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Kuro, who came to stop Fate-sans rampage…… and beat her up, leaving after making Fate-san look like a rag, and Alice disappeared as well.

Fate-san, who looked like she was tragically torn apart, was lying on her stomach in front of Chronois-san and I.

[……Im sorry I was born.]


Shes already in tatters…… Well, since its Fate-san, I bet she will become lively again……

Thereupon, Chronois-san looks at Fate-san and lets out a sigh before turning to me.

[Now then, lets head to God of Lifes temple next.]

[……Wait…… God of Time and Space You have no reaction Ignoring me when Im in this state]

[Unnn Just go do your job.]

[Wait right there! Im coming with you!!!]

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Hearing Chronois-san amazedly tell her that, Fate-san quickly gets up and declares…… She became lively really quickly huh.

[Its not like we would need more people just to show him around.]

[Aaaahhhh! Youre just trying to get Kai-chan all to yourself, and you see the chance, youre planning to become his fourth lover!!!]

[Like heck thats the case! You fool!!!]

[Anyway, Im still coming with you! I wont do my job! Yes, its already decided!!!]


Completely returning to her usual tune, Fate-san lightly shakes her finger and making a cushion out of nowhere. Fluttering on her cushion, she follows me and Chronois-san.

It seems that Chronois-san knows that persuasion is impossible when it comes to this kind of situation, as they have known each other for a long time, so she just lets out a big sigh again, her shoulders drooping down.

[……However, you see that. The Underworld King is scary…… She beat me up until Im on the brink of dying, and after completely healing me, she beat me up again…… Shes a demon……]

[How many times did she heal you]

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[……48 times…… Halfway through, I was beginning to think that she should just kill me……]

[You reap what you sow though……]

It seems that Kuro was quite angry, as she beat her so much that it feels more like torture.

Well, she did say “The next you do this again, I wont forgive you.” before, and for this case, Im pretty sure that Fate-san just got what she deserves.

Well, Im absolutely 100% sure…… that she wont learn from this……

[Hey, Kai-chan. Console me…… Just a gentle hug is fine, okay~~]

[Mnhh Underworld King, youre back]

[Phiiii! W- W- Where! Wheres the Underworld King!]

Apparently, Fate-san is completely traumatized by Kuro, and she looks around with a pale look on her face when she hears Chronois-sans lie.

[……wait, I dont see her at all though!]

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[Fumu, I could use this……]

[God~~ of Time~ and Space~~!

[Well, my bad. However, you should reflect a bit more.]

After leaving Fate-sans temple, we came next to Life-sans temple.

The exterior appearance of the temple looked exactly the same as Fate-sans temple, but once we went inside, beautiful flowers and trees that looked like ornamental plants were lined up on both sides of the wide corridor, and the gorgeous beauty of the place caught my attention.

Come to think of it, I dont think I have talked with Life-san much yet…… I met her once before, and from the way she greeted me, she seemed like a calm, capable woman.

[Hey, God of Time and Space…… She would be asleep anyway, so why did we even come visit here]

[……I know she would be, but we cant just not visit her, right]

She would be asleep anyway What do they mean Does that mean shes sleeping around this time

[Speaking of which, why did Kai-chan come to the God Realm No, well, as far as Im concerned, I really welcome it.]

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[Errr, I was invited by Shiro-san.]

[Shallow Vernal-sama did That means Kai-chan is going to the Sanctuary huh…… As expected of Kai-chan, thats a great achievement. Hey, God of Time and Space, wouldnt he be the first Human to enter]

[Umu…… Or rather, other than ourselves, it would only be the Underworld King who entered that place.]

[As I thought~~ We mediated at that time with “Hikarin”, so there havent been any Humans who entered the Sanctuary before.]

It seems that Shiro-sans Sanctuary really is a particularly sacred place in the Divine Realm, and no Human has ever entered it.

Perhaps, when Fate-san said Hikarin…… I think she was talking about Neun-san, and it seems like even the First Hero, Neun-san wasnt able to enter the Sanctuary.

As we talked about this, we continued down the hallway and stood in front of a large door, and as we stood in front of it, Chronois-san knocked and called Life-sans name…… However, we received no response.

[……For the time being, how about we go enter]


[Eh Are you sure]

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[Unnn, shes probably asleep anyway……]

Apparently, the both of them already expected the lack of response, and as they opened the door, we walked in.

I was somewhat bewildered when I followed them, but when I entered, I saw a large room decorated with a variety of plants.

In the middle of the calm, nature-oriented room…… a familiar green-haired woman, Life-san, was comfortably standing in the middle of the room…… but her eyes werent open.

[Oi, God of Life, we have a guest.]

[……zzz…… zzz…….]

