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Now then, I want to talk about what going on a date really is all about. I cant exactly say that Im an experienced guy, so I can only describe it in general terms……

Going on a date is generally with the opposite gender…… There are also some instances where its with the same gender but, it often involves eating out, shopping, sightseeing, going to the movies, or having fun in an amusement park together.

However, these are only processes, as the main purpose of the date will be to deepen your feelings and confirm your affection for each other.

In other words, you dont have to go to the extremes for it to be called a great date, and even if it was for just short, its still unmistakably a date.

If youre wondering why Im suddenly thinking about this, its probably because of my current situation.

If the main purpose is to deepen our relationship with each other, I could definitely say that were currently on a date…… thats only if I could say that though……


[……Ummm, Fate-san Isnt it about time you move on your own]

[I dont wannnaaaaa~~]


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Pulling my dates hand as she lazily slumps down on the cushion while moving…… The cushion is floating, so I dont feel its weight when Im pulling it, but it feels like Im pulling a trolley.

Isnt this the time when my heart should be skipping a beat because were holding hands, or perhaps, worrying about the other partys walking pace…… I wonder why I dont feel such things

[……Umm, Fate-san Why are you opening your mouth wide]

[Feed meee~~]


[Whammm, Ahh~ Tasty~~]

Deciding that we would eat the food we saw at the stall, my date still kept lying down on the cushion, opened her mouth and asked me to feed her, while I just did so while making sure that it didnt spill.

Isnt this strange This is that event where you go “Ahhn~~”, right I was feeling so nervous when I did this with Isis-san before, but I cant feel anything like at that time now, you know!

[No, Fate-san…… As expected, you cant drink while lying down, you know Please get up already.]

[Its alright, its alright, Im manipulating fate to make sure that it doesnt spill.]

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[Cant you exert that effort elsewhere!]

In the end, she even tried drinking while lying down.

This is important, but since theres no such thing as plastic bottles in this world, when I bought this drink, it was served in a thin wooden cup.

Well, I think thats the reason, but drinks bought at stalls here are quite expensive compared to my previous world.

Anyway, even when drinking in such a cup, Fate-san is still lazily lying down…… Is this really a date Not nursing or assisting, but seriously, a date

[……Fate-san, this is a date, right]

[Eh Thats right~~]


[Ahh~~ Errr……]

Seeing me muttered that while my shoulders slumped down, Fate-san had an unusually troubled look on her face.

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Then, she finally raised her upper body…… and got off the cushion……. Eh She got off her cushion

[Well~~ Im sorry. I got a little overzealous. Are you mad]

[Eh No, Im not really mad……]

“Overzealous” Eh No, no matter how I looked at it, you were clearly slacking around, but that was you, being overzealous!

In front of the surprised me, Fate-san nodded her head, as if she was convinced by something, before she squeezed my hand.

[Its no good if its just me having fun, right~~ And thus, lets start from square one!]

[Eh Wait! Fate-san!]

[Then, once again, lets go~~]

And then, she started walking while pulling me with tremendous force.

Unable to keep up with the situation, I followed Fate-san as she dragged the dumbfounded me along.

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After telling me that shes restarting our date back to square one, Fate-san put away her cushion somewhere and walked down the street while holding my hand.

How strange, just a few moments ago, I didnt have any other way but to pull her hand in order to make Fate-san move, but when she said that shes restarting our date and grasped my hand, I suddenly felt very embarrassed.

By the way, if the Supreme God Fate-san was walking with me, a mere mortal, there would be a big commotion, but Fate-san seems to have manipulated Fate to make herself unrecognizable to anyone as a Supreme God.

Its similar to how Kuro used Recognition Inhibition Magic when we were on a date, and as long as it exists, the people of the city will only recognize Fate-san as an ordinary girl.

Kuros Recognition Inhibition Magic makes her be recognized by those she directly speaks to, but Fate-sans manipulation of fate is like a higher version of this ability, since the other party wont recognize Fate-san even if she directly speaks to her as long as Fate-san doesnt allow it.

[Ohhh, Kai-chan, lets eat that.]

[……Whats that That absurdly big……]

[Eh If I remember correctly, its a dish that was handed down from Kai-chans world…… That calamari rings!]

[That clearly looks different from the calamari rings I know……]

With a smile on her face, Fate-san pointed to a huge ring-shaped object that looked like it was as big as the roof of a house…… Apparently, thats a calamari ring.

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If that thing is a calamari ring, then the squid used on it probably isnt calamari but some kind of monster like kraken. The food in this world really never ceases to amaze me.

When I ordered some servings of the calamari ring at a stall, it was cut into small pieces before handed to us…… Well, I knew it would be something like this considering its size, but I think it looks more like a fried calamari, not a calamari ring.

[Hnn~~ Delicious~~]

[Yes, theyre very delicious.]

[Ahh, thats right! Kai-chan, Kai-chan!]


[Here, ahhn~~]


When I turned around when I was called, the next moment, Fate-san slammed the calamari in her hand into my mouth at great speed.

Thats a really fast “Ahhn~~” there. I was so shocked that I immediately threw my head back…… Unnn, as I thought, this kinda feels different.

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[Ohh, lets eat that too! Kai-chan!]

[Eh Hey, wait……]

However, she isnt entertaining my circumstances, as Fate-san rapidly pulled me again.

There probably arent many situations where the word “swept along” fits like this, and its making me feel troubled in a different way than when she was slacking off.

But well…… I guess its a good thing that Fate-san seems to be having fun……

I wonder how much time has passed, the dynamic Fate-san was incredibly energetic and she was already swinging me around.

I thought we were eating at food stalls, but she suddenly got interested in what seemed to be a play and headed that way, is what I thought, but she suddenly started talking about looking at clothes…… On the way, I just thought that I should stop caring and went along with the flow.

[Well~~ Weve really enjoyed ourselves~~]

[……Huhh…… I- I guess so.]

[That was really fun~~]

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As I sit on a bench in the plaza, completely exhausted, Fate-san took out her cushion again, with a really happy smile on her face.

I- Im really tired…… Fate-san seemed to be having fun, and as I was swept around by the cheerful Fate-san, even though it was kind of a disaster, I really had fun.

[Hmm~~ Its about time, so shall we go back]

[Roger that.]

[Then, take me away~~]


Apparently, the energetic mode has completely ended, and as her Fate-san reddish-purple back twintails swayed, she called out to me like a spoiled child.

Ive already given up when shes acting lazy like this, so I let out another sigh before getting up and approaching Fate-san to pull her hand.

[Ahh, right, right, I almost forgot.]


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[This is my thanks for today…… Chuu~~]

[ ! ]

[Fufufu, lets go out again…… Okay]

The moment I approached, Fate-san suddenly raised her upper body, muttering that she would thank me, and with swift movements, she kissed my cheek before moving back.

I was stunned by her sudden actions, but Fate-san returned back to slacking around on the cushion, not seeming to care about it.

No, looking closely…… It was just a slight, so slight that one wouldnt have noticed it if they didnt pay attention to it…… but I could certainly see a slight blush on her cheeks.

Dear Mom, Dad——— I dont know if I should say that my date with Fate-san was really as I had expected or not, but I feel like I was really swept around today. However, it somehow seems like shes enjoyed her time, so Im glad. However, ummm—— I was surprised at the thanks at the end of our date.

Fate is lazy and wanting to be spoiled, asking you to pull her and feed her, all of them were actually how she shows her affection……

The Hydra Kingdom Arc ends soon……. And then, Alices arc begins.

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