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The 29th day of the Wind month. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I told Lilia-san and the others what happened yesterday and apologized.

Of course, I was very embarrassed, but when I told her that I didnt like bell peppers, how should I say this…… she was looking at me with warm eyes…… making me feel like burying my head into a hole.

Moreover, I cant stop people from talking about it, and it quickly spread throughout the house…… By mid-afternoon, it was already a known fact in the mansion that I hated bell peppers.

The woman who works as the head chef was looking at me like her child and asked “I know what food you dont like, but do you have a food you like”. Ive learned that badly faking something can lead to bad things, so I honestly answered…… That I like burger steaks……

After hearing that, the head chef chuckled for a moment and then, said we were going to have burger steaks for dinner tonight, which made me even more embarrassed.

I dont know if its because of our age difference or if the head chef thinks of me like a son, but I feel like she was thinking about an enjoyable memory.

I mean, by saying that my favorite food is burger steaks and how I dislike bell peppers…… Does that mean I have a childs sense of taste Its kind of sad that I cant deny it.

Incidentally, the ones who reacted kindly were Sieg-san and Lilia-san. Neither of them brought up my tastes, and just smiled at me, saying that they were glad that I wasnt sick.

However, there obviously are others who are amused…… Unnn, it goes without saying. Its that useless maid.

[……Oya If it isnt the Bell pepper-hating Miyama-sama.]

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Lunamaria-san looked really cheerful, as if she was a fish swimming in the waters, and she was like this when we just happened to pass each in the hallway.

The expression on her face as she looked at me with a grin feels as if she holds the power of gods in her hands, looking outrageously annoying…… but I know that she would have more fun when she sees that Im annoyed.

So, I decided to try a slightly different approach as a way to fight back.

[……Speaking of which, I just overheard this from somewhere…… but I heard something about Lunamaria-san not being good with bugs……]

[……W- Why are you……]

And apparently, it worked better than I thought it would, as the smile on Lunamaria-sans lips disappeared and she looked shaken.

[No, its not like I have anything Im trying to say anything by mentioning that but……]

[……M- Miyama-sama, c- can we talk about something unrelated to that]

[Eh Yes.]

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[No, you see, I think its inevitable that we all have things we dislike and things were not good at. I think thats an inevitable part of our personality and I dont think its something that we should be ashamed of.]

[……I see, I guess youre right.]

I was tempted to tell her to remember the expression she just had and the words she spoke just now, but I held back and waited for what Lunamaria-san would say next.

Probably because I thought it would be more beneficial for me.

[Therefore, it would be unbecoming of a human being to show it off as a shortcoming…… S- So, how about the both of us put it that way]

[……You really hate bugs that much huh……]

[So much that I hope those creatures perish from this world.]

[……I- I see.]

In other words, Lunamaria-san was suggesting that …… From now on, Lunamaria-san will not make fun of my dislike of bell peppers. In return, shes suggesting that I also not make fun of Lunamaria-sans dislike of bugs…… just like some kind of truce agreement.

It seems that she hates bugs more than I thought…… Perhaps, Lunamaria-san was afraid that Ill get angry and catch some bugs.

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[I understand what youre saying. We wouldnt interfere with each other about these matters…… How about it]

[I have no objection to it.]

Anyway, Im also feeling embarrassed about being teased for my childish tastes, so Ill take Lunamaria-sans suggestion.

And thus, this is how a strange sense of solidarity is created between me and Lunamaria-san……

Other than Lunamaria-san, it seems that there was also someone else who seemed to enjoy hearing about my dislike of bell peppers.

[Fufu, Kaito-senpai also had quite the childish side of you huh…… Its kind of cute.]

[Ugghhh…… H- Hina-chan Thats not a compliment, you know]

Hina-chan happily said that while were in the middle of our run, something we do sometimes, and she seems to be having fun since this morning.

However, I dont feel like shes teasing me like Lunamaria-san, but rather, shes genuinely having fun, knowing an unexpected side of me.

But please remember this, telling a man that hes cute isnt a complim…… No, it may be a compliment to some guys out there, but its not a compliment to me.

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[Ahaha, sorry. However, when a guy who seems like he can do everything, seeing how they cant do something or are weak against something, its great since they make him look more approachable.]