[……Well, I knew it. I knew theres no way that the God of Life would be awake.]

Eh She was sleeping while standing like that I dont know if I should praise her or not…… but Life-san is quite skillful.

As Chronois-san shook her body, there wasnt any sign of Life-san waking up.

[……Its not working.]

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[I told you its impossible, theres no way the God of Life is going to easily wake up once she falls asleep…… Come on, lets go.]

[Ahh, then, Ill just say my greetings……]

Apparently, its extremely difficult to wake Life-san up once shes fallen asleep, as both Chronois-san and Fate-san shook their heads.

But even so, since were here anyway, even though shes sleeping, I think I should at least greet her, so I approached Life-san and spoke.

[Life-san, hello.]

When I spoke to her, not too loudly, but just in a normal volume, Life-san opened her beautiful lapiz lazuli eyes and calmly smiled.

[Hello, Miyama-san.]


[……The God of Life…… woke up]

Life-san easily woke up when I called out to her, making me wonder why theyre having difficulty waking her up just now, but I heard Chronois-san and Fate-sans surprised gasps.

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I didnt think this was going to happen myself, so I cant help but be speechless…… But with a gentle smile on her face, Life-san continued.

[I see youve come to visit the God Realm. My apologies, I was doing my daily “meditation”, so I was late in noticing your calls.]

[Eh Ah, yes……]

[……Thats one way of putting it.]

[……Even though shes just sleeping……]

Hearing Life-sans words, Chronois-san and Fate-san said something that I felt Ive heard somewhere before.

However, Life-san doesnt seem to be particularly bothered by them, and still had a gentle smile on her face.

[Its a great honor to see you again. Thank you so much for fulfilling Shallow Vernal-samas wishes the other day. As a member of the Gods, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.]

[N- No, that is……]

[……Amazing. God of Time and Space…… The God of Life looks like a decent God.]

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[……She certainly looks like a different person, isnt she]

I also heard that kind of conversation before.

It seems that Life-sans current state is unbelievable to both of them.

[Miyama-san, if you have some time to spare, it may be simple, but do you mind having some tea with me]

[E- Errr…… As much as Id like to do that, Shiro-san has called me, so I cant stay too long……]

[I see, youre going to Shallow Vernal-samas home huh…… Well then, if Miyama-san is fine with you, how about I also go with you]

[ [ …………..Eh ] ]

When Life-san offered to accompany me just like Fate-san did, I heard Chronois-san and Fate-sans voices from behind.

When I glanced towards them, both of them looked dumbfounded, as if to say they had seen something unbelievable.

[……God of Life, what brought that change of attitude For you to leave your temple on your own accord…… Or rather, isnt your attitude to Miyama different from the others]

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[What are you talking about Miyama-san is the one who received Shallow Vernal-samas blessing, right Then, it is only natural that he should be treated with utmost courtesy as if were before Shallow Vernal-sama herself. It isnt strange for me to accompany such an important guest in the God Realm…… So that I could respond in case of unforeseen circumstances.]

[Mnhh, mnhhh…… T- Thats certainly true……]

[Its the first time…… Ive seen God of Time and Space get silenced by God of Life with a good argument before.]

What is this Maybe its because I dont know Life-san on a regular basis but…… Doesnt she have the impression that seems like a woman who would take matters to her own hands

The way Chronois-san and Fate-san spoke though, it seems like shes different from usual……

Just as I was thinking about this, Chronois-san put her hand over her mouth with a serious expression and muttered something, then, she turned towards me.

[……Miyama…… As I thought, how about you go live here in the God Realm instead I will provide you with food, clothing, shelter and a gold coin a day for your salary…… All the work you need to do is just tell God of Fate and God of Life to do their jobs once a day!]


Seriously, how troubled is this person usually Shes even willing to pay a million yen just to hire me…… It seems that its a really serious problem. I kind of feel like crying for her when I heard that……

Dear Mom, Dad——- After Fate-sans temple, we came to Life-sans temple as well. Life-san seems to be a woman who got herself together in front of me, but according to the two other Supreme Gods——- It seems like shes usually asleep.

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Serious-senpai: [A- Aahhhh…… Shes coming…… Shes going to arrive…… In the next chapter…… My natural enemy…… Aaahhhh.]

Chronois Job offer

Work Details: Once a Day, urging the God of Fate and God of Life to do their work.

Salary: One gold coin per day (1,000,000 yen)

Guarantee: Employer will pay for all food, clothing and shelter.

Terms of Employment: Only for “Miyama Kaito” (he, who received Shiros blessing)

Those are really favourable work conditions.

T/N: It seems that I was able to finish it tonight, so Ill just post 213 now.


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