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Guided by Lilia-san, we left the dark underground room and arrived at a large hall with gorgeous interior decorations. It looks like the explanation for the Hero, Mitsunaga-kun, will be done here, making him stay behind here together with religious-looking white-robed people. I was guided to a different room with the two high school girls.

The room was about half as big compared to the large hall before, sufficiently wide and decorated in a middle-age theme. There is a long table and chairsーーthough there wasnt an air of a different world on it, so I really cant feel like Im in another world.

“Please take a seat. Luna, give our three guests something to drink.”


Lilia-san sat across us and gave an order to Luna-san who took off her robe who knows when revealing a maid uniform underneath it. I couldnt see well in the dark room earlier and she was also wearing the hood of her robe, so I didnt notice that Luna-sans well-trimmed, shoulder-long hair was light blue in color… there it exists, the so-called air of a different world.

After seeing Luna-san bow and leave the room, we timidly took a seat. First, I sat facing Lilia-sanーーa chair to the right from the chair directly facing her, and Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san sat two chairs away from me.

“Firstly, please let us apologize once again for suddenly calling you to a different world, as well as taking so long to explain the situation to you due to our sides circumstances.”

“Ah, please dont mind us……”

“Uhm, what are we…… what is going to happen to us from now on”

It was Kusunoki-san who asked the thing that Im the most curious of. Her expression that suits the words Yamato Nadeshiko1 together with her long, shiny black hair and slender figure, looks a little calmer compared to me. Im sure that shes a strong woman in her core, yes, that comparison doesnt have anything to do with me being a coward or anything.

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“First, as a major premise, I shall take an oath that in the name of my “House of Duke Albert” that we shall not do harm to the four of you including Mitsunaga-sama.”

“……House of…… Duke Albert”

“Oh. Please excuse me. I should have explained my status first. Once again, my name is Lilia Albert. I am…… a noble of Symphonia Kingdom, holding the noble title of a Duke.”

“My Lady Lilia is the His Majesty the Kings half-blooded sister, having a noble title as well as possessing the fourth in succession rights to the throne. That is why, the words that My Lady swore in the name of her household can be taken as the Kingdoms consensus.”

Duke! Succession to the throne! Although Ive expected this, she was an absurdly noble person.

“By the way, she is currently 22 this year, and in this Symphonia Kingdom where one would usually marry in the age of 15 to 19, she is a rare case of being single as a noble Duke.”

“……Luna Why are you spouting out such information Those things, theyre absolutely not needed right”

“Please forgive me My Lady, I just thought that it is already shameful for you to be called “My Lady” recently……”

“……I think that we need to have a proper talk later, Luna.”

This, what is this Why do I feel pity… although she looks like a very noble beauty and her manners and the tone of her voice were kind, its like…… well, Luna-san is also pretty ruthless.

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“……I-Im going to continue. I am going to continue to answer Kusunoki-samas question earlier. I believe that the thing that you are most worried about is whether you can return to your previous world, but please be assured of that point.”

“W-We…… can return”

The one who asked back with a slightly frightened voice is Yuzuki-san who has a short brown hair and looks as cute as a small critter. Seeing Kusunoki-san gently hold the frightened Yuzuki-sans hand, adding Yuzuki-sans small stature to that, one could easily see that theyre in a senpai-kouhai relationship. But, Yuzuki-sans chest is moreーーstop, what am I thinking!

“Yes…… its just, uhm……”

Lilia-san who heard Yuzuki-sans words showed an expression of having difficulties on how to say it. This, is it really like that Theres a Demon Lord-like being, and we cant go back until we defeat it.

If thats the case, then trusting Lilia-san will be difficultーー

“It will take…… a year before the summoning magic circle can be reused.”

“A-A year!”

Hm This is a little different from what I expected. The two girls were probably surprised about it being as long as a year, but I was surprised in a different sense. Thats right. The clear condition feels a little, loose…

Normally, in this kind of development, shouldnt we be unable to go back until the Demon Lords defeated Oh yeah, maybe thats the case with Mitsunaga-kun. That might be the reason why hes receiving an explanation by himself.

