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It was the 10th Day of the Wind month, one night after that happening on the first day.

After finishing the simple breakfast I had made, Lilia-san and I came to a lake not far from the cottage for a certain purpose.

[This area might be good for us.]

[……Yes. Ive never fished before.]

[I havent had that much experience either, and Ive only done it a few times when I was a kid.]

Yes, the reason why Lilia-san and I came to the lake is to go fishing…… Our cottage is actually always equipped with fishing rods, and if they only buy the bait in the tourist city, anyone can enjoy fishing.

This was a good opportunity for us to make memories with Lilia-san, so we decided to go carefreely fishing.

[Arehh You didnt try it out when you came here with Lunamaria-san]

[……Yes, Luna strongly refused to do it…… I wanted to do it but……]

Hmmm Why did Lunamaria-san refuse to go fishing Its not like…… he has a phobia in large bodies of water, right

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Fumu, wait a moment…… fishing…… adamantly refusing…… bait…… Come to think of it, the bait that was sold in the tourist city werent worms just like I imagined, but they look like small bugs……

[Ummm, Lilia-san…… Could it be that Lunamaria-san……]

[Yes, She ” really hates bugs”.]

[……Is that so, thats kinda surprising, isnt it]

[Shes even saying things like “Vile and foolish beings like bugs and insects should just go extinct.”]

[She hates them that much!]

Heehhh……. I didnt know that Lunamaria-san hates bugs…… I feel like Ive got some very useful information.

Next time I have a problem, Ill put this information to good use……

[Ahh, by the way, are you okay with bugs, Lilia-san]

[Yes, Im perfectly fine. I once lived along with Sieg in the woods, so Im fine.]

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[Fumu…… By the way, is there anything youre weak at, Lilia-san Ahh, you dont have to answer if its unreasonable……]

It was a question I asked out of mere curiosity, so I wont force her to answer if she doesnt want to answer, but shyly fidgeting, Lilia-san softly responded.



[…..Ghosts and Undead…… Its fine if it had a Humanoid form but…… other than that, I- Im scared……]


Eh What Shes weak to scary things ……Why is she so cute An angel Is she an angel

Overwhelmed by Lilia-sans dazzling cuteness, I was left speechless for a few seconds.

Perhaps, because the both of us werent used to it, were a little confused about putting the bait on, but we somehow managed to get ready and lining up next to each other, we dropped our fishing lines.

[……Lilia-san, it feels kind of nice. This kind of thing.]

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[Yes. Its relaxing and…… comforting.]

[Indeed, things have been quite busy for both of us lately.]

[Yes…… Ahhh, speaking of which, Kaito-san, you havent been sleeping that much lately, right]

As time passes slowly and quietly…… Relishing that feeling and having a peaceful conversation…… but after she brought out a topic that greatly pricked my conviction, my body jolted.

A- As expected, she found out that I was sleepy huh. No, in the first place, I have given Lilia-san the music box, so she may already know what Ive been doing……

[……Please dont make us worry so much. Im really, very happy that Kaito-san is doing your best…… but, we would still feel worried for you.]

[Yes…… However, I also like to tell you that too……]


[Dont you always work too late into the night, Lilia-san]

[Ugghhh…… Y- Youre gonna make that comeback huh……]

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I certainly think I was reckless this time, and Kuro scolded me for it too.

However, when it comes to recklessness, I dont think Lilia-san can really say that to others since she always goes to bed later than anyone else…… At least, as far as I could tell, the lights were always on when I walked by the office at night.

When I pointed this out, Lilia-san wryly smiled, as if to say that Ive hit a sore spot.

[I know that Lilia-san is busy as the homeowner, and thats not something I would say anything about but…… and that would make us worried about you.]

[Ugghhh, yes…… Ill be careful.]

[Yes. Ill also take care of myself.]



What is this, neither of our situations is great……. they may be similar, but the situation where were worried about each other not taking it too far is kind of funny, and I cant help but laugh along with Lilia-san.

Ahhh, seriously, what is this…… Its a conversation that isnt supposed to be anything special, but its so fun and fresh…… As I thought, something like this feels kinda nice.

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I was just taking it easy for a while and enjoyed fishing…… but a troubling situation occurred. It seems that trouble really comes with every occasion……

[……Ahh, another one.]


The rod I hold my hand shakes and I caught another fish…… How did this happen

After a few hours of fishing, there was a clear difference between Lilia-sans catch and mine.

Ive already caught too many fish that they wouldnt fit in my water bucket, and now, Im releasing them when I catch one.

On the other hand, Lilia-sans water bucket is just filled with clear water…… How the heck did this happen

[W- Why, I dont even have one……]

[N- No, I think it was because of my luck……]

[T- To even attract the attention of fishes…… Kaito-san, youre really amazing.]

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[No, can you please not get strangely impressed]

I seem to be catching a lot of fish today, which troubles me. Im even starting to think that I was actually destined to become a great fisherman.

What I was worried about though, was Lilia-san, who hasnt been able to catch anything at all while I was catching fish…… However, from her reaction, it seems that Lilia-san is as usual, as she was enjoying herself.

With that thought in mind, I was about to put the bait on the hook again and let the fishing line drift along the waters, when Lilia-sans rod twitched.

[Eh Ahh! S- Something finally bit! Eh Eh What should I do now though……]

[I- Its alright! Calm down…… The fish seems to be easy to catch, so look for the right time, “and with all of your strength” pull it in.]

[U- Understood…… All of my strength right……]

Arehh Its just that I felt a chill run down my back just now…… Ahh, this is no good, its dangerous.

At the moment she found the right moment, Lilia-san pulled with such speed that my eyes couldnt follow the movement of the rod…… And in that instant, the water in the lake blows up as if an explosion has occurred.

[! Lilia-san!!!]

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[Eh Kyaahhh!]

It was almost a reflex action, but I quickly covered my body over Lilia-san, protecting her and received the splashes of water all over my body.

Even though it is summer, being splashed with water still feels quite cold…… And as I was thinking about that, I heard Lilia-sans voice.

[! K- Kaito-san! I- Im sorry…… I wasnt able to moderate my strength.]

[No, I just said it badly…… Are you not splashed with the water]

[Y- Yes, Kaito-san protected me…… So I didnt get that wet.]

[Thats great.]

I let out a sigh of relief as I managed to protect Lilia-san from the water splashes.

If Lilia-san gets wet here…… Lilia-sans white dress-style clothing would definitely be transparent, she would be extremely embarrassed…… Thats great. No, its not like I was thinking that it was a bit of a disappointment or anything like that, okay

Slowly raising my wet body, I move away from Lilia-san for a bit so that I dont get her wet, and then, brush the water out of my hair.

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[Then, Im going to change for a bit……]

[Ah, yes. Im sorry.]

[No, no, dont worry about it…… Well then, Ill be right back.]

[Yes…… Ahh, Kaito-san!]


Lilia-san stops me once Im about to go back to change my clothes.

When I turn around, with a blush on her face, Lilia-san looks down and after fidgeting…… quietly spoke.

[……Thank you…… for protecting me. Kaito-san, you looked really dreamy.]

[T- Thank you.]

Dear Mom, Dad——— On the second day of our trip, Lilia-san and I enjoyed our time together, leisurely fishing. There were a few little things that happened, but somehow, at least for a bit——— Have I shown her my manly side

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Kaito: [I guess Im kind of lucky today.]

Today… Thats wrong. You should change that to “always”.

T/N: Youve shown your manly side enough. Back in the bathroom, that is.


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