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With the exit of the Frontier Count and the Viscount, the assembly hall became buzzing again as Ryze-san announced that the party had finally commenced.

Chronois-san also told them that she wont participate in the party, but she will stay here until its over, making the people within the assembly hall very excited.

Its rare for the Supreme God, Chronois-san, to visit the Human Realm outside of the Festival of Heroes…… Unnn, rare…… is what it should have been.

Because of the fact that weve met so many times, I dont really get that impression at all, but for the rest of the people here, its as if a tremendous celebrity showed up at a country-sponsored party. It would make it seem like the future of this country is in safe hands now.

As the party begins, we hear a beautiful performance, and at that moment, Lilia-san grabs my hand and hurriedly pulls me away.

[Kaito-san! Please “dance” with me.]

[Eh Eeehhh! Wait, Lilia-san I dont know anything about dancing at all……]

[Its alright. Ill be taking the lead.]

For some reason, Lilia-san seemed to be in a hurry, as she vigorously pushed me to move and start dancing with her.

Of course, since I have no experience in ballroom dancing at all, it isnt a surprise that I cant dance at all, but Lilia-san seems to be a good dancer, slowly dancing for me, who isnt used to dancing, so even though I was dancing awkwardly, I still somehow managed to follow her lead.

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With Lilia-sans instruction, my hand was placed over Lilia-sans waist, conveyed how slender and soft it is, and the fact that they were almost close together made Lilia-san look awfully clear.

Her glittering golden hair, her sapphire eyes…… The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty who looks like a princess out of the story…… No, well, shes actually a former princess…… Anyway, theres no reason not to be nervous about being in close contact with such a beautiful woman.

However, why did she suddenly decide to dance with me Its true that there would be ballroom dances in noble parties but……

It seems like Lilia-san is dancing on the same steps as mine, so since I think we would have enough composure to talk for a bit, so I nervously called out to her.

[U- Ummm, Lilia-san]

[……T- That was close. Thank goodness Kaito-san was close by.]


[We were almost surrounded by the nobles all over the assembly hall.]


Hearing Lilia-sans murmur, the questions I had earlier are resolved.

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Lilia-san is someone who received the True Blessing from the Supreme God, Chronois-san…… She is someone who can be said to have accomplished something that is first ever in the history of the Humans, making her truly the woman of the hour.

That being the case, the other nobles would naturally rush to Lilia-sans side. If they were to interact with Lilia-san, it would lead to having some sort of connection to the Supreme God as well……

I see, thats why Lilia-san was in a hurry to start dancing with me…… Since the person shes dancing with cant be approached by the other nobles, so she can somehow adjust her situation.

[……Kaito-san, Im sorry. Im going to have to ask you to keep dancing for a few more songs…… Near the exit of the assembly hall…… I want to tell Luna and Sieg as soon as possible, so Ill leave for a bit.]

[I understand.]

[Ill be back after about half an hour or so, and then, lets go talk with Amalie. So, it would be helpful if you would stay near the entrance of the assembly hall.]

[Roger that.]

We couldnt just come to Amalies birthday party and leave without congratulating her.

There was an option to leave the assembly hall with Lilia-san but…… I guess that wouldnt be a good idea.

If its just Lilia-san, she can play nice and spread it around as such, but I cant do that kind of thing.

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Well, Im not sure Im comfortable with the idea of being left here…… If push comes to shove, I can hang out with her Majesty, the Emperor who has been waving at me out of the corner of my eye……

I continued dancing with Lilia-san for a few songs, walking a bit and after we reached the entrance, the song that was currently playing was coming to an end right at that moment.

Thereupon, Lilia-san spoke to me with a gentle smile on her face.

[……Kaito-san, Thank you so much.]


[Since you came to this world, since you let me meet Chronois-sama…… Ive finally been able to settle my past.]

[No, that is……]

Im not saying I personally didnt do anything. but if the burden on Lilia-sans shoulders has been lifted a bit, Im really glad.

Then, at the end of the song, the sound of the instruments echoed loudly in the finale, and the moment the other participants and my eyes moved to the orchestra…… I felt something soft touch my cheek.


