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After a rowdy meal, Rei-san and Fia-san said something along the lines of “Ill leave the rest to the two youngsters”, as if they were chaperones who sent us on an arranged date, and then, they went to their room.

Ive already finished bathing, and since it was still too early to go to bed, Sieg-san suggested that we drink some alcohol.

[……Heehhh… I didnt know there was a place like this in this house.]

[Yes, my father had a friend who was once invited to play the role of Hero and permanently lived in this world, and seeing the porch that he had in his house, father liked it and built the same thing in this house.]

[I see, it certainly is a porch.]

Behind the house that Sieg-san showed me, there was a Japanese style porch, though there doesnt seem to be a garden of any kind outside.

But still, I dont know if I should say its because it isnt perfectly identical with the porches we had in our world, but it feels different around here…… Sieg-san laid out a large cloth, that seems to act as a leisure seat, on the edge before sitting down.

When I was prompted to sit down too, there was nothing like a garden for me to look at, but the city of Rigforeshia itself was decorated with trees, and they have an elegant feel around them.

[Are you okay with alcoholic fruit juice]

[Ah, yes.]

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[Then, here, Kaito-san.]

[……Thank you.]

Sitting down on the edge of the porch and accepting the glass Sieg-san held out to me, Sieg-san gently smiled before pouring some alcoholic fruit juice into my glass.

The color of the fruit juice is light brown, so I thought it was plum wine for a moment, but the faint aroma wafting through the air is of a fruit Im sure Im familiar with……

[Its an alcohol made from ripple fruit, called Rivel.]

[Heehhh…… It smells good, isnt it]

I see, ripple…… apple liquor huh, what do they call this back there Was it Calbados or Calvados I dont really remember which one it is, but its my first time drinking one, so Im looking forward to it.

After Sieg-san poured me a glass of Rivel, I also poured some on the glass Sieg-san held in her hand, and lightly clinked our glasses together, making a toast.

(T/N: Not the bread one.)

Taking a sip, the aroma of aged and elegant ripple spreads with the alcohol, and the refreshing acidity and natural sweetness are very delicious.

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The bitterness of beer and the taste of sake is delicious too, but this kind of elegant alcohol is also good.

Well, be that as it may, it would have been an interesting sight seeing someone sitting on a carpeted porch, drinking alcoholic fruit juice in one hand but…… Though I say it like that, I dont think too much about it since I was drinking coffee on a tatami mat on the balcony on my first day in this world.

[Kaito-san, here…… Some dried fruits.]

[Thank you. Thank you for the food.]

As Im savoring the taste of the Rivel, Sieg-san gently holds out a plate of dried fruits.

Ive heard before that eating chocolate or dried fruit with brandy as a snack, so trying it out, I felt the pleasant crunchiness of the fruits, and they have the right amount of sweetness that helps mellow the taste of the Rivel.

[Come to think of it, Sieg-san, are you a strong drinker]

[Me Hmmm, so-so, I guess.]

[That sounds like a line from someone who is a hard drinker.]

[No, no, my alcohol capacity really is normal…… Of the three of us, Lilia, Luna, and I, Luna is the best at drinking. At least, Ive never seen her be drunk before.]

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It seems that Lunamaria-san is a strong drinker. She certainly has such an image. On the other hand, Lilia-san seems to be quite the weak drinker, though it might just be me assuming that.

While I was thinking about that, Sieg-san seemed to have read my thoughts, giving me a gentle, wry smile.

[Just as Kaito-san imagined, Lili is weak to alcohol. Shes exactly the type who gets dead drunk after a few cups.]

[Ahaha, I dont mean to be rude, but I guess shes exactly what I thought.]

[Incidentally, I dont like ale or beer, and I prefer wine or alcoholic fruit juice.]

[Arehh Beer also exists in this world]

To my surprise, I heard theres beer in this world too. I remember seeing mayonnaise and chocolate as well, so I guess it wouldnt be strange for beer to spread out huh.

In that case, there might be some Japanese sake somewhere too…… Perhaps, Neun-san might already have it.

[Yes, its very popular in the Symphonia and Hydra Kingdom, but its not very popular in the Archlesia Empire.]

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[It isnt popular in the Archlesia Empire Ahh, could it be because there are many dwarfs living there]

[Thats exactly the reason. Dwarfs like strong drinks, so they dont seem to like beer very much.]

[I see…… Are elves not too keen on beer too]

[No, many of the elves prefer beer. Im simply not a fan of it…… but, lets see. The most popular would have to be wine.]

As we continued chatting peacefully like that, tipping our glasses and enjoying a leisurely and comfortable time, I suddenly saw Sieg-sans face, illuminated by the moonlight and the pale light of the Illumination Magic Tool.

