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The 7th Day of the Wind month. Im not sure if its because of my 23rd birthday, but the servants have been busily moving around the mansion since early morning…… Glancing out the window of my room, I saw an outrageous number of people, crowding in front of the gate of the mansion.

Its obvious that theyre mostly envoys of the nobility, gathering to congratulate me, even if its just a single word of congratulations…… which is making my head ache.

A few days back at a party in the royal palace, I received a Supreme Gods blessing which is the first time in the history of the Human Realm.

I now hold the power that can already be called as an authority, currently making me the noble in the Symphonia Kingdom with the most powerful voice.

Of course, Im not just going to indiscriminately use Chronois-samas name…… Even if I didnt make use of Chronois-samas name to make a statement though, I would still appear to the other nobles as Chronois-samas messenger.

Thats why Ive received dozens of invitations to tea parties and other events since that party.

Most of them have been disposed of by Luna, but since nobles are basically beings with thick skins, the number of letters I received havent decreased at all.

In this respect, I really envy Kaito-san.

Kaito-sans existence is now a well-known fact to the nobles…… but at the same time, he is known as someone that should never be carelessly come in contact with.

In the past, many nobles wrote to Kaito-san, but now, there are almost no letters from them…… They only occasionally send him modest invitations to tea parties and the likes.

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The reason is really simple and clear…… Kaito-san is connected with Phantasmal King-sama……

Luna is also pretty good, and shes been very helpful in turning down the invitations but….. the Phantasmal King-sama is on another level.

In the first place, the Phantasmal King wouldnt even let you send a letter…… Since she wouldnt allow any beings that were harmful to Kaito-san to approach him, the Phantasmal King stops the letters that were being sent to Kaito-san.

From what I heard from hearsays…… It seems that anyone who tries to send a letter to Kaito-san will receive a warning letter from the Phantasmal King beforehand.

The contents of the said letters are that if they try to interact with Kaito-san for their personal gain, she wont guarantee your life…… Yes, if the Phantasmal King, who has the worlds largest and best information network, gives such a warning, no one would dare to disobey.

Truly, Kaito-san is one outrageous being……

Thinking back, Kaito-san was different from Aoi-san and Hina-san from the first time I saw him.

Fufufu, come to think of it, the first words we exchanged with each other were “Can you keep quiet for a bit”. I was surprised when I heard him say that to me.

However, although there was such an incident, my impression was that he was just a commoner who should be protected.

However, that impression was smashed to pieces within a month of Kaito-sans arrival here.

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At any rate, he far exceeded my expectations in the blink of an eye.

Underworld King-sama took a liking to him, Death King-sama fell in love with him at first sight, and he received the God of Creations blessing…… This happened in just a month, you know Geez, he really is a monster.

After that, Kaito-sans rapid progress didnt stop. He met the World King-sama, brought the God of Fate back home, won a drinking contest against War King-sama, was given his own scales by Dragon King-sama, and finally took Phantom King-sama under his command.

Yes, now that I think about it again, it still doesnt make any sense…… Hes completely outside the scope of common sense.

Thanks to this, Ive been in the middle of mayhem for almost half a year now, not having any chance to breathe…… In the past 5-6 months, Ive taken a lifetime worth of stomach pills. I wish he would take it a little easier.

if I simply wanted no part of such mayhem, I would have distanced myself from him, not getting involved with him anymore…… but the really troubling thing is that I cant dislike Kaito-san.

Kaito-san is truly a strange person. He isnt some stuck-up noble, nor does he sophisticatedly brandish his authority, hes just straightforward, sincere, and kind……. His personality attracts and changes many people.

Sieg, Luna, me, and the servants of the mansion…… All of us are changing because of Kaito-sans influence.

And those changes arent in a bad way, as there are more smiles than ever before, and the whole mansion is filled with warmth and happiness…… I really feel that Kaito-san is amazing.

Kaito-san has done so many miracles for me. He repaired my strained relationship with Sieg, helped me regain Siegs voice and smile, and helped me settle my past, which was another long-cherished wish of mine.

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Such a strange and kind man makes me feel confused with all the surprises he has, but he also brings me lots of happiness……

It may have been inevitable…… that I fell in love…… with such a Kaito-san.

