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◆A note on reading the Extra Chapters◆

>The timeline is based on the assumption that the main story has ended.

>Each of them proceed on the premise that they are already lovers (except for S-Senpai).

>There will be spoilers.

The God Realm, Middle-level…… This is a place where only the Higher-level Gods and their direct subordinate Gods can live. All of the people who live here are of the highest level of competence among the divine race……

Within that middle-level, there was a Goddess.

Her white semi-short hair fluttered in the wind, and she was dressed in her favorite clothes…… clothing that was introduced from the other world called Sailor Uniform, and as her bluish-green eyes stared at the landscape…… she muttered.

[……All of you should just die.]

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[……Senpai, what in the world are you suddenly saying now]

When her subordinate, a lower-ranking Goddess called out to this Goddess who was holding her knees and muttering those words that sounded as if she was spitting them out, the Goddess looked at her subordinate with cold eyes and spoke.

[……Tell me what day it is today.]

[Its Christmas today, isnt it Its a festival that was introduced from the other world.]

[To hell with that Christmas! All of them are just freaking flirting!!! Its the festival from another world, right!!! Then, how is that related to our world!]

[Uwaahhh~~ What is with that inexplicable anger……]

Hearing her senpais words she spoke one after another, Kouhai muttered, with a dumbfounded look in her eyes.

[I mean, Im the High-ranking God who governs Diligence and Earnestness! Being in such a frivolous atmosphere where all they do is mess around……]

[No, isnt Senpai the Goddess that governs “Misfortune”……]

[No, I certainly also govern misfortune, but what I govern are “Disasters”!!!]

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[Aahh, thats why Senpai is always in a disaster huh……]

[S- Shaadddupppp!!! Or rather, what the heck is with your attitude towards your own superior……]

[Please dont worry. I properly look out for my attitude when I talk with my superiors other than Senpai…… I dont have any respect for Senpai after all.]


Hearing her kouhais words as if she was looking at trash, Senpai was dumbfounded, her eyes and mouth widened, and after a while, she looked taken aback.

[……N- No, you are my kouhai, right My subordinate, right]

[Yes. The fact that youre my Senpai is the biggest “stain” on my life.]

[Uwaaaahhhh! I freaking hate you!!!]

[Now, now, lets leave it at that, in the end, what do you want, trash……. pardon me, Senpai]

[Hey, didnt you just call me trash You perfectly said it, right]

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The emotional Senpai who changes her expression from one emotion after another, and the calm and sharp Kouhai…… Its a relationship that looks opposite from the eyes of the people who dont know them.

This is, in a sense, their usual conversation, but as a matter of fact, Senpai is a Goddess with quite a high level of power in the God Realm, and it is even said that her abilities are only inferior to the Supreme Gods.

Such a high-ranking God, one of the ten highest-ranking Gods in the God Realm, muttered in response to Kouhais question, as if she was holding back her anger.

[……You see, I. Im angry…… Its good that this frivolous world…… is at peace. However, its this peaces fault that the seriousness disappears. It makes me feel angry at those people who only have fluffiness in life.]

[I see…… So, what do you really mean]

[Even though Im the oldest person, just below the Supreme Gods themselves, Im all alone at Christmas…… while just about everyone is making out with each other!!!]

[……Arent you just being envious……]

As Senpai screams while tightly clenching her fists, Kouhai turns her gaze to her, a gaze so cold that its reaching absolute zero.

Yes, even after all the things she said, Senpai was just lonely because shes alone on Christmas…… Basically, shes a loner.

[All of this is because of “that guy”!!!]

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[That guy]

[Im talking about that otherworlder!!! Since that guy came, God of Time and Space-sama, the God of Fate-sama, and even God of Life-sama…… all of them look kinda happy, and he was even given permission to enter the Sanctuary, which Ive never been in! Ive only spoken to him a few times, and I heard hes been talking to God of Creation-sama! That guy is unfair!!! Its all his fault!!!]

[……Its refreshing seeing all these unjustified resentment youre making.]

Senpai brought up the topic about the only human, which every single God in the God Realm knows.

Although he is a human, he has been invited to the Sanctuary where only the Supreme Gods are allowed to enter, and he has received the blessings of the apex, Shallow Vernal, which is an unprecedented situation.

Looking at Senpai who was profoundly talking about her resentment towards the human….. Kaito, Kouhai lets out a sigh of amazement.

[Uuuhhhh…… Its all that guys fault, its all because that guy is making everyone happy……]

[I think what he did was terrific though……]

[Whose side are you on!]

[……No, Im the God who governs Love, so I can wholeheartedly say Im on the otherworlders side.]

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Hearing what her Kouhai resolutely said, Senpai was dumbfounded.

Looking at such a situation, Kouhai continues to speak in a heartfelt and troubled manner.

[……Well, if you dont like him that much, why dont Senpai just use your power to govern disasters and make his life disastrous]

[……Eh N- No, that is…… h- he would be pitiful then…… I shouldnt use my power like that……]

[Why are you acting like a good person in strangest areas……]

[W- Well, its all that otherworlders fault…… and even if I were to retaliate…… it would just be something like tripping on a pebble……]

[……Uwaahhh~~ Thats just on the level of a childs harassment.]

Muttering so as she stands up, Senpai draws a circle in the air with her finger.

Even if she doesnt seem like that at all, she has a very high level of power and can easily use Farsight Magic.