I couldnt help but gaze at her reddish face, looking slightly tipsy from the alcohol, and even added a somewhat glossy look to her originally beautiful face.

Thereupon, Sieg-san seemed to have noticed my gaze a little later, tilting her head with a gentle smile on her face.

[……Are you curious about my ears]

[Ehh A- Ahhh, errr, lets see. I guess Im curious since theyre the defining characteristics of the elves.]

It seems that she thought I was looking at her ears instead of her face, and Sieg-san pointed to her ear…… to her long, thin ears peculiar to elves.

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I cant really say I was captivated after looking at her face, so I just agreed with what Sieg-san said.

[I wondered if it would hurt if you were sleeping while laying on your side or something like that……]

[Ahh, I see. However, its alright. The ears of us elves are much softer than those of humans.]

[I- I see……]

Seeing Sieg-sans gesture of lightly touching her own ear after saying that, Im starting to feel like I really want to touch her ears.

Im not sure how to describe this feeling…… It might be a little different from the desire to touch a cats toe beans or feeling someones breasts, but as a human…… no, perhaps, it was my desire as a man to touch the soft parts that a man doesnt have.

……Wait, what the heck are these idiotic thoughts on my mind right now Even if were lovers, I cant just be insensitive and ask her if I could touch her ears……

[……Do you want to touch them]



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[……Kerhem…… Kerhem……]

[A- Are you alright]

Her statement, which seemed to completely see through my hearts desire, made the alcohol come into my trachea from surprise, choking me out of air.

[I- Im sorry…… Im alright…… So, ummm, errr, does that mean its alright for me to touch them]

[Eh Yes……]

I would love to touch her long, soft ears, but Ill make sure to ask her again.

Since Sieg-san is a kind person, its possible that she only agreed because she cares about me, and that she actually doesnt want to, so Ill strengthen the detection capabilities of my Sympathy Magic and tried asking Sieg-sans response……

[I- I dont like it if it were other people…… B- But if its Kaito-san…… Im fine with it. W- Were lovers anyway.]

[ ! ! ]

When I heard Sieg-sans reply, I immediately regretted making my Sympathy Magic stronger.

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The burst of affection gushing from Sieg-san, along with her bashful fidgety gesture, feels as if a giant hammer had just struck my brain.

S- Shes too cute…… I- I feel like my reasoning just received damage from a direction I didnt expect.

Feeling my heart beat at a considerable rate, I almost unconsciously reached out my hand to Sieg-san who was slightly hiding her face.

[……T- Then, excuse me.]

[Ahh! Wait a mo—— Hyyaaann!]

[! I- Im sorry! D- Did I put too much strength]

I thought of touching her ear since she gave me permission, but in the middle of the process, Sieg-san tried to stop me, but it was already too late and my hand was already touching Sieg-sans ear.

Just as Sieg-san said, her ears were so soft and good to touch, just as if Im touching marshmallows but…… immediately afterwards, Sieg-san loudly yelped and I hurriedly withdrew my hand.

[……N- No, errr…… The ears of us elves can even read the wind…… so, umm, theyre sensitive. So, please…… be gentle.]

[Y- Yes, Im sorry…… T- Then, once again……]

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[Yes…… Hnnn…… Fuaahhh……]

[Theyre really soft……]

[I- Is that so…… Nhyyuuu…… Auuu…… Hyaahh……]

It seems that the ears of elves are very sensitive, so I need to touch them gently. After apologizing for touching her ears too fast, I reached out to Sieg-sans ears again and gently touched them.

Theyre smooth and soft, yet resilient enough, and it feels as if theyre sucking my hand, making them comfortable to touch…… This could turn into a habit.

And it seems that she really is very sensitive, as every time my hand moves over her ear, Sieg-san makes a small, erotic moan.

Somehow, its kinda making my heart beat really fast though! Eh Im just touching her ears now, right! H- However, because of the alcohol, Sieg-san strangely looks erotic… T- This is dangerous, any more than this……

[T- Thank you.]

[Haahhh…… Y- Yes.]

[Errr, ummm, somehow… Im sorry.]

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[N- No!]



Arehh I thought we were talking normally earlier, but Im so nervous now that I cant look at Sieg-sans face!

A somewhat awkward silence dominated the place, where Sieg-san and I stared at each other in silence for a while, before both of us sat back down on the porch.

And as if to shake off the awkward atmosphere, I once again brought my glass to my mouth…… sitting at a slightly closer distance than we had earlier……

Dear Mom, Dad——– It seems that when you become lovers with someone, you would really feel lots of things differently, as Sieg-sans gestures suddenly started making me feel a bit nervous. Anyway, just as Sieg-san said, the ears of the elves——- they were very soft.

Calm and carefree, just like a mature couple, but innocent, just as if they were dating their first lovers…… What a harmonious combination.

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