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After Alice and I told each other our feelings, we chatted for a while, as Alice sat on my lap.

One of my hands is around Alices waist as she sat on my lap, while my other hand held Alices hand, my fingers intertwining with hers.

We talked for a while, and before I knew it, Alice seemed to have fallen asleep, and I could hear her gentle breathing as she slept.

With all the tenseness on her body lifted, her fatigue probably caught up with her and thats why she fell asleep.

Instead of the pained sleeping face with tears dripping down her eyes she had a while ago, Alice seemed reassured now, and a small smile seemed to be on her lips.

Acting spoiled as she leaned her body on me…… No matter how much she stirred up things before, Alice never acted spoiled like a young girl like this before.

No matter how bright she seems on the surface, I think that Alices heart was so tense that she cant feel composed at all.

So, even if Alice wanted to have a significant other, there was no space in the back of her mind for any person to enter, and as a result, that may have acted as a final great wall for the other party to bypass.

Perhaps, I think my timing was just good. With the appearance of Eden-san, a crack appeared in the walls, and from there, I was able to get within Alices heart…… or so what I feel.

I think that by telling me everything and becoming my lover, she was able to come to terms with her past, and that gave Alice a sense of leeway in her heart.

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Thats why she has entrusted herself to me now, in a state of complete relief. Im really happy for that, and most of all, I cant help but love Alice even more.

Looking at Alice, peacefully sleeping on my lap, I vowed again, that I would never let her shed such pain-filled tears again.

But still, she looks really pleased while sleeping like that…… I guess she must be having a good dream.

It was in a wooden building that doesnt show much public activity.

Looking at this familiar place, which now remains only in a corner of her memory, Alice understands that this is a dream.

[……Its been a while.]

Its a place that will remain a precious memory for her…… For this place was in one of the many adventurers guilds that she used to visit when she was an adventurer together with her best friend.

The place, which seems to be a tavern and receptionist combined into one, makes Alices heart feel calm, and makes her feel an inexplicable sense of nostalgia.

Although she was in a dream where her consciousness was very clear, it is because of Kaitos acceptance of her heart that she can look at this past scenery with nostalgia……

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As she was looking around the room, Alices thoughts stopped when she saw a certain table.


A large room that she had expected to be empty. At a table at the far end of the room, a figure sits with its back to Alice.

The figure, who had two shades of gray and black semi-short hair and appeared to be about the same height as Alice, had a huge jet-black wand propped up next to her, probably more than twice her height.

One cant see her face just by looking at her back, but there was no way Alice could mistake her for anyone else.

Thats because that back…… belongs to the one she had been with the longest in the world she was from.

[……Its been a long time, “Alicia”…… No, you call yourself Alice now, right]


Calling with a voice Alice was familiar with, the girl turns towards Alice with a small smile on her lips.

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Her beautiful light green eyes, with a light that seems to be a mixture of sharpness and gentleness just like it had in the past, quietly looked at Alice.

[……Iris…… Iris!!!]


Yes, this is but a dream. This wouldnt have been possible if it werent a dream…… However, for Alice, she wouldnt mind even if it was a dream.

A reunion with her best friend who was supposed to be dead. Motivated by her joy, Alice runs towards Iris, and seeing Alice like that, Iris gets up from her chair with a smile on her face…… while “swinging” the jet-black staff in her hand.

[You…… fool!!!]


Thereupon, she struck back at Alice, who was running up to her, with her cane right at Alices face.

Alice, blown back by her strike, falls over a nearby table, before raising her upper body while holding her face that was struck by Iris.

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Thereupon, Iris approaches the fallen Alice with heavy footsteps.

[I- Iris What are you suddenly……]

[I knew you would take some time, but no matter how I see it…… Ive waited too long! You idiot!!!]

[Gueeehhhh! Wait, I- Iris]

[Tens of thousands of years, doing nothing but worrying! Good grief, why the heck did you not open up your heart to anyone!!! Because of that, Im always stuck here, “unable to come out”, you know!!!]

[Eh Eeehhh, hey, w- what do you mean…… Isnt this a dream……]

Her collar grabbed and greatly shook…… Alice, who was being scolded just like old times, felt something out of place from the words Iris told her.

Thereupon, heaving a sigh, Iris lets go of Alices collar. Picking up a chair lying nearby, Iris sat on it and spoke.

