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Its my second night in Rigforeshia. Ive been enjoying some alcohol earlier with Sieg-san, and returning to my room in a good mood, I was looking forward to tomorrow but…… That mood was immediately blown away.

Now, Sieg-san and I are in an odd position, sitting on a seiza on the edge of the bed, facing each other. I dont need to think that much why were like this, for the cause was that were still sleeping on a single bed.

[……U- Ummm, Sieg-san.]

[Y- Y- Y- Yes!]

Without a second thought, I tried calling out to her, and in response, Sieg-sans flinched, her face turning red.

Feeling my heart jump seeing her reaction, I continued to speak.

[……I- I guess I should really go sleep on the floor, right]

[T- Thats no good!]

[H- However, if I dont……]

[Auuuu…… uuuuu……]

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The kind Sieg-san still wont let me sleep on the floor, but unfortunately, the situation we are in now is very different than it was yesterday.

Were now lovers…… To describe it in words, the nervousness were feeling now is incomparable from yesterday.

I was very worried, especially in terms of my reasoning, so I thought of talking her into somehow letting me sleep on the floor, but with an embarrassed expression on her face, Sieg-san softly spoke.

[……H- However…… When you think about it, unlike yesterday, there shouldnt be any obstacles stopping us from sleeping together now…… Ummm, were lovers…… anyway.]

[……Y- Yes.]

No, rather than not having anything, the obstacle stopping me now is a much higher wall than yesterday.

Its just the two of us, the room is completely soundproofed, and were lovers…… A perfect battle formation developed to obliterate my reasoning.

[……T- Thats right. Were lovers anyway, so theres no problem with sleeping together……]

[T- Thats right.]

No, rather, its a big problem. Im begging you here, please have some sense of security. Im a guy too, so shouldnt you not know what I may do

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Doing such an act immediately after dating…… Even if Sieg-san may accept me or even if Sieg-san isnt thinking about such a thing at all…… As far as Im concerned, I want to make sure that our relationship is deeper before we proceed towards that, so Im not going to let my desires get the best of me here.

That said, I understand after yesterday that she wont agree with me sleeping on the floor…… and I definitely dont want to let Sieg-san sleep on the floor.

In that case, I dont have any choice but to endure it…… I have to hold on to my reasoning and fight through this phase of what could be called a complete siege.

……At that moment, it was decided that it would be another all-nighter for the second day.

Just like last night, Sieg-san and I were together on the same futon.

The only difference is that were not sleeping back to back now, but lying face to face…… And Sieg-san, who was wearing her sleepwear, is mercilessly damaging my sense of reason, but its still bearable.

If we are sleeping back to back here, and if I were…… to feel surprised from touching each others back, I felt like the small thread of reasoning Im holding on to would snap.

Yes, this is a kind of battle…… A decisive battle against my desire. I would only be at a disadvantage if I were caught by surprise from behind, but if I were to face her in front and stand firm…… As long as there are no unforeseen circumstances……

[……Ummm, Kaito-san…… Can I get a little closer]

[ ! ]

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The unforeseen circumstances immediately swooped upon me! W- Wait a moment, youre going even closer than this…… No, no, wouldnt that make our bodies touch with each other……

T- This is bad, I should somehow try to avoid this……

[……Is that no good]

[N- No, its alright! Go ahead……]

……If she immediately uses that technique, I would definitely fail in avoiding this…… The battlefield really is ruthless. Unfortunately, I didnt seem to have the protagonists status correction…… No, was it because I have the protagonists status correction that she was approaching me Or rather, what the heck am I thinking about

As I felt my thoughts getting confused, I saw the blanket move, and Sieg-san moved closer to me……. Wait, arent you too close!

Isnt that almost zero distance already! I- Im telling you, thats dangerous……Ahh, she smells good and I could feel her breath on my skin…… No, not yet. Endure it, free myself from obstructive thoughts!!!

Feeling my heart beating fast when Sieg-san moved so close to me that our skin was almost touching, Sieg-san put her hand lightly on the center of my chest and smiles.

[……I guess it was because youre really a man huh Kaito-san feels robust.]

[Eh N- No, rather than that, Im quite weak…… Isnt Sieg-san stronger than me]

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It was a compliment Ive never been told in my life, so even though I was surprised, a little calmly, I asked back.

Ive been running with Hina-chan recently, but Ive never really exercised that much, so I think Im still considered as a non-combatant compared to people of my generation……

[Certainly, Im probably better than you when it comes to combat ability…… But when it comes to muscle strength alone, Kaito-san is better than me.]

[I- Is that so]

I have more muscle strength than Sieg-san…… Its true that Sieg-san appears to have little or no muscle mass from how she looks like, but since Ive seen her punch Lilia-san and Rei-san flying, even though I know its due to Body Strengthening Magic, I dont really feel like what she said has any meaning.

[Yes, the elves find it difficult to build up muscle to begin with…… We have lots of magic power though, so we make up for it with Body Strengthening Magic.

[I see, so its a racial trait huh.]

[Yes, maybe thats why…… when I touch you like this…… I thought that you really are a man.]

[Errr, is that a compliment]

[Yes…… You look manly and cool.]

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[ ! ]

With a gentle smile, Sieg-san sweetly whispered so.

Im not used to being told that, so to be honest, Im very happy to hear her say Im manly…… Though when she said that with her bewitching beautiful voice, I felt my head turning giddy.

Even though I didnt get more than a little tipsy thanks to Shiro-sans voice, I was still feeling hot, perhaps due to the influence of alcohol.

D- Do your best…… Do your best, me…… You should still be able to hold on, right

As Im desperately trying to calm my overheating head and trying to endure my situation, but unfortunately, Sieg-san doesnt seem to be aware of my situation…… Slowly, her hand moved towards my back…… Sieg-san closely sticks to my body.

[S- Sieg-san!]

[……Kaito-san…… Could I fawn on you…… for a bit]

[ ! ! ]

Eeeehhhhh! Right here! Right at this time! A gap-moe attack from the usually dependable, mature woman, asking me to let her fawn towards me with her fleeting voice! Stop…… Please stop…… Its going to break. The final thread of my reasoning will break……

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[……Y- Yes.]

[……Thank you…… Kaito-san……]



[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

I moved my face when my name was called, but at that moment, Sieg-sans head also moved…… and her lips lightly touched mine.

It was really just a simple lips-to-lips contact, but it was…… unmistakably a kiss… And my head felt so hot as if I had been plunged into boiling water.

[……Im really happy…… to have met you…… and to be your lover.]

[Ahh, errr……]

[Kaito-san, I love you. I hope youll continue to be with me even in the future.]

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[……Y- Yes.]

After announcing it with a happy smile, with a faint blush on her cheeks, Sieg-san closed her eyes and tightly hugged me.

I- Im already at my l- limit…… N- No, I can still hold on! Not yet! I can still hold on a bit more! Be a hero, lets exceed our limits!!!

A little later, I heard Sieg-sans peaceful breathing, making me know that she had fallen asleep but…… Unfortunately, I guess I really wont be getting any sleep today.

With the soft, warm feeling of Sieg-sans body all over my body, I continued to pinch my hands until morning, desperately trying to keep it from moving……

Dear Mom, Dad——– Its often said that the greatest enemy is oneself, and today, the battle between my desire and reason unfolded. It seems that my reason has somehow won again this time, but seriously, someday——- I feel like I wont be able to bear it anymore.

Did he just…… endure it again……

Kaito…… Youre really a monster……

Serious-senpai: [……I wanna…… go home already……]

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