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Understanding that it was Lilia-sans lips, I looked back at her, stunned…… But while I was surprised, Lilia-san took her hand away and headed towards the door, and just before she opened it, she turned around and smiled at me.

[Im really happy to have met you…… If we have the chance, lets dance together again.]

[……Huh Eh]

And so, Lilia-san walked out of the hall, leaving me not completely caught up in my thoughts, and I, who was left behind, put my hand on my cheek as if to check the feeling that was lingering on my cheek, staring at the direction where Lilia-san had left, dumbfounded.

Dear Mom, Dad——- The first ballroom dance in my life was somewhat new to me, and I was terribly nervous because my dancing partner was Lilia-san. However, a shocking development was waiting for me at the end. My thoughts havent really caught up with the situation yet, but just now, Im sure——- Did I just got kissed by Lilia-san

Lilia comes to Lunamaria and Sieglinde, who were waiting outside the venue, a little further away from the entrance, with her face down.

[Lili, great job in there.]

[We saw those nobles being taken away…… You finally did it, My Lady!]

When they see Lilia, they both ran up to her, happy that she has accomplished her long-cherished dream, but for some reason, Lilia still held her head down and doesnt respond.


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[……My Lady]

In front of the two people who tilt their heads at the situation, Lilia wordlessly stepped forward…… and immediately hit her head on a nearby wall.

[M- My Lady]

[…… (Ahh… Aaaahhhhh…… W- What did I j- just do! W- W- W- Why did I just……)]

Not replying to Lunamaria-sans words of concern, she put her hand to lean against the wall she just hit her head on to.

[……(Something thats been bothering me for a long time has been resolved, and thats thanks to Kaito-san, and when I was dancing with Kaito-san, I felt so happy and blessed…… Aaaahhhhhh! W- What should I do!)]

[E- Errr, Lili Are you alright]

Sieglined tried calling out to her with the same concern, but Lilia still doesnt seem to have heard her and just held her head in her hands.

[…… (H- He must have thought Im a strange woman…… O- Or rather, for me to do such a thing…… What kind of face could I even have when I meet him later)]

[Wait! My Lady!]

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Immediately after, Lilia started banging her head against the wall repeatedly, and Lunamaria and Sieglinde were slightly frightened by the situation, so they hurriedly called out to her.

[…… (Theres no way I can meet him again now! I mean, I cant even look at Kaito-sans face anymore!!! Aaaahhhh, Im an idiot!!!)]

[……M- My Lady…… I- If you keep doing that…… Its going to break, “the wall is”……]

Lunamaria called out in fear, worried about the wall where Lilia had hit her head so many times…… Before Lilia-san finally turns to her, her face bright red and a tearful expression on her face.

[Luna…… Sieg…… I feel…… so embarrassed…… that I want to die. What on earth am I going to do!]

[Im very sorry, but I have no idea whats going on at all.]

[Same here……]

After drawing near to Lilia, who looked completely confused, Lunamaria and Sieglinde exchanged glances for a moment and tilted their heads, and began trying to somehow calm Lilia down.

The Frontier Count and the Viscount whose former crimes had been exposed to the public, had been immediately taken into custody by King Ryzes instructions and taken away by the knights.

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They will be left in prison temporarily to wait for judgment…… Is how it should have been, but for some reason, the knights didnt bring the two men to the prison, but moved to the courtyard of the royal palace.

[……W- Why are we led here……]

[W- What the heck are you planning]

There wasnt even a single soul in the courtyard where they arrived, and the moon in the night sky gave them an unusually quiet and eerie feeling, so they felt agitated and asked the knights…… but the reply came back from elsewhere.

[I made them bring you here, you know…… Its written in the scenario after all.

[ [ ! ] ]

In the darkness of the night, a high-pitched voice rang out, and a being dressed in jet-black robes appeared in front of them.

[……P- Phantasmal King……]

[……No Face-sama]

At the appearance of the Phantasmal King, No Face, the faces of the Frontier Count and the Viscount are colored with despair.

