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If I had to describe it, it would be a white wave—- no, a white wall.

The sight of a group of people dressed in pure white vestments marching in a single, orderly stride is surely a stunning sight. The surroundings, which were supposed to be noisy a moment ago, were enveloped in frozen silence, and for these people that were about to pass through, the crowd split in two.

Following Lilia-sans lead, we line up at the edge of the street, kneeling in a prayer position with her in the lead.

Looking around me, this seems to be a custom here, and people who seem to be the head of each family were kneeling front of their group, while their attendants are in the back, and they are divided into the left and right positions while they pray.

Nearly half of the people here are nobles—– In other words, people who have a certain level of status in this country, but all of them are kneelings while hanging their heads.

In other words, that means that no nobles can be disrespectful to the beings who are about to pass through here, and thats the best proof that—– the Three Supreme Gods are beings with such strong authority.

In the center of the people dressed in pure white vestments, I could see the Goddess walking, holding a presence that a Goddess would definitely have.

Her long hair thats unlike Lunamaria-sans light blue, but a blue thats as deep as the sea, was clasped behind her neck, and she had heterochromatic eyes of red and blue. Shes taller than the 170cm me, with a tall, slender, well-proportioned model-like body, she gives a graceful and noble impression to those around her.

The way she walked with her long legs while she surrounded by the priests, its like this is a fashion show that was held just for that Goddess.

This is—– The Goddess of Time.

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The Goddess of Time calmly walked along the path surrounded by the quiet prayers buried within the silence.

In this atmosphere that can even be called mysterious, with just the sound of footsteps smoothly resounding, the Goddess of Time heads towards the temple—– but she stops on her way.


The surrounding priests also stopped in unison, and while the sound of footsteps that had echoed earlier disappeared, the silence completely took over the place. The Goddess then turns her gaze towards our direction…… Eh

Is it just me or I feel like the Goddess of Time is looking here No, shes really looking here. Its not that we just coincidentally made eye contact or anything like that, shes glaring my way. It kind of looks like shes trying to kill me with gaze, you know! Why!

For some reason, the Goddess of Time stopped and looked towards me, and after a moment of contemplation, she calmly walked to our direction—– and stood in front of Lilia-san.

[……Youre a noble of this country, right]

[Eh! Y- Yes…… Lilia Albert…… is… my… name…]

The Goddess of Time stops in front of Lilia-san and asked in a quiet voice, while Lilia-san replies even as her lips quiver.

I guess she didnt expect that she would be speaking to her. I cant see her face because Im standing behind her, but I can see her shoulders slightly trembling.

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[Is the man standing behind you your attendant]

[N- No, hes…… Umm……]

[Fumu…… No, sorry. It seems like its a question difficult for you to answer, so you can just forget about that question.]

After saying so, the Goddess of Times shifted her gaze to me and quietly stared at me with her red and blue heterochromatic eyes.

[……Man, it seems that you are blessed with quite the strange fate huh]


[No, I dont know much about those things, as theyre under the domain of the God of Fate…… But very interesting, indeed. This pressure Im feeling from you…… Which carnage demon liked you at first sight]


I honestly dont what shes talking about, but come to think of it, I think Shiro-san had used that kind of phrase too.

The Human liked by Kuromueina from first sight…… What could those words possibly mean

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I didnt answer her with anything. Or rather, I myself am confused by that question of her that I cant answer. Removing her gaze from me, the Goddess of Time looks at Lilia-san again.

[You said your name was Lilia Albert, right…… If Im not mistaken, it was you who was responsible for summoning the heroes this time, are you not]

[……Y- Yes…… It is as you say……]

[It looks like youve picked out a very interesting being…… Id love to talk with you some more, but Ive got some other business to attend to today, so I dont have the time. I would like to talk with you again at a later date, if thats alright with you]

[ ! ! Y- Yes. Whenever the Goddess of Time-sama wishes…… is fine with me……]

When the Goddess of Time said she wanted to talk to her later, Lilia-san shoulders jerked for a moment before she deeply offered her gratitude with her hands on the ground, and at the same time, a ruckus rose around us.

