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Now then, having managed to send Fate-san to work and escaped Shea-san and Heart-sans solicitation, I immediately dashed out into the city.

The purpose is simple, the words I told Fate-san to motivate her earlier, that I have a present for her…… To bring that into reality, I must prepare that present as soon as possible.

However, as soon as I got into the city, I realized…… I- I didnt know what to buy.

Whether its things that she might be delighted, or Fate-sans favorite stuff…… I dont know about them, so I cant think of anything to buy at all.


[Yes, yes. What is it]

I cant think of any direction in going here, so I decided to call Alice and ask her about it.

In my conversation with Fate-san, Alice is definitely the one Fate-san mentions a lot, so I think that theyre probably good friends.

[Alice, youre good friends with Fate-san…… right]

[Yes, but of course. Fate-san and I are soul friends, you know!]

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Asking her that to confirm it, Alice nodded while puffing out her small chest.

As I thought, Alice and Fate-san really are good friends. Thank goodness…… In that case, she would surely know what Fate-san likes.

No, even if theyre not good friends, Alice is the most well-informed person in the world, so its reassuring to have her by my side.

[I- I see…… Then, Alice. Id like to ask you something. What is Fate-sans favorite thing]

[I dunno]

[You dont know!]

However, Alice only tilted her head, with an unusually serious expression on her face.

[……Eh A- Alice. You dont know what Fate-sans favorite stuff are]

[Yes. Im sorry but…… Fate-san just wants to slack off, and she doesnt want anything……]

[H- How about her favorite food]

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[Fate-san originally doesnt eat…… So even if you bring her something, shell probably eat it, but she doesnt seem to be particularly fond of it.]

[……D- Does she have any hobby]

[How about you ask yourself if she has any hobby]

[…… I dont think she has one.]

This is bad, Fate-san is a more formidable enemy than I thought.

Gods dont need to eat, so Fate-san basically doesnt eat, and she doesnt go out to buy anything, and just slack off in her room…… I cant find anything to aim at.

I mean, she would really have been quite the useless human…… Unnn Useless human…… Making a human useless……

[……Alice. I have something that I want to consult with you……]


Thats right, I remembered a certain something. Inside her room that I caught a glimpse of when I went to visit Fate-sans earlier…… It was a room full of cushions. Thats where I found the hint I could use for my present.

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[Id like to ask you to make a slightly unusual cushion……]

[Cushion, is it Yes, I can make that much in a minute but…… What kind of cushion is it]

[Errr, to put it simply……]

Thereupon, I gave Alice an outline of that cushion filled with lots of small beads that would make a person useless.

Alice listened to the explanation for a while, then nodded her head in agreement and told me that I could make it as soon as I had the materials.

And thus, I decided to go around the store and gathered the materials, while leaving it to Alice to make my present.

Relieved that Im able to prepare my present for Fate-san, I decided to return to the inn after observing Mitsunaga-kuns speech.

I guess its to be expected of a man who has been giving speeches for several months now, as Mitsunaga-kun was giving a magnificent speech without shrinking from the crowd.

We had a chance to talk for a bit afterwards, but apparently, he was leaving first thing tomorrow morning for the next city, so I promised that I would see him off before I returned to the inn.

Thereupon, whether its good or bad timing, as I was taking a short break, I heard a knock on the door.

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I already know who has come to visit me. Remembering what happened the day before yesterday, quietly retreating away from the shooting range, I slowly opened the door……


[Wha! Gebfuuhhh!]

I- Impossible…… I- Im pretty sure that I should have moved out of the line of fire…… But it felt as if her head made a curve and still accurately struck my stomach…… Do you have some freaking resentment to my stomach!

[Kai-chan! Im tireeeeeddd! I did my best, you know~~ Praise meeeeeeeee!]

[G- Good job at work. Y- You really did your best, didnt you]

As I pressed down on my stomach that had received damage again, I somehow managed to give Fate-san some congratulatory words.

[Noowwww! Kai-chan, you have promised. That you would give me a moist, fulfilling massage!]

[……There wont be anything moist here, but alright.]

Fate-san spread out her arms as if to ask me for a hug, but I easily ignored it and prepared a chair for her, and urged her to sit down.

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However, Fate-san immediately ignores my actions too! She directly moved to the bed and laid down with her face down.

Seeing that, I let out a big sigh, before I just gave Fate-san a nod and approached her on the bed.

We exchanged no words, but there was actually a voiceless bargain between Fate-san and I just now.

———-Kai-chan, as a reward for my hard work, carry me in your arms!

