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An area raised from the level of the wide assembly hall. Thats where Ryze-san, the King, and Amalie-san, the leading actress of this party, appeared.

Their indicates that the party will soon begin, and a whisper that resounded in my ears confirmed it.

[Its going to start huh~~]

[……Alice Where are you]

[Im just around the corner. I would cause quite the ruckus though, so I didnt show myself.]

I can hear Alices voice…… but I cant see her.

However, maybe its because I dont know the details of the scenario, Im somehow feeling pretty anxious right now, so its really reassuring to know that Alice is nearby.

[Well, please dont worry…… “About 20% of the attendees” are under my control. Im well prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, you know]

[……I see, thats very reassuring.]

[Well then, if you need anything else, just let me know.]

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Saying that, Alices voice disappears. Probably staying silent for a moment as the party is about to begin.

But still…… 20% of the people in this assembly hall are under her control Seriously, thinking about it again, Alice is actually one of the most outrageous beings in this world huh. For her to even have her roots within the pillar of the country like this……

I can somewhat understand the reason why the Phantasmal King is feared by others. Perhaps, they were thinking that Alice…… the Phantasmal King, No face, is a being that should never be antagonized in this world.

As one of the Six Kings, she has the power to shake the heavens and earth…… isnt the reason, as the greatest threat are her subordinates.

Because antagonizing Alice…… means antagonizing her countless subordinates around the world.

That means that they would be exposed to the horror of suddenly having their own head cut off by their most trusted confidant, or even their own beloved family.

I dont know if I should say that its to be expected from her or not, but I guess Alice really is the most frightening one among the Six Kings.

Ahh, while I was thinking about this, Ryze-san looked around the hall while standing on the stage and slowly spoke.

[I would like to thank everyone for coming here today to celebrate my daughter, Amalies birthday. Im glad to see so many faces, and Im happy to see the strength of the unity of our Symphonia Kingdom once again.]

The majestic and confident tone of voice, and the fact that he uses “I” (餘/Yo) rather than “I” (私/Watashi) that he often used in private, made me realize once again that Ryze-san is a king.

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Ryze-san then began talking about the country for a while, before ending his speech with a small smile on his face.

[……Well then, hoping that this day will be a good memory for everyone, this is where I end my speech.]

Saying that, Ryze-san takes a step back, and this days leading actress Amalie-san steps forward.

Amalie-san slowly looked around at the nobles gathered in the hall, and after blinking once, she spoke with a dignified expression on his face.

[Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for taking the time to attend today. Although I am still a young woman who has just turned 20, I intend to be as passionate about our country as everyone. As I will be the future leader of our country. I hope to join hands with all of you here and contribute to the development of our Kingdom of Symphonia.]

She also made a magnificent and splendid speech…… I cant believe shes younger than me. I dont know if I should say that its to be expected from royalty or not, but the way she speaks on the stage looks very picturesque and cool.

Just like Ryze-san, Amalie-san talked about the country for a while before she concluded her words. She was about to announce the start of the party, but at that moment, Lilia-san raised her hand.

[What is it Duchess Albert]

[……His Majesty, the King, Her Highness, the Princess…… First of all, I apologize for my rudeness at the celebration. I would like to take this opportunity to ask your permission to speak on something I would like to say.]

[Something that you really need to speak on such an important occasion…… I assume that it would be quite an important one]

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[I understand. Duchess Albert…… You have my permission to speak.]

After Lilia-san raised her hand, she got down on one knee and asked for permission to speak, Amalie-san replied to her in a slightly cold voice.

Although the two of them are close, it seems that in an official venue, they need to only talk to each other befitting of their social status, as the First Princess and the Duchess, and they exchanged words with each other in a stiff tone of voice.

When Amalie-san told her that she was allowed to speak, Lilia-san deeply bows her head once and then stands up.

[……In this gathering of so many people who are responsible for their own countries, I just want to make something clear to the public…… There are those in this room who will draw their bows to their own beloved country.]

Hearing Lilia-sans calm, yet powerful words, the surroundings fell silent, as if they were suddenly splashed with water.

