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When Raz-san and I went to eat a couples-only parfait, we happened to meet Acht and Eva at a restaurant.

However, I thought it would be intruding on them if we were to sit together, so after a quick chat, we decided to eat at different seats.

Compared to Raz-san and I, who were already halfway through our meal, Acht and Eva have just made their order and since we dont want to make them feel uncomfortable, after we finished eating, we called out to them before leaving the restaurant.

Although Raz-sans objective was accomplished by eating the parfait, I decided to go around the city with her to digest our meals.

[Auuuhh…… Ive eaten too much……]

[Raz-san Are you alright You werent flying straight……]

[My body feels too heavy for me to fly……]

Apparently, Raz-san had eaten quite a bit, as she looked quite exhausted and was fluttering around in the air.

Well, considering Raz-sans size…… I guess she had eaten too much. Lets be clear with something though…… I have eaten way more than her!

No matter how much Raz-san eats, it would be a fifth of the whole, or at best, a quarter of it, and the rest of the parfait…… the rest of that parfait that was originally for two people, I had eaten nearly 80% of it.

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To be honest, eating that much was quite heartburning…… If I ever hang out to eat with Raz-san next time, Ill go ask for a mini size for her.

[If you want…… How about you ride my shoulder]

[Eh Are you sure]


[Yayyy. Thank you!]

When I suggested it, Raz-san sat down on my left shoulder with a happy smile in her eyes, and while her right hand was leaning on my neck.

The feeling of Raz-sans hand, small and soft as a marshmallow, tickles my neck.

[Raz-san, is there anywhere youd like to go Though I say that, I dont know much about the area either……]

[Hmmm…… Ahh, I want to buy some souvenirs for Noin and the others!]

[I see…… Youre kind, Raz.]

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[Eh Ehehe, really]

As Raz-san exclaims that while adorably raising her hand, she looked impossibly adorable, and I couldnt help but reflexively reach out and pat Raz-sans head.

However, I cant pat her head with my palm, so I only used two fingers to pat her head……

After petting her once, the thought that it might have been rude to pat someone older than me came to my mind, however small she may be, but Raz-san happily smiled.

[Kaitokun-sans hand is so gentle…… You can pat me more!]

[Yes, well then, Ill take you up on your offer.]


Apparently, Raz-san seems to like it, and she adorably demands more petting, so I patted her head again, feeling soothed as if I was petting a cute, small animal.

After patting Raz-san for a while, I put my hand away, and Raz-san looks at me with a charming smile on her face,

[Kaitokun-san feels fuzzy!]

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[Yes! As warm and gentle as the sun! Raz-san loves the gentle Kaitokun-san~~]

[Ahaha, thank you.]

I see…… When she said fuzzy, she meant warm huh…… thats quite the cute way of describing someone.

Seeing Raz-san with a happy smile on her face, I naturally smiled too, and we walked down the street, happily chatting with each other.

After finding some good souvenirs, we then continued walking around the main street together.

Raz-san would be so excited when she found a store that looked interesting, and how should I say this…… I feel like Ive really been pushed around…… I wasnt bothered by that at all though, and seeing Raz-san overjoyed and in high spirits, I felt like my heart was being healed.

Before I knew it, the enjoyable time passed, and as dusk dyed the main street in its colors, Raz-san moved away from my shoulder and told me that she would go home.

[Kaitokun-san! Thank you very much for today!]

[No, no, Ive also had quite a lot of fun today.]

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[Raz had a lot of fun too! Ehehe, were the same~~]

[Ahaha, I guess so.]

Seeing Raz-san looking like she had lots of fun with her arms open wide, I smiled back at her and responded.

[Kaitokun-san, lets go play together again, okay~~]

[Yes, with pleasure.]

[Ehehe…… Ahh, thats right! Kaitokun-san, let me give my thanks!]


After looking as if she thought of a great idea, Raz-san began twirling around my face.

As I tilted my head, wondering whats going on, Raz-san spun around my body before coming close……


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Stretching out her little body as best as she could, she kissed me on my cheek…… Eeehhhh!

