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Under the blue sky, a flash of light exploded in the center of the plaza.

On the top floor of a clock tower is located at a considerable distance from the plaza…… a man holding a thin long-range ejection magic tool had a smile on his mouth.

[……Finally done……]

He was commissioned to “attack” the Symphonia Kingdoms Second Princess, or perhaps, the one who holds the role of Hero…… Yes, not to assassinate them, but to attack them.

From his clients point of view, his target shouldnt die…… He can achieve his goal of diminishing the authority of Symphonias royal family and give himself the upper hand.

The summoning of Heroes at the Festival of Heroes are carried out by the Human Realm in shifts, and the summoning nation will provide guards for the pilgrimage, while a member of the royal family with high authority is in charge of his guards…… If the person in charge of playing the role of Hero or anyone accompanying him was injured during the pilgrimage, it would be too much of a blunder for the summoning nation and would lead to distrust to the royal family.

For this reason, the royal family guarding the person with the role of Hero with the best of their elites, and in fact, the past Heroes had completed their pilgrimage without any serious injuries.

It doesnt matter which one of them gets hurt, whether its the second princess whos in charge of the guards or the leading actor of the festival, the one who holds the role of Hero…… Whichever one of them is injured, the faith in Symphonias royal family will collapse and his employer will be able to suck the sweet juice of the results.

He has been staying in this city for two months now to do some preliminary research. He had prepared for every situation he needed as a sniper.

After the one who had the role of Hero visited the city, he didnt act quickly and waited for his opportunity…… He kept waiting for the right moment when the guards were no longer in the snipers line of fire.

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He thought that maybe the opportunity would never come and the mission would fail…… “Fortunately” for the man, his targets appeared in the plaza to meet with the acquaintance of the one who held the role of Hero…… The acquaintances visit made the guards give a slight opening to let this person through.

Thats the best time he could hope for, and his magic bullet definitely slipped through the guards vigilance…… Its no exaggeration to say that it was a combination of various miracles, and the man felt that he may have been lucky…… Therefore, he has committed “the worst mistake he can make”.

Yes, he should not have shot at this time today…… Not only should he have looked into the princess and the one who has the role of Hero, he should have investigated who the acquaintance who visited them as well.

If he had investigated, he would have realized that attacking this acquaintance…… that an attack involving Kaito is an act “that is tantamount to suicide”……

As the man smiled and looked through the scope of his sniper to check the results, the explosive smoke that had enveloped the plaza cleared out on his gaze.

[…….Wha…… Wha…… Wh…… y……]

The people who emerged from it werent harmed at all…… And not only that even a speck of dust wasnt on the second princess, the one who played the role of Hero, and on Kaitos clothes, there appeared a figure wearing a black robe riddled with chains…… But in the eyes of that man, its as if he had seen the Incarnation of Despair.

[……No way…… P- Phantasmal King……]

[Let me explain one thing to you……]

[! Ahh, ahhhhh……]

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Faster than he could mutter, the Phantasmal Kings figure disappeared from his vision, and soon after, a high-pitched voice came from beside him.

[Whether the princess of Symphonia Kingdom dies or that guy holding the role of Hero dies…… I dont really care about that.]

[……Ahh, hyiiihh……]

With her high-pitched voice echoing around, the Phantasmal King No Face was there.

She was leaning out of the window of the clocktower, beside him…… Standing perpendicular to the wall of the clock tower, as if to say that gravity doesnt matter……

[However, if those two got injured…… Kaito-san will probably get sad. His emotions will get hurt…… That is to say, isnt it that You just tried to “hurt Kaito-sans heart” right in front of me”…… Isnt that what it means]

[ ! ! ]

Her voice was so cold and intimidating that one would think that their head had been cut off just by her killing intent alone.

Just like a criminal waiting for the death sentence that he couldnt escape from, as if the right of life and death is already out of his hands……The man understood that in an instant.

[……Its just, well, my master is very kind and sweet…… Im sure that if I kill you, he will feel responsible for that…… Thats why I wont kill you.]

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[Ill give you two options.]

[……Op…… tions]

As if there was no longer anything but fear in his heart, the man only parroted No Faces words, but his face was so pale…… He was so terrified that he couldnt even sweat.

However, when he heard the words No Face muttered about how she wont kill him, he felt as if a faint glimmer of hope appeared…… He looked just slightly better.

However, those fleeting hopes were shattered by the words that followed.

[……If you obediently speak out who is the one who commissioned you to do this…… “Ill forgive you that I would let you off only after turning you into someone who can satisfactorily conduct your daily life again”.]