Well, that should be obvious…… Because what Lilia-san just said is that there are traitors in this country……

[…..Thats something I cant just calmly hear about, Duchess Albert. If that really was the case, it would be quite a disappointment…… Before all these people, if what you said is just a misunderstanding…… I will not let you easily get away with it, you understand]

[Im ready for that. May I give out their names]

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[……Say it.]

Like Amalie-san, Ryze-san also spoke in a very solemn tone, to which Lilia-san responded to him with a serious expression on her face…… before announcing the names of two nobles. The people that Alice investigated…… a Count and a Viscount that were sent to the frontiers……

At that moment, the quiet assembly hall suddenly became noisy. That should be obvious why, as from the information Ive heard so far, those two nobles hold quite the authority, and thus, many of them must have interacted with each other.

Of the two who were mentioned, a man dressed in a more lavish costume…… Probably the Count, spoke.

[My, oh my, what a surprise, this is…… I have served this country for a long time. And you think Im rebelling against the country Id certainly like to hear it…… Where youre basing those thoughts from.]

[Umu…… Everyone, be quiet. Duchess Albert. Speak, what have these two men done]


The Frontier Count and the Viscount still currently looked quite carefree. Both of them must be confident that they didnt leave any trail behind.

As a tense atmosphere dominated the hall, Lilia-san didnt waver and continued to speak.

[Your Majesty, the King, do you remember the incident that struck the Second Division of the Knights Order four years ago]

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[Umu, I remember the tragic event where a miscommunication nearly destroyed the division and many people were injured, though thankfully, none of them were killed. Moreover, I do remember…… that you were the Divisional Commander at that time.]

[Yes. There were many who put down their swords and left the Knights Order because of that incident. With all due respect, let me ask you something. Your Majesty, the King…… What if the incident was orchestrated by someone]


With those words, the surroundings became noisy again, and Ryze-san had to tell them to be quiet again.

Thereupon, as the silence has fallen again, Lilia-san spoke.

[The Knights Orders are the guardian of our country, protector of our people. The countrys sword and shield…… And to spread false information to that Knights Order and put them in a predicament…… I consider it an unforgivable crime.]

[……It certainly is. Doing such an act is nothing short of treasonous to the country.]

[I see…… That is to say, what Duchess Albert is trying to say is that the two of us have committed such crimes…… Good gracious, how dreadful. And The brilliant Duchess Albert…… obviously wouldnt make such an accusation without any evidence, right]

Hearing Lilia-san and Ryze-sans conversation, the Frontier Count and the Viscount exaggeratedly held their heads and announced with creepy smiles on their faces.

They seem to be expecting that she held no proof at all, and how should I say this… Looking at them pisses me off.

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However, I clamped my irritation down when I heard Lilia-sans next words.

[Yes, I obviously do.]


[Your Majesty, the King, please look at these. These are the information that has been swapped, the tools that were used to prepare it, the paper that had typographical errors, the reports of their actions over the past few days…… and the people who were involved in its execution, which have now been secured by us.]

[ [ Wha! ] ]

I guess they didnt expect this much evidence to pop up, as both the Frontier Count and the Viscount are astonished. The carefree expression they had changed, and their faces turned pale.

Receiving the evidence from Lilia-san, Ryze-san looked through each one of them before looking at the two nobles.

[……I see, this would certainly be sufficient evidence…… The both of you, any words youd like to say]

[Ahh…… No, that is……]

[T- That is….. ummm……]

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Receiving Ryze-sans sharp glare, the Frontier Count and the Viscount turned pale and they began sweating like a waterfall.

In this situation, they only have two options left…… One is to uprightly admit their sins…… The second is…… Resolutely not admit their sins and try to talk their way out……

[T- Those are forgeries! W- We have done no such thing!!!]

[Thats right! Its just a conspiracy to undermine us!]

And it seems that they chose the latter huh…… For them to admit their sins here, in this place where all the nobles of varying countries are gathered, it will definitely bring their ruin. Theyre going to persistently not admit their sins.

In this case, it would just turn into an unsightly mud-slinging argument. I feel like the blaming game is about to begin but…… It seems like that wouldnt happen.