Perhaps, this proposal is something that can be called unprecedented. Lunamaria-san, who was next to me, is also so surprised that shes frozen in place with her eyes wide opened.

However, the unprecedented events within the unprecedented events didnt just end there. When the Goddess of Time heard Lilia-sans reply, she nodded in satisfaction and then held out her hand to Lilia-san.

[I see, Im sorry for bothering you at that time. Well then, Ill be conveying you my plans later…… This might be informal but in exchange for the troubles—— I bestow upon you the “Blessings of Time”——]

[ ! ! ]

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As light overflowed from her held out hand, it began to envelop Lilia-sans body.

The blessing of a Supreme God…… Even though Im not very familiar with this world, I can understand what that means.

Even the king of a country was barely able to receive the blessing of a high-rank God, but the Supreme Gods are beings far higher than them—- And this is the blessing of such a being thats rarely seen aside from the Festival of Heroes. This blessings is no longer just something that can be bought by money.

[……I- It— It—- It was my honor to receive your blessing.]

[Umu. Well then, Ill meet you at the time we can talk again. Ill “remember” your name.]

After saying that, the Goddess of Time turned her gaze towards me once more before walking towards the temple, and the priests who were frozen in place by the events that just happened followed suit.

Speaking of Lilia-san herself, shes still kneeling down on the ground, not moving even slightly. Or rather, she appears to be completely frozen in place.

After a little while, when the Goddess of Times group disappeared from sight, as everyone remained dumbfounded, Lunamaria-san quickly moves and as she holds Lilia-san in her arms, she told us.

[Everyone! Quick, back to the carriage!!]

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

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Saying that, we broke into a run and as we reached the parked carriage, Lunamaria-san literally threw the frozen Lilia-san into the carriage.

She just threw her like its something normal. Is it okay to do something like that to your master

Leaping straight to the reins of the carriage and after confirming that the three of us had rushed into the carriage, Lunamaria-san quickly made the horses start running.

The reason why Lunamaria-san was in such a hurry is understandable from the ear-piercing cheers that came right after the carriage started moving.

Lilia-san, who received the blessing from a Supreme God, which is considered unprecedented, is now considered as the woman of the hour, and if she had stayed there, she would have been bombarded a lot of questions, which would have been a terrible thing to happen.

Thanks to Lunamaria-sans quick thinking, we managed to get out of there before all hells broke loose. Since were not criminals, we didnt get chased or anything like that so after a while, Lunamaria-san also let out a sigh of relief as she left the reins to the attendant who was originally managing the carriage, going back into the carriage again.

Then she swung around and woke up the stiffened Lilia-san, who is still in that position when she was just thrown into the carriage.

[My Lady, My Lady! Please get a hold of yourself!!]

[……Huh! Lu- Luna Eh, ah, awawawawa, what d-d-d-did just……]

[Its amazing! My Lady! Not only does the Goddess of Time remembered your name, she even blessed you, even though its just informally!! Its a brilliant achievement!!]

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[Awawawa, A- A- As I thought, it wasnt just a dream huh. T- T- T- That the Goddess of Time…… G- G- Gave me her blessing……]

This wont do. Lilia-sans completely in a panic.

Shes unimaginably trembling compared to her normally calm appearance, and she looked like a newborn calf, moving her gaze all around the place. To be honest, she looks really cute like that.

[No, My Lady. I dont understand what youre saying. Please calm down.]

Should I say that its to be expected from Lunamaria-san, she was able to cut in even against Lilia-san whos in that state.

But unfortunately, it seems that Lilia-san is the type of person who is unable to compose herself when she began to panic.

[T- T- T- Thats impossible! How could something like this happen…… Awawa—- Kyuuu~]

[My Lady! Wha, My Lady!]

Ah, it seems that Lilia-san had become too panicked that her eyes began turning around the place. I feel like I could even see something like steam coming out from her head.

For now, we took a break from moving until Lilia-san recovers, and while the carriage stopped a short distance away from the main road, Lilia-san laid down on her seat with a wet towel on her face.

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Letting out a smile at Lilia-san who is making such cute groans, we talked about what happened earlier.