[Yeah, this is no different than a dream…… However, it can be said that the me who is talking to you now is “real”……]

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[……Eh N- No way……]

[No way, your head. I told you, didnt I I dont think I could leave a big idiot like you alone…… Well, as it turns out, it took me far too much time to talk to you like this.]

[……W- Why, h- how……]

When Iris told her that she is the real one, Alice was astonished, asking her what she meant.

She was sure that Iris is dead. Alice, who took care of her until the end, knew that better than anyone else.

However, hearing such words, Iris continued to speak with a wry smile on her face.

[Fuuu, your behavior is easy for me to predict. Ive spent many years in research, but Ive never found a way to become immortal like you.]

[T- Thats right. And yet, Iris is……]

[However, within my research, I came up with a theory.]

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[If Heart Tools exist, that may mean that souls do exist, so I thought of the possibility of a Heart Tool carrying ones soul……]

[ ! ]

At the words Iris told her, Alice looked astonished for the umpteenth time.

[I knew you would take my Heart Tool, along with my remains, into your Ἑκατόγχειρες, so I gave “that” to you while Im on the verge of dying.]

[……H- H- H-…… How did you know that]

[Havent I told you why Its simple. I told you that it was just a mere possibility, and I wasnt sure about it…… Transferring my soul into your Heart Tool, if I fail, I will definitely die…… Theres nothing crueler than to create failing expectations.]


[It was a gamble to begin with. I only have one chance, and as far as I know, your Ἑκατόγχειρες is the only Heart Tool that can take in another Heart Tool…… Thats why it was just a theory. But well, it succeeded……]

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[……T- Then…… Youre really…… Youre the real Iris]

Hearing Iris words, Alice finally understands that the being in front of her is really her best friend…… Or rather, her soul, and asks for confirmation as her voice trembled.

[……Yeah, Im the real one…… Its been a long time.]


[Nuooohh! H- Hey, stop clinging on me!]

[Iris! Youre really Iris, right…… Uuuaaahhhh…… I missed you! I really missed youuuuuu!!!]

[……Haahhh…… Good grief, seriously…… You really are a stupid fellow.]

As Iris was being jumped upon by Alice, with tears dropping down her eyes, Iris dumbfoundedly muttered…… Her eyes gently looked at Alice.

As Alice cried like that for a while…… no, for quite a long time, she slowly looked up and asked Iris.

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[……Uuuu…… Why did you…… not talk to me until now I- I……]

[Why you ask ……Thats because your heart is filled with all sorts of stuff that I cant find any opening for me to get out!]


[If you had been quicker in dismissing my death, I could have gotten out sooner…… How dare you act so worried……]

[Aahhh, uuuuuu……]

Today, Iris is residing in her Heart Tool. She can directly speak to Alices mind, but other than that, she cant do anything else.

However, until now, Alices heart has built a wall that doesnt allow any outsiders in, and Iris couldnt speak to her either.

But this time, thanks to Kaito, Alice is able to come to terms with Iris death and is now more relaxed…… Thanks to that, Iris was able to meet Alice again in the form of a dream.

[……Id also like to thank that guy for that. Thanks to him, I can have a conversation with you like this, even when youre unconscious.]

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[……Uuuuu…… Kaito-san……]

[Go tell your thanks to him yourself…… Go on, dreams are just momentary memories…… Its already about time you wake up.]

[……Eh Ahhh!]

When Iris tells her in a soothing tone, Alice realizes that her body is beginning to become transparent.

Dreams arent something you can see all the time when you sleep. The time that Alice and Iris can talk isnt that long.

However, this isnt the last time theyd meet…… Seeing the uneasy look on Alices face, Iris gently smiled.

[Dont worry…… We can talk again, as much as we want. Thats as long as youre still alive though……]

[Auuuu…… U- Unnn!]

[……Ill also be able to talk to you again in your dreams. If you start worrying about the most useless stuff again, be ready for my harsh scolding, okay]

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[……Unnn…… Unnn.]

We will see each other again. Hearing those words that really filled her with hope, Alice nodded again and again while tears dripped from her eyes.

Then, seeing off Alice as she was about to wake up…… Iris gentle voice resounded.

[……Congratulations, Alice. I wish for your happiness…… Thats my new wish after we meet again like this.]

Serious-senpai: [What the heck does this mean! Didnt you promise that the intermissions will be serious!]

Serious-senpai: [……No moreeee……]

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T/N: The chicken BBQ was delicious.-

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