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I feel like Ive received some kind of earth-shattering blessing, but I found no particular change in my body and before I knew it, we returned to drinking our tea.

[Well, its not like its going to improve your physical abilities or anything like that.]

Shiro-san, who had returned to having a blank expression on her face again, had also taken the seat across me.

If I remember correctly, Lilia-san said that a blessing is like some kind of defensive magic.

However, even if I were to ask her what kind of blessing she had given me, Shiro-san would probably just say “I dunno”……

[Will this stop me from getting local diseases or something like that]


Fumu, I see…… I think Im starting to understand how to talk to Shiro-san a little better.


[What is it]

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[Youre still meekly eating those baby castellas, but it doesnt taste good, right]

[Yes, it tastes so bad that I feel like this could be considered as one of the worst things that had happened to me.]

[Then, why dont you take out something else to eat For instance, something that Shiro-san thinks is delicious……]

[I see.]

[Ah, even though I say that to the teacakes served with the black tea, thats not the case with the black tea, okay]


How should I say this, its like Ive personally felt that humans really are creatures that adapt to their surroundings.

Rather than that, I think that after that blessing earlier, Im starting to gain a little more mental composure regarding what I want to say myself.

Unlike the last time when I just met her, Shiro-san was looking at me properly, and thanks to that, I understood that she had emotions and the heaviness that I felt that was draining my spirit just by talking to her were gone.

After that, I have to look really closely at her to understand it but…… I can even see a slight change in her facial expression.

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The corner of her mouth is now slightly rising and falling by a few millimeters, and the fact that she just briefly blinked twice is probably a sign of surprise because she was caught off guard.

[Thats right.]

Theres still that lack of inflection in her voice though, but Ive gotten used to it and it doesnt bother me as much as it used to, as Ive come to realize that its also a part of Shiro-sans personality.

While affirming my opinion, Shiro-san makes a new set of cookies appear on the table.

At first glance, they look like ordinary cookies, but they are also sublimely delicious. Theres something about the appearance of this cookie that makes it seem sublime for some reason.

[Speaking of which, are Shiro-san and Kuro close You just said that you did it because she asked you to.]

[Yes, we drink tea together a lot.]

[I can somehow imagine that Kuro would probably be talking a lot.]

[Before I could even say a word, Kuro would have finished saying three.]


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Hmmm. The combination of Kuro and Shiro-san…… Its quite a strange combination since they differ in physique and personality, but Kuro who would keep pushing the conversation along and she who doesnt care about small details might be a good match with the natural airhead Shiro-san who dont initiate conversations at all, but answer conversations when theyre swung at her.

At least, it seems like Shiro-san thinks well of Kuro, as I could see the corners of her mouth rising by a few millimeters even now.

Unnn. Somehow, Im starting to understand the changes in Shiro-sans emotions and Im getting the hang of our conversation.

For better or worse, Shiro-san accepts my words as I say them and responds straightforwardly and honestly —– and they may be extremely difficult to understand, her expressions also changes.

When it comes down to it, the conversations I had with Shiro-san became more enjoyable, and were chatting so naturally, that time had passed before I even knew it.

[It seems like your companions finally finished receiving their blessings.]

[Arehh Is it that time already]

[Yes. 93 minutes have passed since you arrived here.]

[Time sure flies by fast.]

When I heard Shiro-san suddenly said that, it seems like an hour and a half passed before I knew it.

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At the same time, a door appears next to Shiro-san. Thats probably the door that would get me back to my room.

The conversation with Shiro-san was fun, and even if Im reluctant, I decided to stand up from my seat.

[……Youre quite an unusual person, arent you No one would normally describe a conversation with me as enjoyable.]

[Is that so]

In response to Shiro-san who said that while the corner of her mouth slightly rose, I just tilted my head.

I indeed felt like I couldnt continue our conversation at the beginning, but as we talked, I didnt have that feeling anymore.

[You could say that adaptability of yours could even be your talent.]

[Ahaha, it might just be that Im easy to push around.]

[That might be so.]

[As I thought, youre not going to deny it huh!]

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Well, Shiro-san is this kind of person. Thats also the reason why I feel a different sense of enjoyment from talking with her compared when Im talking with Kuro……

[If its alright with you, can I invite you to have tea with me again]

[Yes, by all means. It might be a good idea to bring Kuro along next time.]

[That sounds like it will be fun.]

[Ah, but can you please not suddenly teleport nearby Its bad for my heart. Please excuse me from anything like that.]

[…………………Ill think about it.]

[Id like it if you could make a prompt decision regarding that if you could though.]

[Ill think about it.]

[Im not talking about that “pause” before your answer, you know!]

Well, in that case, Kuro will probably be the one in control of the conversation, but that sounds like it will be fun.

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I was thinking that a tea party would be something noble-like, elegant and stylish, and that it wouldnt suit me but…… When I tried it, I found that chatting with others while savoring a good cup of tea was fun, and I think I understand a little bit how those riajuus feel while theyre conversing in a cafe or something like that.

As I was thinking about this, Shiro-san turns her palm towards me and makes an object that resembles a small jar appear on it.

[You can have this.]

[Would it be alright]


Taking the jar held out to me, there were some dried tea leaves inside it…… Ah, could this be that absurdly tasty black tea This honestly makes me happy.

[Thank you very much.]

[No, Ive also enjoyed our time myself.]

Saying that in her voice that doesnt have any inflection just as usual, while the corners of her mouth slightly lifted, Shiro-san swung her finger. With that motion alone, my clothes went back to what they were before I changed into my vestments.

And then, thanking Shiro-san once again, I opened the door.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— I was at a loss for some things that happened, but Shiro-san—- was an interesting person.

After seeing off Kaito as he walked through the door and the door disappeared, Shallow Vernal calmly stood in the hanging garden.

[So thats why she likes him huh. He certainly kind of resembles you in some way, Kuro. Not in terms of personality, but in the glimmer of his soul……]

Muttering to no one, the corners of her lips slightly rose.

[I guess its fun to turn my gaze to one life once in a while.]

As she muttered those words, the wind blew and the flowers in the hanging garden swayed as if theyre dancing. The cloudless sky is crystal clear, and the vast land remained calm as time peacefully pass.

Its as if her heart is reflected in the sky—– That she truly had fun—–-

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