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Mitsunaga-kun and I talked for a while. About this world, our previous world, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan and after an hour or so, Mitsunaga-kun took out his pocket watch, checked the time and then, stood up.

[……Im sorry, Miyama-san. Its about time for me to go back……]

[Ahh, my bad, were you busy]

[No, I wasnt, and I had fun chatting with you……. but if we talk any longer, I wont have time to study……]


Hearing the word study coming out of Mitsunaga-kuns mouth, I tilted my head.

What is he studying for It doesnt sound like its just something like studying for his high school classes, and based on his reaction, Im sure that its pretty important……

[Yes, I have to study about Aquarius……. Ah, its this citys name, and its history.]

[Unnn Are you perhaps studying as someone who has the role of Hero]


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[……Those who have the role of Hero also have to do that]

I knew that those who hold the role of Hero were going to make a pilgrimage to different parts of the world, and heard that they were giving speeches…… but this is the first time I had ever heard of them even studying the specialties and history of each region.

[It isnt obligatory…… but if I dont study it, I will be in trouble with the “meetings”.]


[Yes. Before the person who has the role of Hero gives his speech…… We will meet the mayor or feudal lord of each city or town. Theres an unspoken rule in those meetings that they dont ask about the world we were in, so it was inevitable that they would ask us what we think of the city.]

[……That sounds like a lot of work.]

Every time he visits a place, he has to meet with the local authoritative figure, which seems like a lot of work just by listening to him.

And even more so for the 16-year-old high school student Mitsunaga-kun…… Conversing with high ranking officials feel like it would be quite exhausting in itself.

[……Sure, to be honest, there was quite a bit of mental pressure on me. There are many long-lived races in this world, and most importantly, I have 100 great Hero senpais, along with the First Hero-sama, before me…… No matter how I look at it, I cant be compared with them.]


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[Those who play the role of Hero are given a day of free time when they arrive in the city. I think of that time as a time for me to study. Today is that day where I have my free time…… And tomorrow, Ill meet with the parliament members of this city, and the day after that, Ill make a speech before I head to the next city.]

[……T- That means, youre only staying in one city for three days]

[……That seems to vary quite a bit depending on who holds the role of Hero. I like to visit as many cities as I can though, so my schedule was quite packed.]

Travel, study about the city for a day, meet with the people with authority the next day, give a speech the day after that, and then, travel to another city again……. Its an overcrowded schedule, but it seems that its what Mitsunaga-kun wants to do.

How should I say this…… Thats kinda amazing…… Mitsunaga-kun was quite the hard worker.

[Of course, if I want to take it easy, I can do it as much as I want. As I said before, Im not forced to study at all. Its just that Im making use of my free time to study.]

[……Isnt it difficult]

[I would be lying if I said it wasnt difficult but…… The three nations of the Human Realm take turns in summoning the Heroes. And no matter how I look at it, I cant be compared to the previous people who held the role of Hero…… Even if they dont say it out loud, if the people think that “the one who holds the role of Hero this year is no good”, I would feel bad for Princess Cattleya and the people of the Symphonia Kingdom who have been so good to me, so Ill do the best that I can!]

[I see…… How should I say this…… I honestly think thats amazing.]

[Ahaha, even though I did all that, there were also times that I failed…… However, I have a very fulfilling life now. Studying may be difficult, but its fun to talk to the people who live in this area and know what their lives are like…… Also, how should I say this…… Princess Cattleya would be happy too.]

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The expression on Mitsunaga-kuns face as he said this had a definite strength to it…… I thought that this definitely is what his real self is.

He may have been twisted by all sorts of things, but the young man named Mitsunaga Seigi is probably a serious and hard-working kid.

Ill have to learn from him too……

[Unnn…… Do your best, and let me know if theres anything I can help.]

[Thank you. Thats very reassuring.]

[Ahh, my bad. I held you up longer.]

[No, it was nice talking to you, Miyama-sn…… Ahh, if you have time around tomorrow afternoon, can we meet again Princess Cattleya would probably want to see you too.]

[Unnn, of course, Im fine with it…… Then, should we meet up in this place]

[Yes. Ill be available at 2:00 pm, so if its fine with you, please come by then.]


