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On the 18th day of the Earth month, when I was about to head to the dining room for breakfast, Alice appeared.

[Kaito-san, Im sorry…… All the Six Kings have a meeting today, so I would be going out for a while.]

[Eh Ahh, I guess you really have those kinds of meetings huh.]

[Ahh~~ no, we dont have regular meetings…… Its just that we were sometimes called to a meeting. As expected, theres no way I could just have my clone attend for me, so Im going to attend with my main body.]


Even if shes like that, Alice is still one of the Six Kings, the pinnacle of the Demon Realm. Its hard to imagine it if you just look at how she regularly acts, but she really must be busy with lots of things.

At any rate, Im very relieved to know that Alice is always with me as my guard, so when she declared that shes going to be relieving her duties as my guard for a moment, I feel a little uneasy.

[Ahh, it will be alright. Theres someone who will substitute as your guard in my stead.]

[……When you say substitute, are you talking about those Count-level Demons from before]

[Ahh, no, I was actually planning on having them guard you at first but…… An unexpected person took on the job of guarding you, so I decided to leave it to her.]

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[Yes, I tried to make her try out guarding you back on your third day on Rigforeshia…… And it doesnt seem like there would be any problems with her, so Ill leave it to her.]

[Fumu…… So, who is that]

[Its a secret.]


I was wondering if the Count-level, high-ranked demons would be guarding me just like when Alice had to leave before, but they apparently wouldnt guard me this time.

I was curious about who would be guarding me, so I asked her, but Alice somewhat happily replied that it was a secret.

[Well, you just have to look forward to when you find out…… Then, Ill be off~~]

[Ahh, Alice! Wait a moment!]

[Fuehh Whats the matter]

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[Ah, well…… Here.]

Stopping Alice, who was about to leave with an unnatural salute, I took out the fruit sticks from my magic box and gave it to her.

[You probably arent eating properly again anyway……]

[Kaito-san…… Kuhhh~~~. As expected, even if you say all those things, youre really a kind person! For you, for you to love me this much—— Fugyyaahhh!]

[Just take them already.]

[Yes~~…… Well then, Ill be off.]

[Yeah, take care.]

Shes still acting like usual, but I guess Alice would still be the same as always…… Thinking like that, I see Alice off with a wry smile on my face.

After a series of strangely unusual situations, and after finishing breakfast…… There was one person who was acting strangely.


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[Ummm, Lilia-san…… Why is Lunamaria-san acting like that since earlier]

In front of the four of us who gathered in the dining room, Aoi-chan, Hina-chan, Lilia-san and I…… Lunamaria-san has been pacing back and forth in the dining room for a while now, and it seemed like she cant calm down at all.

I tried asking Lilia-san about it, but she just tilted her head, also wondering the same thing.

[I dont know Luna…… Whats going on]

[Ahh, My Lady…… N- No, actually…… Mother informed me that she was coming to visit……]

[Is that so How unusual.]

[Y- Yes…… She said that she had something important to do……]

Instead of her usual aloofness, Lunamaria-san looked flustered, as shes worried about something.

Not only me, but Aoi-chan and Hina-chan also know that Lunamaria-san really cares about her mother.

She eats the lunchbox that her mother made for her everyday, and I think theyre a good mother and daughter.

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[Lunamaria-sans mother]

[Ive only heard things about her, so Im curious!]

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan also seem to be interested in Lunamaria-sans mother, who they dont know much about, so they said that to Lunamaria-san, who is restlessly moving her gaze.

[Y- Yes…… I was thinking of introducing her to everyone at some point but…… I had some serious concerns so I was hesitating.]

[Serious concerns What do you mean, Luna]

[……I was afraid that if I introduced her to Miyama-sama…… My mother would be “violated”……]

[……Wait a second there, can I have about an hour or so of your time, let me just ask you what is your character assessment of me deep within your mind……]

All those bullcrap, what in the world are you saying, Lunamaria-san…… Or rather, seriously, what does she think I am in this persons mind

[No, no, Im saying this as her daughter…… but my mother is a bit easy. She has always been sickly and a bit naive, and since my father died more than 50 years ago…… Ive been firmly focused on my job, so she must feel lonely. If she encounters Miyama-sama, both the parent and the child would be easily ensnared…… Just thinking about that makes me frightened.]


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Somehow, it seems that in Lunamaria-sans mind…… Shes thinking I was some kind of Great Demon Lord of Lust from a distant world.

[……You really care about your mother, Luna.]

