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It was early in the morning of my fourth day in the Hydra Kingdom. I had come to see Mitsunaga-kun off in front of the city gate.

[Miyama-san, thank you for coming to see me off. Im sorry, we end up not being able to talk that much.]

[No, no, it cant be helped. Youre busy with your playing a Hero…… Speaking of which, I saw your speech yesterday and it was very impressive.]

[Thank you. Im still not as good as Miyama-san, but Ill do my best to improve, one step after another.]

Thats strange…… It sounded like Mitsunaga-kun just said something strange like him being no match for me, you know

No, Im sure that I just heard wrong. Its not like Mitsunaga-kun would need to try being my equal or anything like that.

[……J- Just in case I heard right, let me ask Mitsunaga-kun something……. You didnt just say that youre not as good as me, right]

[Eh Ah, yes. After all, Miyama-san has been in contact with the Six Kings. You even have the Phantasmal King-sama under your control, and so that should mean that you already have one of the most powerful people in the world under your control.]

[……N- No, they arent that big of a deal…… Especially the Phantasmal King.]


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It seems that Mitsunaga-kun has heard a lot of rumors about me through Princess Cattleya, and it seems that he really thinks that Im an amazing person.

However, thats a big misunderstanding. Its the people around me that are amazing, not me. Im just one of the ordinary people you can find anywhere…… ordinary…… Was it no-good to describe myself as ordinary I feel like describing myself like that is slowly getting forced……

As I was chatting with Mitsunaga-kun for a while, Princess Cattleya, who had finished their preparations for departure, approached us.

[Miyama-sama, thank you so much for your help in this matter. If it werent for Miyama-samas presence, it would have been quite unfavorable to us.]

[Ah, no, the only one who helped you was Phantasmal King so……]

[Yes, please tell Phantasmal King-sama that I was truly grateful to her as well.]

[I understand.]

I didnt know about it, but it seems that when the one with the role of Hero gets attacked, it can be a big problem.

But in the previous incident, Alice moved quickly, and since everyone involved, including the mastermind, was quickly apprehended, it really helped Princess Cattleyas position.

[Well then, Miyama-sama. Well take our leave now. I sincerely hope that we can meet again.]

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[Me too, please be safe on your journey.]

[……I think there would be more troubles on Miyama-samas side though, so please do your best.]

[Unnn. Mitsunaga-kun too, do your best in acting as Hero.]

[Yes! So long!]

With their goodbyes, the carriage that was on standby started moving. As Mitsunaga-kun greatly waves his hand and Princess Cattleya gives a small bow, I see them off.

After Mitsunaga-kuns group disappeared from sight, I walked towards the city and spoke to Alice since she should be next to me.

[Alice, Princess Cattleya said thank you.]

[Im not interested in that at all~~ I wouldnt have helped them if it werent for Kaito-san.]

[Still, its a fact that you helped them…… Thats why, Ill say it again for me this time, thank you.]

[Uuuuu…… Y- Youre welcome……]

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When I thanked her as well, Alice sounded a little embarrassed when she responded to me before she disappeared.

Now then, after reaching my goal of seeing Mitsunaga-kun and his group off, its time for my promised date with Fate-san.

As I think about the places we should go to, I meet up with Fate-san in front of the inn.

[Kai-chaaaan~~ Ill be in your care today~~]

[Yes. Ill also be in your care today…… Then, how about we go]

[Alrighty! Then, lets go!]

Fate-san didnt seem to be dressed any differently than usual, but she seemed to be in a very good mood. As she raised her hand with a big smile on her face, she started walking with me towards the city.

One step, two steps, after walking for three steps…… Fate-san suddenly stopped in her tracks.

[……Im going to die.]

[Isnt that too fast!]

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You have only taken three steps, you know! And why the heck did you start slacking off on the ground! Couldnt you try a little harder!

When I dumbfoundedly looked at Fate-san, whose tension clearly plummeted down, she glanced at me and spoke.

[Kai-chan, I have something Id like to discuss with you…… but how about…… we just go make out in a room, or perhaps, become one]


[Ueeeehhhh……. I- Im that, you know. I steadily lose a lot of my vitality under the sun.]

[Its alright. Youre not a vampire, youre a god.]