[Senpais manekineko power…… Its quite fearsome, isnt it]

[Yes…… Even I shuddered from that. Im glad that I didnt pray to Miyama-sama.]

[Eh How come this has become my fault]

[Whether this was Miyama-sans fault or not, the Goddess of Time was clearly interested in Miyama-san.]

I wonder if thats the case though She did say some strange things, and theres also the thing that Goddess of Time said that was the same as what Shiro-san said, and I dont know if Im really blessed by a strange fate or not but……

[Arehh Speaking of which…… Im changing the subject, but in the end, whats the name of the Goddess of Time]

[I dont know. The Gods basically dont name themselves, while we just call the Gods under the same authority as the God of this authority, so at least, I dont know. If its a low-rank God, some of the priests of their temple might know about it…… But if its a high-rank God, I dont think anyone would know aside from their fellow Gods]


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——-That certain goddess I just met is different though. I mean, shes the first one to introduce herself!

Well, she knows Kuro so…… Lets just say that Shiro-san is outside the norm for now, but there are other things that are on my mind right now.

[However, with her like this, can Lilia-san have a “one-on-one” discussion with the Goddess of Time]

[Hyyiiii! O- One-on-one!]

I mean, Lilia-san was the one that was asked to be talked to, Lilia-san is also the Duchess, and she was also the one in charge of summoning us……

[Lu- Luna…… Help……]

[As expected, that would be impossible. No matter how you look at it, Im just a mere servant, I wouldnt be able to sit together in a discussion within the presence of a Supreme God. Or rather, I dont think I would be allowed.]

Hearing my words, Lilia-san jumped up and clung to Lunamaria-san while looking up at her, but Lunamaria-san looks apologetic as she shook her head.

[Thats impossible even for me too, you know! Just thinking about talking with a Supreme God makes my body quiver, but talking with her one-on-one is……]

She broke in tears. She really broke down and gushing in tears.

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[……I think Miyama-san would be allowed to sit within her presence though]

[ ! ! ! ! ! ]


[Indeed, the Goddess of Time seemed to be interested in Miyama-sama, and Im rather sure thats actually the main purpose why she wants to talk with My Lady……]

Arehh It looks like the situation is turning ominous though…

Lilia-san looked at me with tears on her eyes. She looks like shes in a mess as she looks at me.

[N- No, but Im just a regular commoner—– “Please come along with me! Kaito-san!!”—– Uwaaahhh!]

For the time being, I wish to refrain from going into a place that might make my stomach churn, so I thought of indirectly saying no…… But Lilia-san literally jumped at me.

[Please! Please help me!!]

[Li- Lilia-san! Your face, your face is too close! And your grip is too strong!]

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[I have no one else to turn to!! Meeting her alone is definitely impossible!!]

The words “evidently desperate” were accurately applicable to Lilia-sans appearance right now, but the real problem for me was actually being hugged by Lilia-san.

The combination of those things that are extremely soft, the sweet scent of her perfume tickling my nostrils and her teary eyes…… Its destructive power is immeasurable.

Moreover, even if I try to pull her off away from me, I dont know where such power is found in her slender body, but shes clinging me with an outrageous amount of force that I cant pull her off at all.


This stimulus is too strong for a man of my age who has never had a girlfriend since birth. Or rather, my back hurts like hell from her embrace!

I mean, its almost like shes trying to do a knee breaker on me……

(T/N: Kaito is actually talking about sabaori, a sumo technique.)

[I- I understand! Ill be attending too! Ill be attending already!!]


[W- Wait, Lilia-san…… It hurts……]

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[Thank you vewwwyyy muuuucchhhh!!]

[Wait…… Seriously…… Im dying here……]

If things continue like this, putting aside my reason, even my life is in danger. The only way for me to pull her off is to agree in meeting the Goddess of Time along with her, so I desperately told Lilia-san that I would be her at that time.

Thereupon, Lilia-sans face was overcome with emotions, as if she saw Buddha from below the pits of hell…… That she hugged me “tighter than before” that I feel like I heard a very unpleasant noise cracking from my back…… And my consciousness went dark.

Dear Mom, Dad—— What can I say, Ive just been walking around today, but seriously—– How the heck could this happen-

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