As if to cut through the atmosphere created by the Frontier Count and the Viscounts clamoring, the doors of the hall were vigorously opened, and a certain being appeared, wearing an overwhelming presence and magical power.

[……I will be intruding.]

[T- This is G- Goddess of Time-sama!]

The one who opened the door and appeared was the Goddess who governs time…… Chronois-san.

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The unexpected appearance of the Supreme Goddess immediately filled the assembly hall with astonishment.

In that noisy room, Chronois-san leisurely walked and moved in front of Ryze-san.

[Symphonia King. Im sorry for the sudden visit…… but may I borrow this occasion for a moment]

[O- Of course.]

[Umu, I thank you.]

After declaring in a dignified tone that she was going to borrow this occasion, and nodding her head when she saw Ryze-sans approval, Chronois-san slowly moved in front of Lilia-san and spoke.

[Lilia Albert…… We will now conduct your “True Blessing”.]

[Yes…… Its a tremendous honor.]

The words that Chronois-san declared caused the assembly hall the most astonishment of the day.

The True Blessing of the Supreme God…… That is certainly an unprecedented incident among the unprecedented incidents…… Its a situation that gives anyone astonishment.

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In the midst of the commotion, Chronois-san quietly waved her hand in response to the buzzing surrounding. Thereupon, the noisy people shut their mouths at once and the hall was once again filled with silence.

[By my name——- By the name of Chronois——– I tell the perpetual time.]

As her overwhelming presence befell on everyone, Chronois-sans voice resounded in the silent room.

[That this person——— Lilia Albert———- is one I acknowledge worthy of my blessing.]

Her resounding voice is solemn, and every word reaching my ears are filled with certainty and power.

[Therefore——— By my name——— By the name of Chronois——— I command the time.]

A dazzling light dances around Lilia, who had dropped down on her knees with her lowered, converging on Lilia-sans body.

[Oh, Perpetual Time——— Protect this being and lead her to the dazzling future——- By my name——- By the name of Chronois——– That this ones name——– That the name of Lilia Albert——– As the one I bestowed my blessings——— To be inscribed in time——– in conjunction with my name.]

So much light gathered on Lilia-sans body that she couldnt keep her eyes open, until she ended it with her closing words.

[I grant upon you——– the blessing of time.]

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With those words, all the light is sucked into Lilia-sans body and her blessing is completed.

Then, as Lilia-san slowly looks up, Chronois-san quietly spoke.

[Lilia Albert.]


[From now on, you are now under my divine protection…… And from this time forward, I give you permission to speak in my name.]

[Hahh! I respectfully received it!!!]

Reaching this point, I can somehow understand now what scenario Alice had written.

Right now, Lilia-san was given an absolute trump card, namely the Supreme God, Chronois-san.

Then, Lilia-san slowly stood up and exercised the trump card she was given to the Frontier Count and the Viscount, who had currently stiffened with their face ghastly pale.

[……In the name of the God of Time and Space, Chronois-sama, I ask of you. Your crimes that I have declared, they were true, werent they]

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If this happens, theres no way they can escape.

Lilia-san asked using Chronois-sans name. Answering this question falsely would be an act equivalent to turning their blade on the Supreme God, Chronois-san.


The Frontier Count and the Viscount, with faces that already went passed pale and turned white, kneeled down in front of Lilia-san and bowed their heads.


[……Its true.]

With trembling bodies, they hung their heads and admitted their sins.

This admission will be recognized by the nobles gathered here, and by the Supreme God, Chronois-san, and will be exposed as a sin that they cant overturn.

Seeing this, Lilia-san deeply exhaled, as if the burden she held on her shoulders disappeared, before she turned to me and smiled.

Dear Mom, Dad——- The fated battle between Lilia-san and the two nobles occurred. The result——– It ended with Lilia-sans complete victory.

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She already won right from the start.

By the way, the reason why the Frontier Count and Viscount dont have names is because of the hidden rule that all named characters are good people.

In addition, starting from the next chapter, a sweetness front is expected to arrive in the readers homes, so please expect that it will be raining lemon drops and gum drops.

Serious-senpai: [……I guess Ill make a teru-teru bozu.]

T/N: Lilia-san Daishouri~!!!



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