[ ! ]

[If your pride as a professional prevents you from revealing your client, thats alright with me…… After all, the results wont change. You will eventually speak out who commissioned you with your own mouth. Though, in that situation…… Youll probably be saying “Please, just kill me” after youve told me everything…… Now then, you can choose either one of the options, you know]

[Ahh, aaaaaahhhhhhh…… Uaaahhh……]

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Her words are too cold and ruthless…… Moreover, No Face also knows that he had been commissioned as if it was obvious.

Even though she knows all of this, she still made the man pick a choice…… Whether he can drop everything and live in misery, or he can keep his pride, and go through hell and die with that pride of his…… Having to pick between those two dreadful options……

[Come on, choose…… Ill give you a few seconds.]

I didnt immediately know what had just happened.

A sphere of magical power suddenly flew towards Princess Cattleya and seemed to “explode before it hit” Mitsunaga-kun, who was protecting Princess Cattleya with his body.

Immediately after that, Alice appeared in the form of the Phantasmal King, and I had also confirmed that Princess Cattleya and Mitsunaga-kun were safe.

[…….! Seigi! A- Are you alright! Are you injured Does it hurt anywhere I- Ill get a doctor right away…… N- No, a healing mage……]

[I- Im alright, Cathy. Im not injured anywhere……]

[I- Is that so…… Thank goodness. Wait, why the heck did you do that! Im more powerful than you! Something of that extent wont deal much damage…… Covering me with your body, what would you do if something happened!!!]

Princess Cattleya looks flustered and confirms Mitsunaga-kuns safety while calling him by his name “Seigi”, which is what she probably calls him when theyre alone.

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Thereupon, after confirming that Mitsunaga-kun was safe, she heaves out a relieved sigh and begins to vigorously scold Mitsunaga-kun.

Hmmm, how should I say this…… I think I can understand now why Alice said that Princess Cattleya has a personality similar to Lilia-sans.

Something about how she was really flustered just now looks the same as when Lilia-san was worried about my health.

[I- Im sorry. However, look, its alright.]

[You really are…… T- Thank you.]

Once again realizing how close Princess Cattleya and Mitsunaga-kun are, just as I felt a small smile appear on my lips despite the situation were in now, Alice appeared in front of us.

[P- Phantasmal King-sama! T- That just now was……]

[Kaito-san, Ive secured the person who carried out that attack. While Im at it, Ive also investigated who was behind the scenes as well~~]

She just ignored Princess Cattleya.

[T- Thanks…… Errr, what about the attacker……]

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[Its alright. I didnt kill him.]

[I- I see……]

Should I say that its to be expected from Alice She did a really quick job of catching the attacker and investigating their background as well.

After reporting this to me, Alice finally turns to Princess Cattleya and speaks to her in the high-pitched voice she uses when she has the appearance of the Phantasmal King.

[Second Princess of Symphonia Kingdom…… You dont mind if we take care of this matter, right]

[Y- Yes. Of course.]

[Well then, Kaito-san. I will go deal with some fools.]

[Eh Ah, unnn…… but……]

[I know. Dont ever kill, right]

Alice nods, saying that she knows I was talking about, but that isnt exactly what I was about to say, so Ill correct her.

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[No, thats not it.]


[Just do that “if its possible”…… If Al—– No Face was about to get hurt, you can just kill them without hesitation.]


Yes, just do that if its possible. Its not that Im concerned about the life or death of a stranger. Im just telling her to try not to kill that many people as possible. Even if Im telling Alice not to kill, it isnt like Im speaking for her enemies, I just dont want to see Alice kill others.

[Rather than the life or death of a stranger, No Faces safety is much more important to me…… Just kill them if its necessary……]

[I- Is that so…… I- I- If you say it like that, I- I would feel embarrassed……]

[Ah, errr…… Anyway, Im counting on you.]

[……Yes. By my lord…… by your will.]

When I told her that, Alice gave me an ostentatiously, dramatic bow and disappeared.

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If I leave it to Alice, I can be relieved now, or so I was thinking…… but I heard a voice from behind me.

[Well, the one going there is just my clone, and this loooooooovely~~ Alice-chans main body would still be here! Its alright! Your beloved Alice is right here, so its OK to give her lots of love!]

[……And you had to ruin all of it.]


I feel like the slightly cool air she had just now has just turned to nothing.

Why cant this woman just stay cool until the end……

Dear Mom, Dad———- The assailant seems to have been quickly taken care of by Alice and shes dealing with those who were related to it behind the scenes. Im really grateful for that, and I know that I can rely on Alice, but how should I say this——– In a way, Alice is the only one staying the same as always.

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