Since that party, Ive been completely aware of my feelings for Kaito-san, and because of that, Ive been unable to look at him well.

For me to feel first love at the age of 23…… Even though Im talking about myself, it looks really shameful.

I should probably cut it out and stop running away, right…… Its about time I prepare myself and show my courage…… I have to tell Kaito-san how I feel about him……

However, Kaito-san has been acting a little strange lately, and Im very concerned about that.

He looked exhausted and tired, looking like hes extremely sleepy, is what I thought, but in the next moment, he would suddenly look lively…… Just as I was thinking of asking him why he was like that for the past few days, Kaito-san would eat breakfast and then, go straight to taking care of Bell and Lynn immediately, and then, he would hold himself up in his room after he goes back home, so I havent found the timing to…… No, that was probably just an excuse.

There are plenty of times where I could have asked if I wanted to, but I was just too embarrassed to have a proper conversation with Kaito-san…… Lets stop running away.

Today is my birthday, and I intend to have a small celebration with just the people in the mansion. Of course, Kaito-san will be there too…… is what I think. I- If he doesnt come…… I- I might cry.

When I reached the dining room where my birthday party was to be held, I loitered around in front of the door.

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In my head, I was recalling the words Luna told me about how “I have been so cold to him that Kaito-san got sick”.

Of course, I never intended to do such a thing…… and I also dont know what Kaito-san thinks…… I may have already been disliked by him……

As these thoughts come to my mind, I feel my body tremble…… Putting my hand on the door and slowly opened it, wishing that Kaito-san was here.

[……Eh A- Arehh]

When I opened the door, what I saw was different from what I had expected…… No, Ive already expected that the room was gorgeously decorated but……

[W- W- Why…… is Kaito-san “alone” here]

[……Im sorry. I actually asked Lunamaria-san to tell Lilia-san that the party is one hour earlier.]

[E- Ehhh!]

Yes, none of the many servants, Luna, Sieg, Aoi-san, and Hina-san were in the room…… Kaito-san was waiting for me alone.

After he bowed at the surprised me, Kaito-san told me that he had asked the others for me to be in this situation.

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The time that was told to me was 1 hour earlier W- Why did he…….

[U- Ummm, K- Kaito-san]

Confused by the sudden situation, I look at Kaito-sans face, which has a serious expression on it.

H- His usual kind expression makes me feel relieved…… but his serious expression looks dignified…… wait, what the heck am I thinking about!

[……Lilia-san, I need to talk to you about something.]

[Eh Ah, errr……]

When I look at Kaito-sans face, my body heats up and I cant speak well.

Kaito-san said he wanted to talk to me about something…… C- Could it be about what has happened recently Hes come to complain……

I- I certainly felt like I was blatantly avoiding Kaito-san…… I- Its natural that he would be angry.

I- I need to apologize……

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[First, Ill cut to the chase.]

[Ahh, t- that is…… M- My apolo……]

[I love you, Lilia-san.]

[……gies…… Ehh]

A- Arehh H- Have my ears gone crazy I think I just heard love…… or something like that earlier.

Y- Yes, this must have been because of extreme nervousness and stress that Im hearing auditory hallucinations! Good grief, thats really pathetic of me…… I havent even known love for a long time, and I guess Ive developed a habit of having delusions even now that Ive become an adult.

This really is no good, me…… Come to think of it, I feel like I havent taken a vacation in a long time.

When this birthday party ends, lets go get myself about three days off to get myself together……


[Eh Ahh, Im sorry! I didnt hear you……]

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[Errr, like I said…… I love you, Lilia-san. As a man to a woman, that is.]


At that moment, my mind completely went blank.

And thus, after this one night…… I never expected that my relationship with Kaito-san would drastically change at this time.

The unexpected Lilias point of view chapter.

Kaito makes a preemptive attack!

Lilia becomes confused.

Lilia is confused. She hurt herself in her confusion.

Lilia becomes smitten.

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Serious-senpai: [……Lilia takes three days off after her birthday…… Kaito takes at least three days off after Lilias birthday…… Ahh…… T- This is no good already…… Shes done for……]

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