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The invitation brought to the Six Kings Festival brought by Caraway-san, the Six Kings envoy…… We were completely astonished by the astonishing memorabilia listed there.

[I can understand why youre surprised. I was actually surprised as well but…… My apologies, but may we proceed with the explanations]

[Ah, yes. Excuse us.]

Apparently, the explanations are still going on, and Caraway-san calmly calls out to us, to which Lilia-san flusteredly nodded.

Thereupon, Caraway-san straightened her posture and spoke with a serious expression on her face.

[Now then, on to the privileges. One would be granted privileges according to the rank of your invitation.]


[Yes. Those who have been invited can bring an escort…… or you could say, a companion along if they were to request for their tickets in advance.]

[I see, there certainly would be lots of nobles invited, so this is a necessary measure.]

As for those who have received an invitation, it seems that they are allowed to have uninvited people accompany their escorts.

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[However, the range of action and number of companions will vary depending on their rank. Bronze and Iron ranks are limited to one person, and their range of action is quite limited. Silver and Gold ranks are allowed to invite up to three people, and they are allowed to enter all areas of the venue except the Central Tower.]

[……I see, so what about My Ladys Platinum and Miyama-samas Black]

[Platinum ranks are allowed to invite up to five companions, and they are allowed to enter all areas of the venue except the “Central Tower”. In addition, the guests with Platinum-ranked invitations may buy any merchandise in any stall for “half the price”.]

[I- I can have a discount!]

Apparently, the platinum rank is the one that sets you apart from the rest, and it even comes with a discount from stalls. It seems that this is only applicable to those who hold the invitation and not to those that are accompanying them…… But still, thats quite tremendous.

[……And as for the Black rank…… You dont have any limit to the number of people who can accompany you or the areas you can enter. It means that you can even bring as many as hundreds of people with you.]


[Plus, if you present your Black-ranked invitation, all establishments and merchandise can be acquired for “free”.]


Apparently, the Black rank is even more prestigious…… I could get anything for free and take as many people with me as I want.

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No, well, fortunately, I dont know hundreds of people like that……

In response to me, being really stunned by her words, Caraway-san continued to speak with a gentle smile on her face.

[Next, those with invitations of Gold rank and higher are also eligible to participate in the party hosted by the Six Kings at the Central Tower on the 7th day.]

[That also sounds kind of awesome……]

[Yes, as the Six Kings will be attending, it shows how prestigious it is. It is said that less than a hundred people are eligible to participate.]

[……That means, the only who can participate in that are Lilia-san and I.]

Being able to participate in a party hosted by the Six Kings would probably be a big status for the nobles.

Thats why it seems that the restrictions on participation are much stricter than others.

[And lastly, Miyama-sama……]

[Y- Yes.]

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[Im told that the Six Kings will arrange accommodations for the Black ranks for the duration of the event…… Is there anything written on your invitation]

[Eh Errr……]

After hearing Caraway-sans words, I looked at the envelope that contained the invitation…… and found a card that was slightly smaller than the invitation.

“Central Tower, Top Floor, Special Suite Room”

……Im feeling dizzy. Reading its name, its probably a tower that is erected in the middle of the venue but…… Is that also some kind of public shame play ……No, would the others know about it Well, however, thinking about that suite room…… Is it just my imagination I have a very bad feeling about it.

To be specific, Im feeling afraid that the room prepared would be far more luxurious and gaudy than I imagined……

[I suppose it means that the Black rank Miyama-sama is one of the biggest and most important guests for the Six Kings…… Its splendid.]

[I- Is that so……]

[Yes! Its a great honor!]

Looking at Caraway-san who looked a bit excited while grasping her hands together, I could only give her a vague reply.

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Something tells me this is going to be very tiring again, and as I was thinking like that…… I watched Caraway-san in a daze as she explained some finer details.

After the explanation was over, Caraway-san decided to leave the mansion to head to the next location.

Though it may not be all of us, Lilia-san and I saw Caraway-san off at the door, but right at that moment when we were about to say goodbye…… Caraway-san turned to me and gave me a serious look.

[……Miyama-sama, I want to talk to you about something personal, but do you mind]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

[Im sorry!]

[……Ehh Yes]

I was wondering what she personally wanted to talk about, not as an envoy for the Six Kings but…… For some reason, Caraway-san deeply bowed her head to me and apologized.

Eh What is this Whats going on Why am I being apologized to by someone I just met today

[……When Miyama-sama came to this world, “I was the one who casted Recognition Inhibition Magic on you”.]

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[I was blinded by greed and was very rude to you. It isnt something I can apologize and be forgiven for…… but I just wanted to say these few words. Please, you may laugh at me for being self-satisfied for this.]


Looking at Caraway-san, who desperately had her head low and was telling me that it was for her own satisfaction, after a brief moment of silence, I wryly smiled.

[……Please raise your head. I dont care about that matter at all.]

[……H- However……]

[Look, its not like anything happened to me anyway……]

If were talking about if the Recognition Inhibition Magic did any real harm to me at that time, then the worst that happened was that I got lost…… Thats the reason why I met Kuro though, so Im rather grateful to her instead.

Telling her that I dont care about that matter while thinking about that, with her head still bowed down, Caraway-san stiffened. Perhaps, she didnt expect my reaction and didnt know what to do.

[……Then, how about we do it like this Ive certainly received Caraway-sans apology, and Ive forgiven you for that. So, Caraway-san, please dont worry about it either.]

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[Thank you so much for your courteous explanation today. If we ever meet again, I would be happy if you treat me as an acquaintance you can be carefree with.]


Hearing my suggestion to let bygones be bygones already, Caraway-san slowly looks up.

Then, she turns to me and gives me a soft smile that makes her cat-ears pretty.

[Thank you. Miyama-sama…… Im sure well see each other again at the Six Kings Festival, but in that case, please let me know if I could be of assistance.]


[I want to thank you for your generosity. I would be happy to help in any way I can.]

[……Yes. Well then, if theres an opportunity like that, I will be in your care.]

When I nodded, Caraway-san got down on one knee and after giving me a knight-like bow, she stood up.

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[……Well then, everyone, Ill see you all at the Six Kings Festival.]

[Yes. Good luck with your work, Caraway-san.]

[Thank you…… Excuse me then.]

With that, Caraway-san light bowed her head again and left with a smile on her face.

After she was out of sight, Lilia-san and I were about to return to the mansion, when I suddenly heard a small mutter.

[……Youre as kind as usual…… arent you]


[……Errr, its that. As your lover, its making me feel proud…… is what I mean.]

While saying such praise that doesnt sound like being sarcastic at all, Lilia-san returned to the mansion a step ahead of me.

Dear Mom, Dad——– I just finished listening to the explanation of the Six Kings Festival, and it really was quite an outrageous event. Im confused by the fact that Imm treated like a state guest, but this festival that Kuro and the others are making——– Im really looking forward to it.

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Incidentally, the people who had received a Black rank invitation other than Kaito…

……Is only Shallow Vernal.-

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