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Night of the 24th, in the Heaven month. On Christmas Eve, I had come to a place in the Demon Realm.

Currently in front of me is a very cute Kuro in a red and white fluffy coat and a santa hat, instead of her usual black clothes.

Her red trousers are also high points, and I personally like her outfit a lot.

Its just my personal opinion, but if shes going to cosplay as Santa Claus, I prefer that she wear trousers rather than skirts.

The top is a slightly larger coat and the bottom is a pair of red half-pants…… The trousers are hidden by her coat, and the beautiful legs peeking out are a perfect example of her vivacity, which makes me feel happy just by looking at her.

Well, putting her cuteness aside, why am I being called to this place

[……Well then, Kaito-kun. This is where the Christmas Secret Mission starts!]


Whoa there, its been quite a while she did this, but Kuro started saying incomprehensible again…… Christmas Secret Mission Its long and hard to say, but I can understand that she wants to do something.

[Fufufu, you see, todays mission is……]

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[Ahh, before that, Kuro…… Your outfit really fits you, you look really cute.]

[Eh Really Ehehe, thanks.]

Im almost certain that Kuro would just swing me around again, so I immediately gave up on that. Since I didnt know what was going to happen, I thought Id give her a proper compliment while she still hadnt said what she wanted, so I told her what I thought.

Kuro chuckles happily at my words, before clearing her throat to regain her composure.

[……Erhem. Well then, this mission is…… just something simple. You have to go into my home with me, move to the dining room without anyone noticing…… Secure the target and come back without anyone noticing!]

[……Why bother with all that trouble……]

[Fufufu, I know about it, you know Theres that game based on an epic Christmas battle, where you go sneaking in homes, right! Lets do that!!!]


I have been expecting this, but it seems that she really got some weird knowledge from somewhere weird again.

Epic Christmas battle…… Is that some kind of movie As for sneaking in homes, she isnt talking about Santa Claus story, right

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Well, something like this is just like usual, and well be able to clear up any misunderstandings later, so for now, Ill just go along with Kuros game.

Well, it may seem strange to sneak into your own house, but it doesnt seem to matter to Kuro, as she seems to be quite lively while creeping along the walls of the wide hallway. Its great if shes enjoying herself.

[……However, theyll find out about what were doing soon enough, wont they]

[Its alright. Im using Recognition Inhibition Magic, Presence Concealment, and a Soundproofing Magic so they wont be able to tell…… Well, thats unless you get too close to them though.]

[……But in this path…… If someone comes in front of us, theres no place for us to hide……]


It seemed that she was quite preoccupied with that idea, that she didnt think that this is a game where you get a game over when you were caught once.

Well, were just playing around in the first place, so theres no need to think about it too much……

[I- Its alright. Its true that this is the area where everyones rooms are located but…… Everyones getting ready for the Christmas party today…..]


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Im sure of it now. This is what they called “raising a flag”, right…… That means that there will definitely be someone who will come.

As if to affirm my predictions, I hear faint footsteps and someones voice in the quiet hallway.

[Awawawa, w- w- what should we do! Someones coming!]

[……I dont know if I should say that it is to be expected or not but…… wait, Kuro What the heck are you—-]

[I- Its an emergency…… Sorry!]

As she announced this, Kuro reached out to a nearby door…… leading up to someones room.

Thereupon, along with the sound of a lock opening, Kuro held my hand and pulled me into that room.

[……Hey, Kuro]

[……What is it Kaito-kun]

[Wouldnt this end up like those tropes…… That pattern where people would come into this room]

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[……N- No wayyy~~]

My uneasy premonition became true once again, as the footsteps stopped in front of the room we were in, and I could hear the sound of a key entering the keyhole.

[ ! Kaito-kun!]

[Eh Uwaahhh!]

When Kuro heard the sound, she moved instantly, and with swift movements, she took me in her arms and jumped into a nearby closet…… Why the heck is she making things worse…… Isnt this the pattern where its impossible for us to get out

While I was thinking about this, I looked through a gap in the closet with Kuro to see what was going on in the room, and the door opened…… and Acht and Eva walked in. It seems that this is their room.

Im pretty sure I screamed pretty loudly before we went into the closet, but the Soundproofing Magic is firmly in effect, and the two of them dont seem to have noticed us.

[……However, where in the world did Kuromu-sama go]

[Wouldnt she be where Kaito is I cant think of any other reason for Kuromu-sama to “run away” from the party.]

Whoa there, did I just hear something strange right there I mean, it feels like I heard that the head of the castle seems to have run away from her own Christmas party……

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[……Oiiiii. Kuro]


[No, no, you cant just cutely smile right here…… What the heck are you doing!]

[I mean, Ive decided to spend Christmas with Kaito-kun…… And yet, they said they would start a big party…… And before I knew it, they already started preparations……]

……I was wondering why she was trying to sneak in without everyone noticing, but it seems that this Underworld King came to escape from the party in the first place.

