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The 23th day of the Wind month. In the late afternoon of the day, when I was thinking that the Wind month was coming to an end, me, Aoi-chan, and Hina-chan were on our way to the reception room where Lilia-san called us in.

[I wonder whats going on Telling us to quickly come here……]

[Hmmm. Normally, that would mean that theres a guest but…… A guest who wants to see us three]

[I dont think I can think of anyone like that.]

The fact that I was called into the reception room, I could assume that we have a guest. If I, alone, or either of the two of them were called, it would have been understandable, but if it was a common guest of us three, it would be very limited.

Hina-chan was tilting her head in curiosity, while Aoi-chan had a puzzled look on her face, as if she also doesnt have any idea who that guest could be…… In fact, Im feeling a little anxious about whats going to happen.

Reaching the reception room quickly, we knocked on the door before we entered the room…… Inside was Lilia-san who called us out, as well as Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san.

Other than them, there was also a cat-eared woman in the reception room…… Who could it be I dont recognize her at all.

[Everyone, I apologize for suddenly calling you out.]

[N- No, Lilia-san…… Did someone come to visit us]

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[No, to be exact…… Along with me, Luna and Sieg, she has come to visit for the six of us.]

[ [ [ Eh ] ] ]

Hearing what Lilia-san said, the three of us tilted our heads again, still not understanding the situation.

Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san, Sieg-san, Aoi-chan, Hina-chan and me…… What do all of us have in common……

Thereupon, as if to answer our question, the cat-eared woman spoke.

[I could understand why everyone is confused. Let me explain it to you in order……. Ah, before that, Im Caraway. Im a Viscount-level, high-ranking Demon. I have come this day as an envoy for the Six Kings. Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance.]

[Ah, yes. Errr…… Im Miyama Kaito.]

[Im Kusunoki Aoi.]

[Im Yuzuki Hina.]

After the cat-eared woman…… Caraway-san briefly introduced herself, she sat down at the seat Lunamaria-san had prepared for her.

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[Well then, let me tell you first the business as to why I have been sent. I have been entrusted by the Six Kings this day, to give everyone their invitations.]


Hearing Caraway-sans words, telling us that she has brought an invitation from the Six Kings, Lilia-san asked on our behalf.

[Yes. Within a duration of 7 days, from the 24th to the 30th day of the Light month. A festival jointly held by the Six Kings in the Demon Realm…… The Six Kings Festival will be held.]

[A collaboration of the Six Kings]

[……Thats unheard of.]

Lilia-san was astonished by Caraway-sans words, and Lunamaria-sans also muttered in surprise.

Of course, thats the same for us too, as were speechless, startled by the information that the top of the Demon Realm is collaborating to do something.

Caraway-san carefully explained to us.

This is the first year that the Six Kings Festival has been held, and thus, the number of participants is limited…… And she says that its limited to only those who have an invitation sent by the Six Kings.

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The festival will be held for 7 days, with each of the Six Kings organizing the festival for 6 days one by one, and as for the 7th day, it will be the day of the festival where all the Six Kings will participate.

The venue is a large island in the Demon Realm, and it seems that you can be picked up and dropped off, free of charge, by the Flying Dragon Services prepared by Magnawell-san.

[……Does anyone have any questions so far]

[N- No, were fine.]

[Well then, everyone, here……]

When Caraway-san confirmed that we had somewhat understood what the Six Kings Festival is, she took out neatly decorated envelopes and handed it to us in turn.

[In that envelope, you will find your invitation sent by the Six Kings…… Though each invitation has a rank.]

[……A rank]

[Yes, there are six types of ranks: iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and the highest rank, black. The criteria for the rank is simple: “It depends on the number of Six Kings who sent you their invitations”. The higher the rank, the more privileges you get and the more luxurious, the “memorabilia” you will receive.]

[……M- Memorabilia]

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[Yes, to celebrate the first time that the Six Kings Festival has been held, the guests will receive memorabilia from the Six Kings who invited them. Please check your invitations for this information, as they should be listed on it.]