———-I didnt promise that. I wont only give you a massage. Now, come to this chair……

———-Mhnn, youre thinking of ending it with just a shoulder rub Rejected! I resolutely reject!!!

———-Guhhh, youre already lying down on the bed……

———-This was also part of your promised massage, right!

———-I- I understand……

Well, with that exchange of glances and actions, as a result, it was decided that I would give a massage to Fate-san while she was lying down on the bed.

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To be honest, putting aside if it was a shoulder rub, but Ive never done a full body massage before…… Well, I can imagine how people do it, so I guess lets do our best. Even Fate-san probably doesnt expect me, an amateur, to be skillful at it……

[Then, I will start.]

[Briiiing it on!]

[Isnt your response a bit weird here]


While smiling at Fate-san who is in somewhat of a good mood, I thought of starting with Fate-sans shoulders, so I put my hand on them…… Uwaahhh, it feels so soft.

Even as I felt my heart skip a bit from feeling her feminine softness, I started massaging her shoulders while trying to be as calm as possible.

[……Hnnn…… Fuuuu……]

[Is it painful]

[Ahaha, Kai-chan. Im a Supreme God, okay It wont hurt even if Kai-chan really grips on my shoulder. Thats why you can make it a little stronger~~]

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[Roger that.]

Slowly rubbing her shoulders, I use my thumbs to press on that point where you should supposedly massage in her back near her shoulders.

Thereupon, I suddenly noticed something out of place on that part…… I feel like theres something about this part of the body that feels better to press on.

[Fuaahhh…… Kai-chan…… That feels good.]

Areh Whats this This feeling…… I know what parts I should massage Or rather, it feels like I know where Fate-san wants me to massage her.

Could this be because of that…… my Sympathy Magic! It may be that my Sympathy Magic can read the faint changes in Fate-sans magic power, probably making me understand where I should massage to make Fate-san feel good.

[Ahh, nnfuaaahhhh…… Kai-chan, youre really skillful…… It feels good~~]


This is a really unexpected way of using my magic, but perhaps, I can be one excellent masseuse. I guess its still like me that the effect of my magic that I just found out wasnt standing out at all, but Im thankful for that in this situation.

I guess I should keep up with my massage……

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[Ahnnn…… Khnnn, fuuu…… Auuu, uuuuuu…… Haahhh…… Aahhhh……]

[……Ummm, Fate-san Could you stop making that erotic voices, please I cant concentrate here.]

[Eeehhh~~ I mean, it feels really good~~ Ahhnnn…]


No, thats not it. It may certainly be pleasant but…… Youre definitely letting out that voice on purpose! Its obviously too over-the-top, and I feel like youre deliberately trying to sound erotic.

Is this that Is she seducing me ……Not only have you started using direct attacks, youre even mixing it with this method…… Fate-san…… What a frightening person.

Anyway, I should empty my mind right now! Right now, Im just a massaging machine, having no emotions. Im free from obstructive thoughts. As my mind is clear, I just move my hands……

[Fuaahhhh…… Aaahhh…… Hnnn…… Kai-chan…… Kai-chaaaaaannnn~~]


Hey, stop calling my name…… Also, stop with that strangely erotic voice…… Seriously, my mind is being slowly chipped away here, so please excuse me from that.

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After massaging the area around her shoulders, I slowly slide down and switched over to give her a back massage.

However, our posture is kinda…… dangerous, in all sorts of ways. Fate-san is wearing the same vestments as Shiro-san and Chronois-san, and probably because of the thin material, I could clearly see the lines of her body when she is lying down like this.

Moreover, maybe because she was lying face down, but Fate-sans large bulges was pressed against the bed, their shapes changed along, and her shapely buttocks erotically swayed with each of her pleasured moans and movements of her body.

[Aaahhh…… Aaahhhh! Fyuuaaaahhh!]


She glanced at me just now…… It seems that shes really enjoying doing this. I feel like my face is so hot right now, and no matter how much I try to free my mind from thoughts, I can hear Fate-sans voice so much louder than before.

I dont know if Fate-san knows that or not, but shes trying to make me feel excited by moving her body in a strangely seductive way…… G- Guhhh…… This is difficult. Lets hang in there, me……

Dear Mom, Dad———- As promised, I was giving Fate-san a massage, but it seems that she has learned a method other than forcibly compelling me, as she started letting out frighteningly erotic moans. In a situation I never expected———— Im going to have to suffer through this penance again.

Attention! This is a massage! This is just a massage! This novel is a very wholesome novel!

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