But then, if thats the case, why is she coming back to the place she escaped from before

[Hey, Kuro I dont think I heard the details, but what exactly are we going to sneakily get]

[……My newest baby castella, I forgot to bring it with me……]

[……No, dont you think that going that far wouldnt be worth it]

[Eeehhhh, even though I went and made a “fried chicken”-flavored for today]

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[Unnn, lets stop trying to get it.]


No matter how I see it, that would be a punishment-type baby castella…… Moreover, since its Kuro were talking about here, she was probably quite fussy over it, so it would be a baby castella with real fried chicken meat in it or something like that, right Unnn, Ill never eat it.

For the time being though, my objective from now on would be to escape this room after Acht and Eva are gone……

[Hmmm, geez, whats with you, Acht. You just suddenly……]

[No, you see, weve been busy lately, and its been a while……]

[ [ ! ! ] ]

Oi, you two, why the heck are you two so committed with the tropes Geez, dont you know that sticking on the template too much is bad too……

Hearing their voices dyed in passion, I reflexively looked out of the closet…… and saw Acht and Eva hugging and kissing each other in perfect harmony.

[Awawa, w- w- what should we do!]

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[……Isnt this bad In that atmosphere, this obviously leads to……]

[K- Kaito-kun, dont look!]

[Eh! Wait, Kuro! If you move in such a narrow space, uwaaahhh!]

Acht and Eva, who I feel like theyre getting in the mood by kissing each other…… Just when I thought it would be bad if I continued looking, Kuro flusteredly tried covering my eyes.

However, were in a narrow closet, and were in a pretty tight position even before…… but thats when Kuro moved, and as if were slipping into the gap between us, our bodies were brought close to each other…… and I felt something soft on my hand.

[Hyaahhhh! K- K- Kaito-kun!]

[Ahhh, errr, this is……]

……Currently in front of me is a lovely girl in a Santa costume, and my hands are touching her breast.

Its too dimly lit to see clearly, but Kuros cheeks seem to be blushing red and shes impossibly cute.

……This is that, right Was this one of those times when its the women who are making the advances N- No, you see, its not like we can get out until Acht and Eva leaves anyway……

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[Ahnnn…… K- K- K- Kaito-kun…… Hnnn…… Fuaahhh……]


[Y- You cant…… Auu…… uuu…… N- Not in this place……]

[Im sorry, I dont think I can resist anymore……]

[Eeeehhhh! Ahhh……]

Each time my hand that was on her chest slightly moves, Kuro lets out a sexy moan, and along with our current situation, I felt passion that seemed to numb my mind.

This might really be bad…… I dont think I can stop. I need to somehow hold it down……

[……P- Please be gentle…… Okay]

[ ! ]

Why the heck did you oust me right through my weak spot! Its impossible already…… I cant stop anymore……

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[Acht-kuuuunn~~! Eva-saaaannn~~! Where are you~~!!! We need some help here~~!!!]

[ [ [ [ ! ! ] ] ] ]

Right at that moment, Raz-sans voice resounded, and Kuro and I, and of course, Acht and Evas bodies twitched.

It seems that she came to call Acht and Eva for some help in preparing for the party.

Acht and Eva hurriedly adjusted their appearance and left the room to talk with Raz-san, and at the same time, Kuro and I quickly escaped the room and ran out of the castle.

[Ahh, it turned into something big……]

[I think that everything that happened was Kuros fault though……]

[Hmmm, I guess I cant deny that.]

Somehow managing to get out of the castle, Kuro and I chuckled as we exchanged words with each other while we walked through the city filled with the Christmas mood.

I dont really feel like going back to the castle again to pick up that baby castella, and Kuro seems to want to stay with me rather than join the party, so we decided to proceed walking around the city.

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[……Well then, how about we go on a date]


After saying that, Kuro happily takes the hand I offered her and walks beside me, snuggling on my body.

Well, I dont know if I should say that it would also be quite busy when Im with Kuro or not, but its always fresh and isnt boring at all. However, even busy situations like this makes me feel very happy and Im having fun being with her.

[……Ahh, thats right! Kaito-kun.]


As Im feeling the happiness of being with Kuro, she suddenly raised her voice as if she thought about something, and tipping her toes, she whispered in my ear with a blush on her face.

[……Ummm…… Lets continue what were doing earlier…… after our date…… Okay]

[……Ahh, unnn.]

[T- Then, lets go!!!]

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[Eh Wait, Kuro, dont pull me too much……]

As if to hide her embarrassment, my beloved lover walks with a smile as bright as the sun while pulling my hand away.

Feeling the happiness of being able to spend Christmas together with her, but at the same time, feeling some anticipation for whats about to come, I continued walking slowly through the Christmas streets with Kuro.

[……By the way, Kuro. That situation we are in earlier…… Couldnt we easily get out of that if we just used Teleportation Magic]


Including the main story, this is the first time he rubbed someones breasts…… Kaito was still a proper adolescent man huh…… But, go explode.

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