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After promising to meet again tomorrow, Mitsunaga-kun left with a bright smile on his face.

Looking at him as he departed, his back looked much bigger and stronger than the last time I saw him, and I could feel that he had grown up.

Dear Mom, Dad———– Im well-aware that all people can change. Mitsunaga-kun has met someone important for him in this world, and he has grown up a lot. Is that why Mitsunaga-kun, who I dont have any preconceptions at all, in my eyes——– Hes a diligent hard worker.

In a large and luxurious room prepared in the royal palace of the Hydra Kingdom, there were Shea and Heart, who had finished with the preparatory meeting with the parliament.

[……I guess It really didnt end in just a day huh.]

[It cant be helped. There are some things that need to be revised, and those things need a few days to finish.]

[Yes, however, as expected of God of Fate-sama……. We finished lots of things faster than planned. If shes usually working at this pace, Im sure that God of Time and Space-sama wouldnt be holding her aching head……. If shes so capable, why does she usually keep slacking off]


Seeing Heart sigh about the gap between Fate and her usual self while remembering Fates appearance today, which can definitely be described as God-like, after a few moments of silence, Shea spoke.

[……I guess you didnt talk that much with the God of Fate-sama huh]

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[Eh Yes, its not every day that a low-ranking God like me has the opportunity to speak directly with her. This is even the first time Ive ever had a direct conversation with God of Fate-sama without the intermediary from a High-ranking God…… So, what of it]

[……Let me tell you a few things…… about the God of Fate-sama.]


Shea slowly turns her gaze towards Heart, and announces in a quiet but clear voice.

[……God of Fate-sama is the first God created by Shallow Vernal-sama. It could be said that God of Fate-sama is the closest being to Shallow Vernal-sama among all Gods. That includes her nature…… You understand]


[Yes, I guess lets start talking about her premise…… For God of Fate-sama, whether its her subordinate Gods, the Humans, or the Demons…… She only thinks that any of them are just the same as “some pebbles on the side of the road”.]


Listening to the words Shea indifferently said, even the expression on Hearts face turned serious.

[For God of Fate-sama, most of the things in this world can be moved to do just as she wills it…… And thats why she sees anyones value as no different from a doll. Thats why it cant be helped if she thinks of you as some “dull being”.]

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[……Just remember this. The God of Fate-sama you saw today is in a “very good mood”…… She was so friendly because there was a being nearby that God of Fate-sama thought was “interesting”……]


In the inn I arrived at, which can be described as being too luxurious…… Putting down my luggages there, I was just killing my time as it can be said that its evening already.

What should I have for dinner As I was sitting on the sofa in the large room thinking about what to do…… I heard a knock on the door.

[Im coming~~]

Hearing the knock, I walk towards the door.

It seems that this inn is currently reserved, so the only people who should be visiting me are the inns employees or Fate-san and the others.

From the magic power I felt from outside the door with my Sympathy Magic, the person outside is undoubtedly Fate-san, so I opened the door without being vigilant at all.


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The moment I opened the door, Fate-san rushed in with the speed of a bullet.

Heres one important thing to note though…… Fate-san is very petite, so when she rushed in like that, the pit of my stomach received a critical hit from Fate-sans head strike.

As if all the air in my lungs was pushed out from the impact, I felt like I would faint from agony.

[Kai-chan! Im really tiiiirreeeddd! I did lots of woooorrrkkk! Heal me~~ Pamper me~~]

[Cough, cough, F- Fate-san…… Wait, step away for a bit……]

[I dont wanna! Im replenishing the insufficient Kaichanium in my body right now!]

[Cough……. I- I dont understand what you mean…… Cough……]

On the first day of my stay in the Hydra Kingdom…… It seems that this day isnt going to end so easily.

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Serious-senpai: [ Why would you have to add thaaaaat!!! Even though the other me did her best to make a serious atmosphere…… Why did you put in something like that in the end! It feels like its going to get sweeter now, you know!!!]

Serious-senpai: [……This must be…… how despair feels……]

T/N: Sorry, a bit late. I was simping for a banana vtuber.-

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