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The reason for this is simple…… The Phantasmal King is someone who doesnt allow the existence of someone she deems as an obstacle to the world…… and will mercilessly erase them. That is to say, the fact that the Phantasmal King appeared in front of them makes it frighteningly clear what will happen to their future.

[……Whether its Kaito-san and Duchess Lilia, they are both kind, arent they~~ They just exposed your crime and left the rest for the country to judge…… Well, if you ask me, thats quite naive of them…… I also like Kaito-sans naiveness and simplicity, so thats exactly why I wrote them such a scenario…… However, I added some details in the ending.]

[……Ahhh, ahhh……]

[Resenting Kaito-san and getting revenge on him…… Thinking about that, wouldnt that be troublesome…… Thats why, you know, wouldnt it be quicker if I just kill you both here]

Saying that with a chillingly cold voice, No Face pulls out a dagger, reflecting the moonlight.

Just a little swing, just a gentle brush, and their lives would have been over…… but the dagger was never waved at them.

Because before she could do that, a new shadow appeared and stood in between the Phantasmal King and the two of them.

[……What do you mean by that Kuro-san]

[You cant do that…… Kaito-kun doesnt want such a thing.]

[I know that…… However, even if theres just a measly 1% chance that they would harm Kaito-san, I will never overlook it. Even if they say that they wont deal him any harm…… I dont care.]

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[Im not saying that you have to overlook them. However, you cant kill them…… If that happens, Im sure Kaito-kun will feel responsible.]


Suddenly appearing and glaring at each other, the Phantasmal King and the Underworld King…… The Frontier Count and the Viscount are so confused by the situation that they cant even say a word.

Hearing Kuromueinas words, No Face was silent for a while…… before she slowly lowered her dagger.

[……I understand. However, so that they wouldnt even think of opposing us, I will show them hell. Is that alright]


[ [ ! ] ]

As soon as she muttered that, a glowing purple magic orb floated above No Faces hand and she moved it in front of the two nobles.

[……Nightmare Fortune.]

[ [ ! ! ] ]

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In the next moment, the magic orb shot out an intense light several times and instantly reaped the consciousness of the two men.

What No Face used is magic that shows nightmares…… From this, every time they sleep, the two nobles will continue to have nightmares just as if they were before a bottomless darkness.

As she watched the Frontier Count and the Viscount tumbled down, the knights who had been waiting by the side carried them and started bringing them to the prison, No Face coldly muttered.

[What youll face if you turn your resentment to Kaito-san and Duchess Lilia…… Please study carefully in your dreams. For the time being, Ive prepared about 1000 different ways for you to enjoy your destruction in a thousand ways……]


[Youre really relentless….. Wouldnt they be afraid of sleeping and have a mental breakdown]

[I dunno When it happens, it happens…… Also, Ive always said this, but Kuro-san, youre just being naive. Well, I like that kind of naivety in you too but…… I have no intention of being naive myself.]

After answering Kuromueinas words, No Face turns away and starts walking towards the exit of the courtyard.

[I will not allow the possibility of harm to come to my most beloved. If I just leave them alone and wait for something to happen, such thoughts would be too late by then. I will deal with them before such a thing happens. If its necessary, I will kill then, not overlooking even the single thorn…… Its that simple.]

[……Shalltear…… Youre getting back to your old tone, you know]

[……Arya Excuse me…… It looks like I got unusually passionate~~]

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Jokingly saying that, the Phantasmal King, clothed in deep darkness, melted away in the darkness of the night, before quietly muttering a whisper that didnt reach anyones ears.

[……I dont want that to happen anymore…… For my loved ones to die and Im the only one left again…… I wont let go of Kaito-san…… If needs be…… Even this world…… I will destroy it.]

: [Alice is a beautiful girl, wrapped in a lot of mystery. Her popularity is skyrocketing and everyone couldnt wait to see her! Im also looking forward to Alice-chans arc! I mean, what the heck happened to the fancy dinner date with m— Alice-chan Theres no way that he had forgotten, right]

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