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The figure of Kaito is reflected in the drawn circle, and staring at Kaito, Senpai takes a few deep breaths before raising one hand.

[……A- Alright, take this! Receive my anger, trip over a pebble——–!]

However, the retribution coming from a strangely unjustified resentment never came to Kaito…… because a dimly, glowing knife was thrust before Senpais neck……

[…… You want to die]

[……I- Im sorry…… Phantasmal King……]

The Phantasmal King suddenly appeared and announced in a cold voice, and with tears in her eyes, Senpai retracted her hand.

After the Phantasmal King left, Senpai sulked, hugging her knees.

[……Thats not fair…… Using Phantasmal King-sama to fight back…… thats foul play……]

[……W- What are you going to do now, Senpai Are you stopping now]

[I- I wont stop! In this case, “I will go complain to him directly”!!!!]

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[……Complaining you say, what are you even going to say to him…… geh, shes already gone huh.]

Despite the fact that it all started in a completely unjustified resentment, Senpai still went to make a direct appeal to Kaito and disappeared.

Kouhai, who was left behind, moved her gaze to the Farsight Magic that Senpai left behind.

Thereupon, the scene where Senpai appears out of light in front of projected Kaito, and pointed at Kaito was projected.

However, Senpai on the screen, pointing at Kaito, stiffened, and even her mouth isnt moving at all.

[……Even though you have stranger anxiety, how the heck does she plan to complain]

Just as Kouhai muttered to herself, Senpai, projected from the Farsight magic, kept pointing at him, trying to say something several times, but stopped talking in the middle.

And of course, the other party, Kaito, is also confused by her actions and tilted his head at him in wonder.

[……Hmmm…… Ahhh, she started crying…… Where the heck did her pride as a High-ranking God go…… Uwaahhh~~ Shes just completely bursting out her anger, saying absurd complaints.]

Either she couldnt stand the silence without saying any words, or she couldnt complain in an orderly fashion because her resentment was unjustified in the first place, Senpai seemed to be sitting in front of Kaito, crying loudly and complaining incessantly to Kaito.

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[…….Arara, shes being comforted by the one she went to complain to…… Ahh, he gave her some snacks. Shes being completely treated as a child.]

Of course, while such unreasonable anger was directed at Kaito, even though he was puzzled, he cant ignore a crying woman because of her good-natured personality, and he seems to be trying to calm him down.

[……Unnn Theyre now moving places and sitting down on a bench…… and Senpai just started asking for life-consultations…… Why are you asking for life-consultations to the person you were complaining about……]

A short time later, Senpai went back to where Kouhai is…… with a somewhat refreshed expression on her face.

[……How was it Senpai]

[Unnn, he was a great guy…… When I told him that I dont like sweets, he gave me this snacks called rise krakers……]


Muttering happily, Senpai prepares a chair and begins to take a bit of the rice cracker while drinking tea.

Staring at such a Senpai with dumbfounded eyes, Kouhai slowly spoke.

[……In the end, what did you even go there for You just got fed by that human and came back here…… Senpai, youre too easy……]

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[Wha! T- Thats not it! This is only…… Y- Yes, this is just because I was compassionate!]


[Well, Im still a High-ranking Goddess. If that otherworlder bowed down to me, giving me such an offering, I guess I could let him off the hook for now~~! Its not like I was thinking that when I got a closer look at him, he was cooler than I thought or anything like that! Its not like he made my heart skip a beat when he was being kind to me or anything like that! Next time, Ill make that guy repent for what hes done so far!!!]


[W- Well, if I received his offering even though I didnt give him my blessing, it would affect my dignity as a Goddess…… W- Well, I guess it should be fine to give him my thanks for a bit…… I- Im a compassionate Goddess after all!!!]


After looking at Senpai, saying that with a faint blush on her cheeks, Kouhai stared at her with pure, warm eyes before letting out a big sigh.

[……Hahhh…… Well, it seems that Senpais problems have been solved, so Ill have to excuse myself as I have a party to attend at a gathering for lower-ranked Gods.]

[……Eh Whats that W- What about me]

[Senpai, arent you a High-ranking God]

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[……U- Uuuhhh……]

[Well then, excuse me.]

After saying so and bowing, Kouhai quickly left the place, while Senpai, who was left behind, slumped her shoulders.

However, Senpais suffering didnt end there, and soon after, another tragedy arrived again.

[……Whoa, youre just right in time!]

[Eh God of Fate-sama Is something the matter]

[Unnn…… Here, take this!]

[……What…… is this This mountain of documents……]

Fate, the God of Fate, Senpais direct superior, suddenly appeared, and placed a mountain of documents in front of Senpai with a grin.

Giving a thumbs up to Senpai, who is dumbfounded muttering as she looks at the documents that almost buried her body, Fate gives her a bright smile.

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[I will be attending a party at Kai-chans place! Do this job for me!]

[Ehh Eh Eeehhhh!]

[Then, Im counting on you~~!]

[W- Wait, God of Fate-sama!]

Then, Fate disappears, leaving only Senpai and the mountain of papers in its place.

With a dumbfounded expression on her face, Senpai shifts her gaze to the mountain of documents again…… and her body begins quivering.

[U- Uwaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Everyone, dieeeeeeeeee!!!]

On Christmas Eve…… The cry of a misfortunate Goddess echoed through the lonely atmosphere.

Mysterious Goddess, S-Senpai…… This hopeless state…… Who in the world is she……

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