[W- Well then, I will start……]

At Caraway-sans urging, the homeowner, Lilia-san, opens her envelope first.

Thereupon, from inside Lilia-sans envelope, a slightly larger card with a shiny platinum color came out.

[……Wonderful. Lilia-sama has received a platinum-ranked invitation huh…… It looks like youve received an invitation from five of the Six Kings.]

[R- Really]

[Yes, please open the invitation. Inside are the names of the Six Kings who invited you and the names of the memorabilia you will receive.]

[Y- Yes…… Eh]

As urged by Caraway-san, Lilia-san opens her invitation, and she completely stiffened. After a little while, she began to sweat profusely.

Curious about her reaction, we all walked behind Lilia-san and quietly peeked at the invitation.

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Lilia-sans platinum-colored invitation had the Six Kings who invited Lilia-san and their memorabilia, just like Caraway-san said but…… The contents were……

—-And it was filled up with outrageous stuff.

[……W- What is…… t- this…… this is……. Kyuuuu~~]

[My Lady!]

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All of them look like dangerous memorabilia……No, theyre items that arent on the level of mere memorabilia anymore, as they have greatly exceeded Lilia-sans tolerance level and made Lilia-san faint.

While looking at Lilia-san with pity, the next person to open her envelope was Sieg-san…… Sieg-sans invitation was bronze and she seems to have received invitations from two of the Six Kings.

—-Is what was written there. Perhaps, Megiddo-san was praising Sieg-san because of what happened before, and Alice might have invited her because they had once fought together.

And Lunamaria-san, Aoi-chan, and Hina-chan seemed to have been invited by Kuro, especially Lunamaria-san who was very happy about it.

And a little while later, Lilia-san regained her consciousness and gathered with us, staring at me…… No, at the envelope in my hand.

[……I- Im afraid of Kaito-sans invitation.]

[……Lilia-sans memorabilia were quite tremendous, but thinking that Kaito-sans would be more than that…….]

[K- Kaito-senpai, please open it!]

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[U- Unnn.]

Pushed by everyones appeal, I opened the envelope I was holding…… And from inside comes an exceedingly high-class, jet-black invitation.

[I- Im surprised…… For it to be a black rank…… That means youve received an invitation from all the Six Kings…… I had been informed that this time, the Six Kings have only prepared one black rank invitation among all the invitations that were sent to the Human Realm.]

[E- Eeeehhhh……]

Why do I kinda feel like something outrageous just happened How strange. I mean, this should just be something like receiving an invitation, right…… No, I certainly know all the Six Kings but……

And thus, not only Lilia-san and the others…… but also Caraway-san came around behind me. Before their gazes, I timidly opened the invitation.

Wait a moment there, Isis-san! Why the heck is there something outrageously dangerous written here! What the heck am I supposed to do with that!

A seedling! No, no, wait a freaking wait…… Are you telling me to raise this The World Tree

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The heck is that! Just the combination of those words frightens me, you know! This is alcohol, right

Stop right there!!! Magnawell-sans fangs and claws No, no, just one of them would be about the size of a building, you know! What the heck do you want me to do with that!!!

Whats the point of giving me those things that sound like legendary swords, idiot!!! You want me to save the world! Neun-san had already saved it before!!!

A freaking ship! That isnt something you use as memorabilia, you know! Which world do you use the number of ships as a measure of memorabilia! ……This world ……The heck is that, thats scary.

G- Geez, it isnt just on the level of outrageous anymore…… H- How the heck did this happen……

Dear Mom, Dad——— I received an invitation to the Six Kings Festival, the first festival that will be held jointly by the Six Kings in the Demon Realm. What was written on it was——— Several memorabilia that made me doubt my eyes.

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Trivia: Caraway = The Demon that was scolded by Kuro before

T/N: 100/246

1 more and I could cut that 246 down with one hundred and start counting in 1 again.-

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