As I shuddered, remembering how our bodies are entwined with each other yesterday, I guess Fate-san was still the same as usual. A refreshingly straightforward request…… It immediately gave me a headache.

Letting out a big sigh, Fate-san looks as if she was thinking for a little bit before she looked at me with her hands outstretched.

[Well then, in that case! Kai-chan, piggyback~~]

[Thats rejected. I reject it.]

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Seeing Fate-san with her arms outstretched like that was very cute, but as expected, I decided to reject her because I think going on a date while your partner was in your back is kinda difficult.

[Uuuuuu, in that case, I cant walk~~ Im going to die here~~]

[……How lazy can you be……]

[Ahh~~ What a blunder. I shouldnt have left my cushion if this was going to happen……]


I was feeling dismayed when Fate-san started acting spoiled, but thinking about it, Fate-san usually travels on a flying cushion and I rarely see her walking.

Even when we were going towards this city, she was also riding on my back…… and it seems that walking feels troublesome for her.

Letting out a big sigh again, I feel like our date wont go on like this, so although it changes the order of my plans, I decided to give her the cushion I prepared for her as a present.

[……It cant be helped. I was actually going to give it to you at the end of our date but……]

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[Unnn What is it What is it]

[Here, the present I have prepared for Fate-san.]

[O- Ooohhhhh!!!]

As I said that, I took out from the magic box the cushion that makes people useless made by Alice…… In short, its a squishy bean bag.

When Fate-san sees this, her eyes widened and she looked at me with sparkling eyes.

[I- Its a cushion! A cushion Kai-chan prepared just for me……]

[I didnt know what Fate-san liked, so this is what I thought.]

[I- Im so happy——– Haahh! Whoa there…… Ill just say this now, Kai-chan. Even if its Kai-chans present for me, Im still going to be very picky with my cushions, you know If you think that you can satisfy me with just some half-heartedly made cushion, youre mistaken!]

She was about to say she was happy for a moment, but it seems like she has some kind of weird pride regarding cushions, as Fate-san regained her attention and declared that with a serious expression on her face.

The way she looks like that is so cute that I cant help but chuckle.

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[Im sure its okay…… Because this is the cushion famous in our world for making people useless.]

[Whats with that really fantastic item! A cushion that makes people useless! It could make people useless! Isnt this the greatest!]

[……No, your reaction to it was the weird one.]

Why the heck do you look so happy after you heard that it turns people useless…… Also, please be relieved. Youre already a useless Goddess from the moment I met you. As for that assessment, that hasnt improved at all.

Anyway, Fate-san seemed to be interested in this cushion and received it from me…… Thereupon, her eyes widened.

[W- What is this~~! T- This cushion is…… H- How squishy. Its as if this cushion is sucking in my finger with my touch!]

[It was filled with lots of little beads in it, making it very squishy.]

[Fuuoooohhhh! This is amazing, Kai-chan! This is amazing…… P- Poke, poke……]

As expected of the cushion that makes people useless. It was frighteningly effective on the useless Goddess, as Fate-san happily touched the cushion around, and after a bit of time, she deployed what seems to be State Preservation Magic on it before jumping on it.

[Aaaaahhhhh~~ Amazing. Dish is amashiiinngg…… Fuaaahhhh…… Ill go live here from now on……]

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It seems that Fate-san and the cushion have quite the affinity with each other, as she was so charmed by the cushion that her body already looks like melted cheese…… As I looked at Fate-san while she lazily lay down on the cushion, the cushion floated and lined up next to me.

[Kai-chan…… this is the best…… Thank yooouuuu~~]

[Im glad you liked it.]

[Unnn, Kai-chan really is fantastic~~ I love you so much~~ How about I give you a kiss in return]

[No, thank you.]

[Do you really have to be that quick in refusing me!]

Somehow, isnt she more languid than before W- Well, I guess thats how much she liked it but……. Well, whatever.

Dear Mom, Dad———- My date with Fate-san started, but Fate-san is still the same as ever. I ended up having to change the order and give my present to her first, but for the time being——– Im glad that she liked my present.

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Question: What happens when you give a Goddess who is originally useless a cushion that makes people useless

Answer: The Goddess who is originally useless and the cushion that makes people useless would mix with each other, their chemistry would lead them to a useless direction, accomplish a useless evolution, and turn into something thats more useless than ever.

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