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After we finished our breakfast, Im off on my date with Alice.

The pretense of this date was that I was going to treat her to that sumptuous meal I promised her before, but theres still some time before lunch, and since this is a good opportunity, I decided to take a look around with Alice.

[Kaito-san, the food stalls are over there, you know]

[……We just ate breakfast……]

[If its with other peoples money, I can eat as much as I want!!!]


Alice, dressed in her usual outfit and her mask on, puffs out her small chest with the best smug face I had ever seen.

Unnn, it looks like shes totally back to how she usually acts, and its like it was the same Alice like usual.

[W- Well, that was just a joke…… What should we do Should we go watch a puppet show]

[Puppet show Is there something like a playhouse around here]

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[Ahh~ no, theres a plaza just a short walk away where minstrels and the like often gather, and there would usually be two or three of them in there. Theyre using donations as a means to earn a living.]

[Heehhh…… I thought Ive gone all around the city already, but I didnt know there was such a thing.]

Did she mean there was something like an Arts Plaza around here Ive been living in the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom for almost half a year now, and I thought I had been to a lot of places but…… as expected, I cant see everything in this wide royal city, and the areas Ive been to may be quite limited.

[Its far away from the area where the shops and stalls are located. From Duchess Lilias mansion, you have to go beyond the residential areas, so you may not have much opportunity to go there.]

[Fumu…… Wait, beyond the residential areas If Im not mistaken, taking in consideration where the center of the royal capital is, that should be “opposite” of this location……]

[Yes, thats right]

If the royal palace is in the center of Symphonia Kingdom, then, the place Alice is talking about seems to be located in the opposite direction of Lilia-sans mansion.

Thats strange…… Didnt Alice just say it was a short walk away from here Im sure she definitely said that.

However, no matter how I think about it, the distance from here to there isnt short at all…… Does that mean Alice was talking here based on her sense of distance!

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The royal capital is a pretty big city, and I think its a bit too far for the human me to walk but……

[Hey, Alice…… How are we going to get there]

[Ahhh, Ill take care of that!]

Ohhh, shes feeling pretty confident. Ahh, speaking of which, even if Ive never been there before, Alice knows where it is, and we can just go there with Teleportation Magic.

The Teleportation Magic used by the Six Kings seems to be the type that directly specifies coordinates, unlike magic tools, so there shouldnt be a problem at all.

[……I see, so well be tele—— Unnn]

[Oopsy daisy.]


However, my expectations were shattered when I felt like my feet werent touching the ground.

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As if my weight doesnt matter to her, Alice lifts up my body…… in that so-called princess carry. Unnn, I know that how I think may have already been strange, but I wonder why do I get a bad feeling before feeling embarrassed in this position

[Well then, letttssss~~gooo~~!]

[Wait! Hey!]

Hearing her idiotic shout, Alice kicked off the ground and leaps to the stepping stone on the roof of a nearby building…… geh, this is high! This is high!

Then, as we were being pulled down by gravity…… she created a magical foothold glowing in the air, stepped on it, and leaped again.

Eh The heck is this What the heck is this! Were going there in this way! Youre going to leap like a certain black rabbit over there! Ahh, I think we just jumped over the royal castle……

[No, no, why are we moving there in this way! Theres another method other than this, right!]

[I meant, this looked more intere…… Ah, no, its just a thoughtful way for Kaito-san to enjoy the view of the royal city to the fullest.]

[……You freaking as*hole……]

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[Whoa there, I mistook my moderation of strength~~ Were going to jump over the clouds like this~~]

[Oii! Theres still a large gap before the next jump——— Uwwooohhh!]

While spouting such a joke that she made a mistake with her jump “right after jumping again”, Alice leaps high enough to break through the clouds.

[Ahh, Ive properly enclosed you in a barrier, so its alright!]

[Arent you concerned about the completely wrong thing! Ill get you for this after we got down! You better remember that!]

[Whoa there~~ I lost my balance and ended up spinning around!]


Like a roller coaster, Alice carried through many leaps and bounds, spinning around the air.

[W- Well~~ It was just that, you know…… I got really excited…… Ehe—— Fugyaaahhh!]

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[You really are~~]

[Ginyaaahhhhh! Y- Youww teaw my chweeks owff…… Eh Why are you touching my ear…… Higyaaahhh!]

Screaming as I was being moved around like I was riding one of the attractions of an amusement park, we managed to get to the place were heading to.

And for the time being, while Alice was sitting in a seiza, I decided to pull her cheeks and ears as much as possible.

[……Ouch…… Isnt that just something to spice up and make our date more enjoyable……]

[I didnt ask for that spice!]

Good grief, rather than being the same as usual, shes messing around more than usual.

Well, I dont want to waste any more time scolding her, so I think Ill end it here and go see the puppet show.

However, I dont really like how Alice went with her pace earlier, so I should think of some way to counterattack.

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Thinking about this, as I was about to head to the square with Alice, who got up from the ground…… I suddenly thought of a good way.

[Now then, lets get back on track…… Ehh]

[Well, we dont really have to be in a rush. Why dont we take our time]

[Eh A- Arehh Kaito-san Why are you “holding my hand”]

As a counterattack to Alice, who was about to walk away, I took her hand and quickly intertwined my fingers with hers, making them into a lovers knot.

[Unnn Look, were lovers, so isnt this normal]

[Guhhh! Y- Youre going with that huh…… H- However, youre way too naive! Im thousands of times older than Kaito-san……. so unfortunately for you, I wont be embarrassed by something like this!]

[……”Your right hand and right foot were perfectly in sync” though]

[……I was just feeling like doing that today.]

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Im not sure if Alice also sensed that it was my counterattack or not, but shes trying to pass it off with an air of calmness around her…… but I could instantly find her faults.

Alice, who was walking around like a poorly-oiled tin doll, no matter how I look at her, was very nervous.

[……F- Fufufu, whats wrong Have you already ran out of ideas]

[Hey, Alice……]

[W- What is it!]

[Youre trying to act cool…… but your face is all red, you know]


Yes, she may be trying to appear calm, but the blush on Alices face was reaching up to her ears.

When I pointed that out, Alice squealed out like a cat and flusteredly turned her face away.

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[W- W- What are you talking about…… I- Its just because of that! It just looks red because of the sunset!]

[……Isnt sunrise a better excuse here No, well, its already 10 am, so it will never be sunset or sunrise……]

[Ahh~~ Ahh~~ Alice-chan has just become deaf~~ Alice-chan cant hear you at all~~!]

[Youre really cute, Alice.]

[Auuuu…… Auuuu……]

I already grasped that Alice has a weakness for straightforward compliments.

In fact, if I tell her that shes cute, she would already be blushing so much that I feel like steam would spout out her ears, and her eyes would start hurriedly swimming around.

Seeing Alice like that, I wanted to make her more embarrassed, so I said various compliments, and by the time we got to the plaza, Alices eyes were rolled back, looking as if she was about to overheat.

Dear Mom, Dad———– Alice is already back to how she usually is…… No, it feels like shes messing around more than before. But maybe, or rather, Im sure…… because she was being so aware of our date———– that shes feeling embarrassed.

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Alice attacks Serious-senpai with the Demp-Sweet Roll!

Is she the next Mak*nouchi! Is she the next Wind God!

Serious-senpai: [Nuwaaaahhhh!]

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