[Wait, R- Raz-san! What are you……]

[Ehehe, did you know Being kissed by a fairy will make you happy~~]

[……I- I- I see……]

[Yes! However, fairy kisses are very special. Theyre only given to the “opposite gender that we very, veeeeery love”!]

It seems that I was only one shaken by what she did, as Raz-san seemed to be smiling rather happily.

Being kissed by a fairy will make you happy…… So to speak, is this something like a fairys version of Blessings

[By the way, this is the first time Raz-san did this~~! I also love Kuromu-sama, but Kuromu-sama is a woman after all~~]

[……I- Is that so…… However, is it really fine in my case]

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[Of course~~ Kaitokun-san and Raz are a couple. Were veeeeery close friends!]

[I- I see……]

Emphasizing the word “very”, Raz-san tells me so, sounding really happy.

Her innocent smile that was illuminated by the sunset makes her look just like a fairy…… A fairy with an atmosphere filled with loveliness and mysteriousness.

She still seems to be misunderstanding what being a couple means but…… Does this mean that if I dont think too much about it, I can just become good friends with Raz-san

[Kaitokun-san! Next time, you come visit Razs field~~ Lets go pick vegetables and fruits together!]

[Eh Ah, yes. Certainly.]

[Yayyy. Im looking forward to it~~]


Feeling as if all the malicious ideas in my mind disappeared, seeing Raz-san being innocently delighted, I feel ridiculous for being strangely agitated.

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Dear Mom, Dad——– Raz-san is innocent, seems to hold great abilities, but shes also childlike and adorable. Her behavior can surprise me in many ways, but in one way or another——— I think shes someone fun to hang out with.

At the highest place of the Divine Realm…… There, Shallow Vernal, the God of creation, was quietly staring into the void.

No, the scenery reflected in the void was distorted, and a powerful force overflowed from it, exhibiting a tremendous sense of intimidation.

“Comprehension, Incapable.”

[Does that mean you couldnt understand my request]

“Negative, Contents, Comprehended. You, True Motive, Unclear.”

[You can understand what Im saying, but you cant understand my intentions for making such a request huh]


At the end of the gaze of Shallow Vernals golden eyes, there was a being with richly-colored eyes, as if they were an electronic image.

In response to the robotic voice of this being, Shallow Vernal tells her in a voice that also doesnt have any intonations.

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[There is no need for you to understand my intentions. Im asking your response as to whether or not you will be able to grant my request.]

“Response, Request, Reject.”

[……Is that so.]

“Additional, Requirements, Present.”


In fact, Shallow Vernal and this being had been negotiating several times before, but Shallow Vernal wasnt able to receive the answer she wanted.

The other party was so inflexible that Shallow Vernal could describe the being as “hardheaded”, and considering that she had asked something additional makes Shallow Vernal see it as a considerable compromise.

“I, Interest, Possess. You, Change, Cause, Human, Surprise, Thus, Interest. Demand, Meeting.”

[Youre saying that you were interested in the human who was the cause of my change, and you wanted to meet him in person, is that right]


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[……I dont mind. Should I bring him here]

“Split Body, Visit.”

[I understand. Youre going to send a split body of yours huh…… And use that split body to interact with that person.]

“Assistance, Unnecessary. I, Subject, Search, Observe, Contact, Expectation.”

[……Youll search for him yourself, so you dont need my help huh……]

The other partys request was for the contact with the cause that led to Shallow Vernal making her request, and thinking for a moment, Shallow Vernal agreed.

Thereupon, the other party told her that she would send a Split Body to Shallow Vernals world, and afterwards, she would seek out and contact the subject herself.

[……Supposing that he isnt what you expected]

“Below Arbitration Criteria, Existence, Unnecessary. Thus, Subject, Delete.”

[……That isnt something I would allow you to do.]

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“……Acknowledged. Previous Statement Correction. Subject, Life, Guarantee. Arbitration Means, Conversation, Limit.”

[Yes, please. So, when are you going to visit]

“Time, Undecided, Preparation, Required.”

[I understand…… Well then, please contact me when youre ready, “God of Another World”.]

Serious-senpai: [Gyaahhhh! A- An unexpected entrance of a serious new character! N- N- Not yet! I wont be fooled…… She would probably be broken like the others anyway…… I dont have any expectations…… Sniff.]

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