[H- Hmmm. I- Is that so]

[Ahh, but I feel like there are more things that Kaito-senpai cant do though. Youre sometimes unreliable.]

[Gafhuuaa! H- Hina-chan…… Thats quite harsh of you……]

Hina-chans words, which she happily told me, did super effective damage to my tiny pride. I feel like it even dealt a critical hit on me……

Maybe this is proof that weve grown closer to each other, but I feel like my two kouhais have been quite unlenient of me lately…… It seems that it was impossible for me to have the position of being a reliable senpai.

As I was thinking that, Hina-chan shook her hands, looking slightly flustered, and continued speaking.

[Ah, its not like Im making fun of senpai or anything like that, okay Rather, its just because Im rather familiar with senpai and I, ummm, like you quite a bit.]


[……Its true that there are a lot of things that Kaito-senpai cant do, but just as much…… No. You have much, muuuucch, more good things about you. Youre gentle and warm, and it was really fun being with you…… Plus, when it matters, you look really cool…… Thats why I think that youre a wonderful person.]

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[……T- Thanks.]

Hina-chans cheeks were as red as apples when she told me that, and the bashful smile on her lips was very bright.

[E- Excuse me! I- I ended up saying something strange! Come on, lets get pumped up and run!]

[Ehh Ah, wait! Too fast!]

[Hey, come on, Kaito-senpai~~ Youll be left behind, you know~~]

[W- Wait…… As expected, running that fast is……]

Seeing Hina-chan happily speeding up, I hurriedly followed her, astonished at her speed which is probably even faster than my full sprint.

U- Unnn. Shes that fast even without Body Enhancing Magic…… I guess I really cant become a reliable senpai. Well, you could say that it is like me…… I guess

It was the 30th Day of the Wind month. It was on this morning of the last day of the Wind month when that incident occurred.

As I languidly waited for the delicious breakfast to be brought to me, the door of the dining hall opened with a bang before my breakfast arrived.

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[Kai-chan! Its me!!!]

[……Oh, good morning. Fate-san.]

The one who opened and appeared at the door was the problem child of the Divine Realm…… It was Fate-san, Alices twin who was just as no-good as her, and she would irregularly come here after “skipping work”.

Fate-san always appears out of the blue, and I guess she has also come to visit today because she skipped work.

When I returned her greeting with that in mind, Fate-san said something unexpected with a cute smile on her face.

[Unnn, good morning. Kai-chan…… This might be abrupt, but for now, come to the “Hydra Kingdom” with me!!!]

[……Huh No, what are you suddenly……]

[Thank you! I knew Kai-chan would willingly agree with me!]

[Ehh No, no! I still havent…… Wait, why are you grabbing my arm! Also, whats with that magic circle!]

[Then, lets go~~]

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Fate-san didnt care about any of my responses…… No, it feels as if she was converting what I said into something outrageously convenient for her, and grabbing my hand, she invoked a magic circle…… an unmistakably Teleportation magic circle…… and my body was engulfed in light.

Dear Mom, Dad——— The day after I confessed my dislike for Bell Peppers, Fate-san came to visit me without notice, forcibly bringing me to Hydra Kingdom. I have no idea why this is happening or whats going to happen from now on but…… Could you at least——– listen when someone is speaking!

After watching the momentary event of Kaito being taken away, Lilia and the others began eating breakfast that had been brought to them as if nothing particularly happened.

[……Haahhh…… Its happening again huh……]

[Well, its Kaito-san after all.]

[Its Kaito-senpai after all.]

[Its because its Miyama-sama……]

Looking at Lilia-san, who lets out a huge sigh while smearing jam on a bread, Aoi, Hina and Lunamaria mutter as if to say that its the same as usual.

Hearing their words, Lilias shoulders slumped down before lightly waving her hand to give instructions.

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[……Please bring me my stomach pills.]

[My Lady, I dont think drinking stomach pills before something happens would do anything……]

[Its fine…… In the end, he would probably go back after befriending the king over there…… In the end, I would probably feel really troubled again……]

[……Its frightening how I cant deny what you said at all.]

And thus, the one who brought Kaito to the Hydra Kingdom is the useless goddess, Fate!

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