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The 7th day of the Light month. After recalling it back in the Hydra Kingdom, I would have my date with Alice tomorrow, which has to be done as soon as possible.

It feels ticklish, calling it a date even though shes almost always by my side as my guard, but the main event of this date will be the “luxurious” lunch and dinner with her.

Since were supposed to have something luxurious, I guess we cant just go eat yakiniku like usual huh…… However, Im just a commoner who knows that French cuisine = high-class food, so even if she says that she wants to eat something luxurious, I couldnt think of any restaurants.

So, after returning to Symphonia Kingdom, I gave myself a few days to ask Lilia-san and the others about a possible restaurant I could go, and because of that, I was able to safely find a spot for tomorrow, so Im going out today for another errand.

[……Unnn, I guess thats about right That you, Miyama-kun.]

[Ahh, its already finished]

Hearing Dr. Fears words, telling me that she finished drawing some of my blood, I rearranged my rolled-up sleeves.

Im currently in Dr. Fears clinic to donate blood just as I promised to help treat Noir-sans anemia. According to Dr. Fear, she said that she would only need to draw blood about once a month, on a day that was convenient for me, so I went to her clinic today when I didnt have any plans.

Incidentally, fresh blood seems to be better, so when I send a hummingbird to let Dr. Fear know of my arrival, while Dr. Fear would also let Noir-san know.

Then, Dr. Fear put the blood she took from me into a container with another set of blood in it, and started mixing it.

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[Ahh…… Y- You mixed it up with other blood huh]

[Unnn. I dont want it to turn just like last time. Ill mix it up and dilute it a bit.]

[No way…… Id like to have a taste of Miyama-san as he is but……]

[……Unnn. Noir-san. Cant you just think of a better way of saying it]

Noir-san protested when she saw that my blood is being diluted, but her expression, or rather, her tone of voice was being strangely erotic. Although she is small in stature, I dont know if its because shes a widow or not, but her flirtatious glances as her cheeks were blushing red looks very erotic and strangely makes my heart pounding.

Moreover, shes kind of more exposed than when we met before…… I dont know why shes wearing a skirt with a slit on the side, but as a healthy young man, Im feeling really troubled about where to turn my eyes.

[A- Anyway, Noir-san and Miyama-kuns blood are too compatible with each other, so no.]

[……Is being too compatible really no good]

Im somehow feeling unsettled, so in order to turn away from this mood, I asked Dr. Fear about what she had just said.

Why is it that having too much compatibility is no good They did say that taking too much medication over whats prescribed for you is bad for your body, so I wonder if its something like that

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[……Ah~~ Well, you see.]


I held no other thoughts when I asked that question, but for some reason, Dr. Fear had a troubled look on her face and her gaze was swimming about…… And after a few moments, she lets out a sigh before speaking.

[……Errr, for vampires, the act of bloodsucking is connected to “sexual arousal”.]


[Noir-san is just a half-vampire, so she wouldnt be like that unless she sucks the blood of someone shes compatible with…… And Miyama-kuns blood is too compatible with her so……]

[……I- I see……]

I understood what Dr. Fear was saying. I also understood why she was having a hard time saying it.

In short, if she really takes it to the extreme…… My blood is like an aphrodisiac to Noir-san, and if she drinks my blood undiluted, shell lose herself again just like last time.

……Or rather, isnt that something Noir-san is aware of So thats why she was looking at me so amorously!

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Instead of turning away this mood, I feel awkward because Im being extraordinarily aware of it, and I cant help but take some glances towards Noir-san as she drinks the blood from a cup.

Sometimes, when our eyes meet, Noir-san would gently smile at me, which strangely makes me feel embarrassed and look away.

[……Haahhh, Miyama-sans stuff really is tasty. However, as expected, I like it deeper and wetter…… The taste of only Miyama-san.]

Why the heck does each of her words always sound misleading Is it on purpose Is she doing that on purpose

[Ahh, thats right, Miyama-kun…… Here, you can have this.]


[Its not much, but its your remuneration.]

[Eh N- No, its fine if theres no pay for it.]

Saying it was remuneration, Dr. Fear brought out a small bag that probably contained money, so I reflexively refused.

[No, no, youre helping me with the treatment after all, so this is something that should be properly dealt with.]

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[No, Im just helping out for Noir-san, someone Im acquainted with…… So, if I accept money, it would feel like Im doing it for that……]

[I- I can understand your feelings. However, that doesnt make me feel any better either……]

[N- No, its fine. Besides, in the world where I was in, donating blood was an act of goodwill, so it was basically done with no compensation.]

[B- Bringing up the custom of another world here is unfair!]

……Unfair, what exactly is unfair is that W- Well, anyway, Dr. Fear somehow seems to want to give me the money, so I clung on any way I could use to refuse her.

[A- Anyway, take it, Miyama-kun.]

[No, Im going to have to decline here.]

[T- Thats right! Ive given Miyama-kun some trouble before, and I havent been able to apologize for that yet……]

[Ive already received your apology at that time, and since it was Lunamaria-sans fault, Dr. Fear doesnt have to feel responsible for it. Rather, I had a good rest at that time, so Im grateful for it.]