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And although I called it loose, to be missing for a whole year, one wont be easily convinced considering the influence it would have when we go back.

“……no way, the competitions so near too…”

“Hina-chan, thats not the problem, its……”

Is Yuzuki-san a natural air-head Im rather impressed that shes able to worry about her competition in this situation.

“Ah, please do not worry. According to theGoddess, the flow of time in this world and your world is different, so when you return to your world, you will be returned to the moment before you were summoned here. Your bodies that have grown in this period of one year would be returned to its condition before you were summoned, so there will be no problem.”


Just when a very worrying thing was quickly resolved, a new unknown term calledGoddess appeared.

Uhh, in short, it will take a year before we can go back to our world. But theres no need to worry about the lapse of time, and even if we got as fat as a pig in this world, the Goddess or something would turn it back to what it was……

“Of course, we will secure your food, clothing, and shelter while you stay here. Although we cannot entertain you with something as much as a luxurious and flamboyant stay, I can guarantee you a life without inconvenience.”


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“Uhm, thank you very, much”

Should I describe it as being dumbfounded Very advantageous information was continuously given to us, so much that both Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san looked confused. To a level that they unconsciously said thanks…

However, its not the time to let my guard down. Thats right. Mitsunaga-kuns case is yet to be solved. If the Hero was summoned to fight against the Demon Lord, then that means that this world is just that dangerous.

“……can I ask a question”

“Of course, yes. Miyama-sama.”

“Uhm, about Mitsunaga-kun…… whos having a different explanation in a different room. He was calledHero. That means, theres a Demon Lord-like existence, and hed fight against it Is there no mistake in this question”

I braced myself and asked. Most probably, this will be the turning point. Everything will depend on Lilia-san, if she would answer honestly or change the question. The direction of the course of my action will change depending on her answer. Now, what shall be the answer

Compared to me who asked with my chest thumping, both Lilia-san and Luna-san… they cluelessly tilted their heads.

“Demon Lord, is it It was defeated by the First Hero a thousand years ago.”

“……eh Uh, then, are the human race and the demon race in a hostile relationship”

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“Not at all. The human race and the magical races are in a very good relationship. Our exchange and trade with them are thriving as well.”

“……what about wars”

“As far as I know, it has not occurred for 800 years.”

“……is there an overflow of monsters”

“Although monsters exist, it is the Adventurers Guild and Order of Knights job to subjugate them. Everyone here and Mitsunaga-sama does not need to fight them.”


Huh This, whats with this conversation Hey, please wait, please let me think for a second, okay!

Uhh, theres no Demon Lord A good relationship with the demon race Theres no war since 800 years ago There are monsters, but that doesnt have a thing to do with us

“……then, whats the Hero Summoning for”

“A thousand years ago, more specifically, 1009 years ago, the Demon Lord was defeated, and the First Hero became a mediator between the magical races and the human race. Honoring that achievement and wishing for peace in the future, every ten years, a Hero will be invited from the world where the First Hero came from, and a huge festival shall be held.”

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“……a festival”

“Yes. Thats why, for Mitsunaga-sama, to become the main actor in theHero Festival exactly one year from now on, he will be given explanations about the things needed for the ceremony, including visiting other countries. Of course, we do respect his own will, so he will be allowed to withdraw from it.”

“Ahh, he can withdraw huh.”

“Yes, there are many times in the past where there is a substitute for the Hero role in the Hero Festival. If he accepts, he will be treated as a state guest, receiving a very high treatment, in the one year until the Hero Festival. If he decides to withdraw, we will still guarantee his living, allowing him to go sightseeing for a year and go back in a year later.”

“……uhh, in short…… about us, from now on……”

“Yes…… though I believe that you will be confused about some things…… I wish to ask you to fully enjoy the different culture of this world, help you go sightseeing and meet new people, and after experiencing the festival that is held only once every ten years…… safely return you to your previous world.”


Dear Mother, FatherーーI was caught up in a Hero Summoning. But, that world wasーーat peace.-

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