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Alice slept longer than I expected, which made me fall asleep too, and when I came to, it was already around night time.

When Alice woke up and told me that she had been reunited with her best friend in a dream, the day already ended.

Her best friend apparently transferred her soul to Alices Heart Tool, and she became a presence that can speak to Alice in her dreams…… Although it was something that would raise peoples eyebrows when they heard it, it was surprisingly easy for me to believe it when I saw Alice looking sincerely happy.

Well, in the first place, Ive gotten to know a lot of things that break common sense, so hearing about a soul residing in a weapon doesnt really faze me at all…… Even if there was a being like that God who apparently has 99 names, I dont think it would be surprising.

Unfortunately, her best friend only appears in Alices dreams, so it doesnt seem like I can speak or see her.

After listening to such a story, I took a bath and laid down the bed in the room Alice had assigned for me.

In a way, Ive accomplished my goal for staying here with Alice but…… I still decided to stay at Alices home for a few more days, and she pleasantly agreed.

This may be one of the reasons why I wanted to know more about Alices past, but I also wanted to know more about the current Alice.

Well, since its a good opportunity for that, Ill enjoy my time being together with Alice.

Thinking about this, I was about to close my eyes when I heard a discreet knock on the door of my room.

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[Ah~~ Errr, c- can I talk with you for a moment]


Since Alice was the only person in this house other than me, it cant be helped if I think that the one knocking on the door was Alice.

Her voice slightly flustered, Alice replied and opened the door…… and behind it appeared Alice wearing a nightgown, something that Ive never seen before.

Dressed in a lovely nightgown, which looked like layers of lace fabric piled up with each other, Alice was unmasked, and the silence of the night made her seem even more fantastic.

However, Alice in a nightgown No, well, even though her body doesnt need sleep, that doesnt mean she cant sleep.

So, Im not saying that wearing a nightgown is weird but…… Why does she have a “pillow” in hand

[E- Errr, Kaito-san]

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[Y- Yeah, whats the matter]

[U- Ummm…… Errr…… C- Can I…… sleep with you]


Alice, her cheeks slightly blushing, fidgeting with her face lowered, her atmosphere somehow looked different, and I could feel the heat gathering on my face.

Or rather…… Sleep with me D- Does that mean, s- s- s- s- she wants to do that

N- No, no! Isnt it a little too early for that W- Well, this certainly is something that we will eventually do, and as a former human, Alice has clear information about that aspect…… A- As expected, doing that right after we became lovers, I also need to prepare my heart for that……

Indeed, even Im a healthy young man. If I were to be asked if I dont have any interest in such matters…… I cant say I dont have any interest in it, and especially now that Alice is different from usual, looking transient and it was making me feel strangely nervous.


[Ehhh! Ahh, ummm…… W- W- Whats the matter Suddenly coming]

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[Errr…… Ummm, I was a bit lonely…… Is that a no]


When I listened to Alices words, which were timidly announced, I understood completely. I mean, I realized that I was mistaken.

The current Alice doesnt have any other motives. I clearly understand from what she just said that shes really just lonely and wants to sleep with me, and theres no other meaning held within that.

……Eh The heck is this, Im feeling really embarrassed for being flustered by myself now though……

[……Was I being a bother]

[N- No, its alright. Its not a problem at all!]

[I- Is that so]

I hurriedly let Alice into the room so that she wouldnt realize that I was imagining anything strange.

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Then, somewhat hastily, I crawled into the bed. Well, thats simply because I had some strange imaginations, and if Alice went in first, it doesnt seem like I could get in later……

Then, a little while later, placing the pillow Alice was holding on the bed, she shuffled around and came up the bed.

It isnt like our bodies were directly touching each other. Its just that Alice came into the same futon. Considering the size of Alices body, there should be plenty of space to spare…… but it felt like the temperature in the futon had dramatically risen.


[Eh Whash ish ith!]

[Unnn Whats the matter]

I seemed to be turning away without realizing it, and when Alice called out to me, I turned my head to her…… and found Alices face, so breathtakingly close to mine.

Her beautiful blue eyes reflected my face, and I could see her lips, which felt even more lustrous, very clearly.

[N- No, its nothing!]

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[Really H- However, its that, you know]


[Getting into the same futon like this…… F- Feels embarrassing…… but it makes me feel really happy.]

Seeing Alice say that with a bashful smile on her lips, I felt my heart skip a beat.

Her cheeks slightly blushing red, her white skin visible through the gaps of her nightgown…… Especially since Alice is usually dressed in long sleeves, long pants and a mask, an outfit that doesnt expose anything, so her current appearance looks really refreshing…… Its also really bad for my heart though.

A- Anyway, I cant let this situation keep on going. I- I have to open up some topic……

[S- Speaking of which, even though Alice has a body that doesnt need to sleep…… You have a nightgown huh]

[Yes, you see, I used to be human, so sleeping had somewhat become a habit. In fact, before I became Kaito-sans guard, I basically slept every night.]

[Is that so…… Isnt it difficult to guard me when you dont get any sleep]

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[Thats not the case. I do it because I want to…… I like Kaito-san, thats why I want to protect you……]

Isnt there a bit too much power in your words! Im not sure if its because of all the heavy conversation weve had today, but it especially looks dangerous since it isnt like her usual jokes. My heart is somehow beating really fast right now.

I was already in my limits, but Alice really seemed to genuinely want to be with me this time, and after happily smiling a few times, she gently approached me.

Just a few tens of centimeters…… With that alone, our bodies became so close together that I felt my nervousness reach the climax, Alice sank half of her face into the futon…… and stuck her face between my neck and chest.

[ ~ ~ ! ]

W- Was that her breath just now! This is bad, this is really bad…… This is so extraordinarily bad. Because of her discreet contact, Alices warmth is getting more and more palpable, and I felt my whole body getting hotter and hotter.

Moreover, it seems more dangerous than anything else, even if Alice herself has no intention of doing so…… Perhaps, if I were to ask her so, she will comply.

Its like having a very tasty-looking food hanging in front of you and being told that you can eat it if you want to…… T- This is difficult.

N- No, but…… I- Its not like I really have to endure it, right T- Thats right. I mean, we are lovers, and we will eventually do that sooner or later…… Or rather, I also want to do that. S- So, isnt it fine……

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[……Kaito-san…… Please dont go anywhere……. Please…… dont leave me alone……]


A small, trembling voice. The moment I heard it, I punched myself within my heart.

Thats right. Alice is anxious now. After talking about the past, she would be reminded of the times when she lost a lot of things, and how she had lived alone for a long time.

Thats why, right now…… I have to be able to firmly accept Alices feelings. Without having any strange thoughts, I should genuinely accept her thoughts and feelings.

Thinking about this, I gently put my hands behind Alices back and hugged her as gently as I can.

[Unnn, its alright. Ill never leave you alone……]

[Ahh…… yes…… I love you, Kaito-san.]

Hearing my gentle words, Alice also hugs me back, putting her hands on my back.

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[……Im sorry. Starting tomorrow, I will go back to how we usually are…… So, just for now……]

[Its okay. You can act spoiled around me as much as you want, whenever you want…… Okay]


Receiving Alice as she anxiously acted spoiled, I responded to her, and I can see a sincere smile of happiness appearing on her lips.

Dear Mom, Dad———— The unusually anxious Alice was strangely refreshing and made my heart beat really fast, but more than these thoughts, I wanted to soothe her anxiousness. Thats why———— I wont let my beloved girlfriend be alone ever again.

The day of sweetening had begun. It all starts with a jab.

Serious-senpai: [A jab!]

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