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In the center of the vast Demon Realm…… It was called the Forbidden Lands by those who live in the Demon Realm.

Theres nothing in there…… No trees, no flowers, only a wilderness that stretches for a radius of several tens of kilometers. Not a single living creature is said to live here, and even children know that Demons shouldnt go near this land.

This was the place where the Six Kings gathered and use for meetings, and at the same time, it was often used by the Six Kings as the place to fight in.

The land where a battle between the Six Kings, beings holding immense power, could take place, carelessly stepping into such a place was tantamount to suicide.

And now, the Six Demons who are the pinnacle of the Demon Realm gathered here.

The oldest Demon and the real pinnacle of the Demon Realm…… The Underworld King, Kuromueina.

She, who is feared not only in the Demon Realm, but also in the Human Realm and the God Realm…… The Death King, Isis Remnant.

She, who is called the conscience of the Six Kings, serving as the bridge between the realms…… The World King, Lillywood Yggdrasil.

The poster child of battle, the being who loves to fight and fiercely seek the strong, …… The War King, Megiddo Argetes Borgnes.

He, who is the largest creature in the world, a gigantic dragon holding a physique that pierce the heavens…… The Dragon King, Magnawell Baskus Lardo Kurtzvald.

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She, who planted her roots all over the world, holding all information at her fingertips…… The Phantasmal King, No Face.

With the exception of the Festival of Heroes, the Six Kings, who are rarely all together, slowly and accustomedly take their places in the center of the Demon Realm.

The other five members of the Six King stood at Magnawells head, and as a table and chairs appeared out of nowhere, the five of them took their seats.

[……Lets get started then.]


[Kuro-san, you called for this meeting, didnt you So, whats the agenda]

“……Shalltear, you dont have to be in such a rush.”

As Kuromueina announced the start of the meeting, Shalltear quickly asked about todays agenda.

Noticing that Shalltear is somewhat in a hurry, Magnawell-san leisurely asked, to which Shalltear immediately replies.

[I want to end the meeting quickly and get back to guarding Kaito-san. So, please get on with the main topic already. Hurry up-desu!]

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“Shalltear, you…… we are called right at this time, so it must be about the Festival of Heroes…… This is an important meeting for the world. Let me ask you just in case, between Kaito-san and the world, which one is the……”

[Thats obviously 10-0 votes, in favor of Kaito-san.]

[……I agree.]

“……I understand…… I understand already……”

Lillywoods shoulders slumped in dismay as she saw Shalltear declare without hesitation that Kaito was more important than the world, and Isis raised her hand in response.

As for Megiddo, the only one who hadnt joined the conversation, he was drinking alcohol he had brought with him alone.

“Megiddo, are you not going to join them”

[Ahh I dont care about the meeting…… You guys can decide what you want. I will abide by Kuromueinas decision.]

[…….In a way, I guess Megiddo-san is the smartest person I know.]

Megiddo doesnt seem to want to participate in the meeting, so after just saying that he will abide by Kuromueinas decision, he started drinking again.

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After looking at Megiddo with a wry smile, Kuromueina, the one who gathered the Six Kings, slowly spoke.

[……This time, were not discussing the Festival of Heroes.]

“Eh Is that so Then, why in the world……”

[……But the agenda today is still just as important. Thats why I hurriedly gathered everyone.]

[……Did something…… happen]

As Kuromueina began to speak with a somewhat solemn atmosphere, Lillywood and Isiss expressions also stiffened, trying to know Kuromueinas true intentions.

[The problem is that…… We dont have it!]

“Dont have it What is”

[I think that we should have a bigger festival here in the Demon Realm!]

[……Fes…… tival]

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While looking at Kuromueina, who vigorously declared that, Magnawell and Shalltear looked somewhat confused and asked back.

Thereupon, Kuromueina nodded with a serious expression and began to talk about what she truly means.

[……The Demon Realm is full of small festivals here and there, but theres no festival for the entire Demon Realm, right]

[Thats right…… To begin with, the Demon Realm doesnt have anything like the countries in the Human Realm. There certainly are cities here and there, but they arent grouped together, and each region is different.]

[Unnn. Thats why I think having a big festival in the Demon Realm will help revitalize the Demon Realm.]

“……I see, so Kuromueina, youre saying that we should have a big festival in the Demon Realm as well”

[Unnn! Of course, we would be fumbling around in the beginning, and it will be difficult to scale it up to be a festival for the entire Demon Realm, so we just have to take the helm first…… Lets see, with the name of “The Six Kings Festival”, lets go make a festival of our own!]

It seems that Kuromueinas proposal is to hold a large-scale festival in the Demon Realm, which has the largest population in the three realms.

Hearing this proposal, the other members of the Six Kings…… other than Megiddo, looked like they started thinking about it.

[……Do you have any specific description about it, or a specific time frame in mind]

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[Hmmm. Because the Festival of Heroes is held in the Heaven month…… If were going to start preparing now, how about within the Light month Since there are six of us, lets have it that the festival lasts for six days.]