[Shes always talking about her after all. That shes the one she cares most in this world.]

As Im stunned by Lunamaria-sans reaction, Lilia-san said that as she somehow had a smile on her face, and Aoi-chan reacted to her words.

After hearing their words, Lunamaria-san seemed to have calmed down a bit…… And gave an unusually gentle smile, as if she was reminded of someone sincerely important to her.

[……Yes, my mother had always been very frail…… And yet, she raised me with her own hands, working as a well-bred adventurer to raise me. She never once showed a painful expression on her face, and even though life was difficult for us, she sent me to a magic school……]

[……Shes a good mother, isnt she]

[Yes. Im proud of my mother…… She might be a little careless, but shes really the most important person in the world for me…… I just want to make it a little easier for her.]

Her mother is an irreplaceable part of Lunamaria-sans life…… I could tell that from the look on Lunamaria-sans face and the gentle tone she had just now.

A mother that Lunamaria-san respects and cares so much about…… I was kind of curious to see what kind of person she is.

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Just when the air was a little solemn, in a somewhat grave tone, Hina-chan spoke.

[……But if shes coming here…… That means shes going to meet Kaito-senpai too, right]

[I dont want them to meet!!!]

[Calm down for a bit, Luna. Its not like you already know what your mother will think of Kaito-san just when she meets him……]

[T- Thats right…… Its not like my mother would fall in love with Miyama-sama just because she met him……]

As the mother-con held her head, shouting that she doesnt want her mother to meet me, Lilia-san calmly makes a follow-up.

For me, I think she was being very unreasonable, but for now, Ill keep quiet if this is going to help calm Lunamaria-san down……

[……However, were talking about Kaito-san here though]

[……Its Kaito-senpai, you know]

[Why do those words sound depressingly persuasive!]

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[Luna! P- Pull yourself together…… Its alright. Im on Lunas side.]

[U- Ughhh…… My Ladyyyy……]

I wont be disgruntled…… I definitely wouldnt be disgruntled. However, not just Lunamaria-san, even Aoi-chan and Hina-chan are thinking like that, what kind of person do these people think I am……

Lunamaria-san, who was kneeling on the floor with an expression filled with despair, Lilia-san follows up with a gentle pat on her back.

Thereupon, looking as if she has been driven to the corner, Lunamaria-san looks back at Lilia-san with tears in her eyes.

[T- Then…… If I said that I wont give my mother to Miyama-sama, and end up antagonizing Miyama-sama, will My Lady stand by my——-]


[Why are you averting your eyes! Rather than your female friend, you would rather take the side of the man you fe——- Mughhh!]

[T- T- That is enough, go calm down for a bit!!!]

Just as Lunamaria-san was about to shout something, Lilia-san shouted and covered her mouth, and for some reason, her face had turned red.

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After a little while, Lunamaria-san, who had slightly regained her composure, turns her gaze towards Aoi-chan and Hina-chan.

[W- What about Kusunoki-sama and Yuzuki-sama……]

[Im sorry. If anything, I would be on Kaito-sans side.]

[Same here.]

[Do I not have any allies here!!!]

Lunamaria-san cowered, her head held in her hands.

In the first place…… What she said about how I would do anything to Lunamaria-sans mother is strange, but I was just too dumbfounded to have the energy to fire back my tsukkomi.

How should I say this, this morning is really filled with ruckus…… Id really like to have some tea now.


[Thank…… you]

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[Ive also prepared some cookies to snack upon.]



[……What are you doing here Ein-san]

[I am guarding Kaito-sama on behalf of Shalltear for the rest of the day. If you have orders, please feel free to call me……]

[I- Is that so……]

With very spontaneous movements, Ein-san serves tea and cookies in front of me, and after bowing, she disappears.

Eh What is this The replacement that Alice was talking about…… It was Ein-san! No, no, wait, seriously, please give me a moment…… There are so many things going on that my head cant keep up!

How should I say this…… It feels like today is going to be a disastrous day.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Its really just one expected situation after another. It should still be morning yet, but with the situation like this, Im really anxious to see how the day goes. A- Anyway, today, in Lilia-sans mansion——- It seems that Lunamaria-sans mother is coming.

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Theyve already met.

However, both parent and child would be easily ensnared…… both parent and child would be ensnared…… both parent and child…… Arehh Did some of her true feelings peep out just now…… Lunamaria-san, it seems that he actually likes Kaito huh……

T/N: Last chapter for the day, Im saving next one for tomorrow.


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