[B- But, look, Miyama-kun is young and would need money, right]

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[I dont have any expensive hobby, so Im really fine.]

[M- Mumumu…… Y- Youre quite the stubborn one……]

[I think its Dr. Fear whos stubborn here……]

As both of us wont yield, as a result, we continued to fight each other for quite a while…… In the end, we just agreed on having Dr. Fear share some of her delicious herbal tea as thanks.

As the two of us were having that fight that cant exactly be called a quarrel, Noir-san only looked at us with a smile on her face.

[……You have quite the similarities, dont you]

Dear Mom, Dad———- As I had promised before, I helped with Noir-sans treatment. However, I clashed with Dr. Fear a bit over her expression of gratitude. Looking at the two of us, Dr. Fear and I———– apparently have similar personalities.

The Sanctuary in the God Realm, an island that was always floating and was basically devoid of unnecessary structures. In that place, there was a huge golden gate that had appeared.

In front of this gate, which was clearly different from the divinity of the Sanctuary, but felt divine at the same time, two shadows stood.

[……What does this mean You said that you wanted my help…… Moreover, this gate, what does this……]

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[……Soon, the God of Kaito-sans world…… For convenience, lets just call her “Earth God”. She will be arriving soon.]

[The God of Kaito-kuns world]

[Let me say this in another way. Soon, “a being that can kill Kaito-san”, even when hes under my blessing, will be arriving soon.]

[ ! ]

The words that Shallow Vernal said…… Hearing the words after she rephrased it, Kuromueinas eyes turned sharp.

Currently, in this world, the only beings who can “truly kill” Kaito under Shallow Vernals protection are just Shallow Vernal herself and Kuromueina.

If its simply killing him, any of the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods could do it, but Shallow Vernal can just bring Kaito back to life even after he dies.

In other words, the meaning of the words of Shallow Vernal is that from now on, if the Earth God who will soon arrive has the desire to do so, she can erase Kaitos existence from this world. Shes a being that can make it impossible for him to be revived, even with the power of Shallow Vernal.

Those words are something that Kuromueina couldnt overlook.

[……Is she a powerful God]

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[What was about to arrive was her split body, but the power of her main body can be seen as almost equivalent to “the Complete Me”.]

[……I see, if its just a split body, if she only made one of them…… It wouldnt be strange if she held power that could compete with either of us.]


The Earth Gods power is even with the Complete Shallow Vernal…… In other words, her power was even with Shallow Vernal before she separated part of her power towards Kuromueina. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that she certainly has omnipotent power, a power held by the absolute.

However, its only her split body that is coming to this world…… Compared to the main body, its power was a few levels lower. However, even if thats so, its still highly likely that she still at least as powerful as both of them, who are currently the strongest beings in this world.

[So, youre saying that this Earth God would likely harm Kaito-kun]

[……Thats unlikely. The Earth God is very cold-hearted and had an efficiency-oriented personality…… but shes friendly to me, at least to the extent that she condones the act of summoning Heroes. Ive also warned her beforehand, so I dont think she would be hasty and take any hostile actions against me but……]

[You arent completely sure]

[Yes. I cant say that I know that God very well…… If she were to act stubbornly, I may not be able to respond in time alone.]

[……And thats why you called me.]

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Although her voice was still as inflectionless as ever, a hint of nervousness could be heard from Shallow Vernals voice, which was the best proof that the Earth God is a being that they couldnt treat simply, even for Shallow Vernal.

Because of this understanding, Kuromueinas expression also changed to a serious one and quietly stared at the golden gate.

[……What is this Earth God coming here for]

[Shes interested in Kaito-san, the man who brought about the change in me, and shes planning to directly contact him. To be honest, I was surprised too…… That God had told me that “she may be observing them, but she doesnt control them. She already left the Humans fate to their own hands”……]

[That sounds like Shiro back then.]

[Well, I suppose its something like that. Shes quite hardheaded.]

[……Shiro, calling others hardheaded…… You really had changed quite a lot huh. Well, unnn. Alright…… Ill help you as much as I can.]

[Thank you.]

In front of Kuromueina and Shallow Vernal, who were exchanging words with each other, slowly…… the golden gate began to be enveloped in a faint light.

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The light gradually, but definitely grew stronger and more dazzling…… and in response to that, the golden gate gradually opened up.

[Hmm…… I see, she certainly holds great magic power.]


Her richly-colored eyes seem to be a deceptive picture, looking as if it holds different colors of the rainbow or holding a single color with different shades. Its as if her eyes hold an illusion that changes its shape depending on who is looking at them.

Her neutral face, which is so well-groomed that it transcends the boundaries of gender, combined with her golden hair that seems to be fixed on the same hairstyle, it makes one feel that her beauty is something that could only be seen from illusions.

And lastly, the most eye-catching part would be the ten pairs…… the 20 wings of pure white feathers on her back…… With the halo floating above her head…… This being is someone beyond human understanding.

[Welcome, Gratitude.]

Oddly enough, theyre on the same stance.

Kaito and Fear: [ (I never thought the both of us were the same softhearted type……) ]

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