“I see, it certainly sounds amazing…… Moreover, having such a festival would certainly revitalize the Demon Realm as well.”

“……Indeed. Its so peaceful these days, and at worst, they would just gather with people of the same race.”

Hearing Kuromueinas words, Magnawell and Lillywood agreed that it wasnt a bad idea, but for some reason, Shalltear was looking at Kuromueina with a dubious look on her face.

And when Kuromueina had finished saying her piece to some extent, Shalltear spoke.

[……So, Kuro-san…… Whats your “true intention”]

[……I want to go to a “festival date with Kaito-kun”!!! However, I cant do it at a normal festival because there are too many people and using Recognition Inhibition Magic would cause a scene!!!]

[……I should have known it was something like that……]

Yes, as Shalltear expected, all those stuff about revitalizing the Demon Realm, they were just an official stance…… Her real motive was that Kuromueina just wanted to have a date with Kaito at the festival.

The mood was agreeable until just now, but after hearing Kuromueinas words, Shalltear, as well as Lillywood and Magnawell, also have dumbfounded looks on their faces.

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[H- However, isnt it a good idea We would normally cause a ruckus if we participated in a festival, but since its the first time since the commencement of this festival, couldnt we fill the participants with our families….. and if all the stalls were filled with peerage-holding, high-ranked Demons…… Even Isis can have a festival date with Kaito-kun!!!]

[ ! ! I- I agree! I agree!!!]

“……Isis…… you……”

However, Isis quickly agreed. It certainly was as Kuromueina said, if the festival was filled with peerage-holding, high-ranking Demons, moreover, if they were organized by the subordinates of the Six Kings…… even if they were afraid of Isis, they wouldnt run away.

In other words, she can have a date with Kaito. That reason alone was enough to make Isis agree.

Isis vigorously raised her hand that it feels like she had just cut through the air, repeatedly declaring that she was in favor.

While listening to her words, Shalltear put her hand to her chin and made a thoughtful expression, before her sharp gaze turned towards Kuromueina.

[……Kuro-san, I just wanted to make sure of one important thing……]

[Unnn What is it]

[If we are the ones who would open the stores, that means that I, who have the largest number of subordinates, will have to take the lead….. That would mean, the distribution of sales is!]

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[I dont really need any money. I mean, if you need the money to set it up, I can give it to you.]

[ ! ]

Kuromueina is also the worlds wealthiest person, and her purpose is to have a date with Kaito in the first place, so she has no interest in sales.

Hearing those words, Shalltears eyes widened and her gaze turned towards the other members of the Six Kings.

[……I dont need…… them either.]

[ ! ]

“I also dont want to get more money than I need either. You can take some if you need it.”

[ ! ! ]

Like Kuromueina, Isis, one of the richest people in the world, also told her that she doesnt need to share in the sales, and Lillywood, who basically prefers to stay in nature, did the same.

[Ahh I dont give a single f*ck about money.]

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[ ! ]

“Did you really think I can use your coins with this body of mine I have contracts with my people based on money, but that doesnt mean Im even using them.”

[……Then, does that mean]

[We dont need it, so why dont you just have it, Shalltear]

[……I guess it cant be helped! For the sake of the Demon Realm, let me pinch in and helpd too!!!]

All the sales would be hers. As soon as Shalltear heard that, Shalltear already decided to agree with Kuromueinas proposal in Shalltears mind.

[Fufufu, with this, I have a mountain of assets to gamble……]

[Kaito-kun would get mad at you again, you know]


[……Ill go send…… a hummingbird…… to Kaito.]

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[Aahhhh! Wait, Isis-san! Everything but that……]

Watching the sight of Shalltear clinging to Isis as she tries to snitch to Kaito about what Shalltear said using a hummingbird, Lillywood lets out a small sigh.

“……I suppose thats 3 in approval…… 4 if we include Megiddo…… So, I guess its decided then”

“I suppose……”

[……Its not like you all need to be this long-winded anyway]

” ” Eh ” “

As Lillywood and Magnawell were conversing with each other, seeing that more than half of them were in favor of the proposal, Megiddo, who was rolling around with several barrels of booze around him before they knew it, spoke.

[Kuromueina, our leader wants us to do that…… Then, do we really need to think about what we should do about that]

“……Thats right.”

“Umu, I guess youre really a smart guy huh.”

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What Megiddo is saying…… is that this suggestion is something Kuromueina wants. With just those few words, Lillywood and Magnawells minds are made up, and they deeply nod.

And thus, this day is the beginning of the unprecedented festival, dedicated for the Six Kings…… and the day that the Six Kings Festival was born.

[……Arehh What is this I kind of feel chilly just now……]

And yet again, the young man who had caused such an unprecedented festival to take place didnt know about it.

It has been decided that Kaito will be abducted by the Light month for 6 days.

Alice Kaito > World

Isis Kaito > World

Kuro Kaito > World

Lillywood Kaito = World

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Magnawell Kaito = World

Megiddo He doesnt think about that complicated stuff.

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