued to mumble something for a little while, she dramatically raised her face and pointed her fork at the meat tower.

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Wondering if she was finally ready to eat, I was just about to pick up the tablewares and eat too……

[K- Kaito-san!]


[A- A- A- A- A- A- Ahhn~~!!!]


With a bright red face, looking like shes a bomb that is about to explode, Alice held out a piece of meat stuck in her fork.

[……What the heck are you doing now]

[P- P- Please eat it already! I- It feels really embarrassing!]

[……No, like I said, what the heck are you……]

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[W- Were now lovers, s- s- so I w- w- wanted to try this a- a- a- at least once.]

Turning really incoherent and the eyes are peeking out of her mask turning moist, Alice holds out the meat to me while enduring her embarrassment.

She looks very cute like that, and I would like to see her like this more if I could, but as expected, she looked really pitiful if I just keep her hanging like this, so I lean forward for a bit and eat the meat Alice held out to me.

The meat is well tenderized and soaked in a slightly sour sauce that really enhances the flavor of the meat in my mouth.

As I was savoring the delicious meat, I noticed Alice gazing at me.

Ahh, is this that She also wants me to feed like her so huh……

[Here, Alice. Ahhn.]

[……A- A- A- A- Ahhhhhnnnn~~, whamf!]

[Youre trembling too much……]

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Her body shaking to the point where I would have thought there was an earthquake, Alice ate the meat I held out to her and chewed it with a bright red face.

Then, little by little, her face changed to a happy one, as she seemed to have liked the taste of the meat.

[Should I feed you some more]

[…….W- W- Wha……]

[Whats up now]

[Why do you seem so calm about this, Kaito-san!]

[No, even if you ask me why……]

[E- Even though I feel like my face is on fire! Kaito-san isnt fair!!!]

No, even if I look calm…… it was just because you were trembling that much that I became calm instead…..

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Even so, while Alice was trying to scold me for that…… looking at her appearance as she glared at me, while her body was shaking and her face was so bright red, how should I say this……

[You look cute.]

[Nywhat! Nywhat nyow!]

[No, you look so cute when your face blushed red…… Here, Alice. Ahhn.]


Hearing my words, Alices face turned red and her mouth opened and closed, to which I fed her another serving of meat again.

Thereupon, Alice, as if a bomb of red colors exploded right on her face, quietly ate the meat and after she finished gulping what was in her mouth, she opened her mouth again.

Apparently, shes feeling embarrassed, but she wants me to feed her like that. Aware of how a smile on my face reflexively appeared on my lips at seeing how cute her reaction is, I stabbed some meat into my fork again before holding it to Alices position.


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[A- Ahhn…… omnom….. Kaito-san, youre definitely acting like an S around me……]


[Its nothing! Give me more please! S- Since its come to this, Ill just have Kaito-san feed me all of it.]

[Pfff…… Yes, yes. Roger that.]

[Why are you grinning like thaaaaat!]

It was funny, seeing Alice turning shameless and shouting in front of me, forgetting that were still in a high-class restaurant, and we proceeded to peacefully eat and feed each other.

Feeding each other like this makes me feel like were really lovers…… and I feel really happy. I wish I could feed her more like this.

……is what I was thinking…… “but that still has its limits……”

[Omnomnom…… Kaito-san, more please!]

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[……H- Hey, Alice How long is this going to continue]

[Of course, its only until we finish everything…… Ahh, waitress-san! “Three” more meat towers of this size!]

[Hey, m- my hand hurts already…… Alice!]

Yes, I underestimated it. Alices bottomless stomach……

Regretting my statement about feeding her everything when we just started eating, I held out my hand that was trembling in pain, and brought the next serving of meat to Alices mouth.

Dear Mom, Dad———- The restaurant I came to with Alice was a fairly high-class restaurant, though it isnt too fancy, and I was able to have a nice meal while watching the cute Alice. I was able to do that…… but…… seriously———- How long will this last

Serious-senpai: [……Alrighty, listen here, everyone…… The author said he would let Kaito stay at Alices house for a few days to flirt with her. However, not even a day has passed yet…… You know what this means, right The real hell starts from here on out.]

T/N: IRL stuff is happening, so no bonus chapter today.-

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