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The 24th Day of the Heaven month. Today is Christmas…… In Japan, Christmas Eve has a more lively image, but the 25th is a more crucial day in this world, and on this day, cities all over the world will be decorated with festive preparations for tomorrow.

And this place, the forest city of Yggfresis is no exception.

The land governed by Lillywood-san is home to many trees of all sizes…… with the World Tree on its center, on this Christmas day, many of the trees are beautifully decorated.

To the people of Yggfresis, the World Tree and Lillywood-san are objects of faith, and on this day too, a large city-wide festival is held in the name of giving thanks to the Sacred Tree.

Looking out at the vibrant city streets, as I put the decoration in my hand on a nearby branch, I heard a calm voice.

“……My apologies. Kaito-san, for having you assist us……”

[No, no, something like isnt that big of a deal. However, what do you think of decorating a tree, from the point of view of Lillywood-san, who is the spirit of a tree]

“The trees wouldnt be so beautifully decorated if we dont have such opportunities, so I think its a nice idea.”

[I see.]

I guess that decorating is something like being fashionable for her, and Christmas is the treemendous day that they could dress up…… Just, for trees…… Ah… Ahaha, lets stop with the puns, Im getting miserable thinking about it.

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Im currently preparing for this Christmas Eve and the Christmas day tomorrow. I actually have something I need to do here, so I came to visit Lillywood-san, but she seems to be busy with various things, so I told her that I would help out, even though I might not be that great of a help.

“I feel a little bit jealous. I mean, look, I…… The World Tree cant be decorated that easily……”

[Yeah, that certainly sounds difficult.]

The World Tree is too big to be decorated…… Just a single branch is as wide as four traffic lanes……

Lillywood-sans outfit is the same ethnic-style clothing like usual…… it kinda looks something like a poncho, but I like this outfit, because its just like Lillywood-san.

[Lillywood-san is more than pretty enough as you are.]

“……Please dont say things that would make me happy too much. Youre making me feel embarrassed……”

[Ahaha, but spending time with Lillywood-san like this is fun for me.]

“……Geez, you really are a weird person…… Im sure there will be lots of people who want to accompany you today and tomorrow…… and you want to spend Christmas with me……”

Lillywood-san moved away her face that had a slight blush on her cheeks, and the things in her hair that looked vibrant green leaves…… or rather, her hair that was really made of leaves folded together swayed with her movement.

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Perhaps, because Lillywood-san is a tree spirit, I feel like I can somehow relax when Im with her.

Its a little different from immersing oneself in the forest, as I think that its because of Lillywood-sans own gentle nature…… that Im comfortable around with her.

[Isnt it fine I like it like this anyway.]

“……You do know that I cant really accompany you that much, right”

[Its no problem. Im well aware that Lillywood-san is the star of the festival in this city. Its fun enough for me to meet Lillywood-san on your breaks like this.]

“…….You really are…… a troubling person, arent you……”

Even as she told me those words, Lillywood-sans voice was very gentle, and her jade-colored eyes, which were looking towards me, were very warm.

Finished with the decorations, the sun had set and bright light shone through the darkness of the night. The party had begun.

I was going to be staying at Lillywood-sans place today, and I am now sipping my tea as my gaze was out the window, looking at the bright lights of the city.

I could have attended the festival but…… if I were to join them, Im afraid that Ill cause trouble for the busy Lillywood-san, so Ill just stay here and wait for Lillywood-san to come back.

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Lillywood-san was the star of the festival, and as she was very busy every year at this time, I remember her saying “I dont think Ill be able to go home today, so please go to bed first” many times or something like that.

Its currently 9:00 pm…… If she were to come back, I think it would take about 3 hours I feel like its not a bad idea to relax and wait for someone like this every now and then, and with that in mind, I pull a book out of my Magic Box to pass the time and start reading.

After a while, around the time when the date was about to change, the festivities seemed to have died down and Lillywood-san returned.

Looking at me who is sitting in a chair, reading a book, Lillywood-san let out an astounded sigh.

“……Hahhh…… I had thought that this might be the case but…… Why are you still awake……”

[Welcome back, Lillywood-san. Good work out there.]

“……Yes. Im back. Im sorry to keep you waiting.”

[No, no, I was waiting for you because something I wanted to do……]

“Something you want to do”

As Lillywood-san tilted her head at my words, I handed her a corsage that resembles a flower that I took out of my magic box.

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[Merry Christmas, Lillywood-san.]


[I couldnt decide what would be a great gift, but I knew that flowers would look on Lillywood-san, so I went with this one.]

“Eh Ah, errr…… Thank you……”

After receiving my Christmas gift, the corsage, Lillywood-san looked surprised before she thanked me for the gift.

“Y- You waited…… to give this to me”


“……Seriously…… Im no match…… for you.”

With a resigned, yet very happy smile, Lillywood-san changed out of her half-buried to the tree form into her humanoid form, and wrapping her hands around my neck, she embraced me.

Lillywood-sans very large chest enveloped my head like a cushion, and I felt her tender happiness along with the gentle scent of wood.

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“……How troubling. I never expected that you would come see me today…… so, Im sorry. I wasnt able to prepare anything for you.”

[No, dont worry about it. I just wanted to give Lillywood-san my present for you……]

“……Yes. However, ummm…… This might not be enough of a substitute but……”


There, I heard her hesitate for a bit, before she hugged me tighter than before.

Remaining silent for a while as she held me in her embrace, Lillywood-san slowly and shyly spoke.

“……I made sure that Im quite free tomorrow so…… thats why, ummm……”


“Would it be no good…… if my present to Kaito-san…… is “me””

[Eh, y- you mean……]

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“……Please dont make me say anything more than this.”

[ ~ ~ ! Y- Yes.]

Im not so stupid as to not understand the meaning of those words.

Induced by her sweet, bewitching voice, I gently hug Lillywood-san back.

“Its just that in this present…… Theres a bit of a problem.”

[A problem]

“Yes. After all, this also gives me happiness…… So, I dont think it would be enough as a return gift.”

[……Fufu, no, thats not the case. To me, its really the best gift I could ever get.]

“……Is that so…… but at least, for today…… Let me be the one to lead you.”


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Spending Christmas with my beloved…… a really warm Christmas…… At least, for this night, the thought of being able to stay with Lillywood-san all the time naturally brought a smile to my face, and I felt my chest filled with happiness.

Whoa there, thats the last one of the Christmas chapters.

Serious-senpai: [Oi, you b*stard, stop with the sweet scams, author…… From beginning to end, arent all of them just making out with each other……]

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