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After Sieg-sans confession, we became clear lovers.

However, that doesnt mean that the way we treat each other is going to abruptly change, as after we drank our tea and continued chatting, we got up to resume our walk in the forest.

Earlier, Sieg-san was walking in front of me, while I followed behind her, but this time. we started walking next to each other.

Maybe its because were so close, but I can smell a nice citrusy scent wafting from Sieg-san.

Is it perfume Its typical for Sieg-san to have a fresh, gentle scent…… and since Im starting to think of Sieg-san as a woman, smelling her scent is kind of making me very nervous now.

As we continued walking for a while, Sieg-sans hand unexpectedly touched mine and slowly, held my hand.


[S- Something like this…… i- is the least lovers can do……]

[Y- Yes!]

Her surprisingly soft hands…… I dont know if its because my temperature is higher than her, but her hand is cooler than mine.

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Her little hand that fits perfectly in mine was lovely, making me feel that Sieg-san was a woman.

[……It kind of feels nice, isnt it Walking like this……]

[……Are you talking about us holding hands]

[Theres also that but…… the fact that Im walking “next” to you like this…… makes me feel like Im closer to you, Kaito-san.]


Hearing Sieg-sans words with a happy look on her face, I tightened my grip on her hand a little more.

It seems that my feelings were firmly conveyed, as Sieg-san also squeezed back my hand.

At the same time as my tension gradually raised my body temperature, not the kind of tension where my body just burned hot, the happiness of being with Sieg-san in this way also grew stronger with each step forward.

With me sleeping in the middle of our stroll and the confession that happened, we resumed our stroll later than we expected, and when the sky started to turn red, I was surprised that it was already sunset.

I would have enjoyed a few more walks with Sieg-san if possible…… It was suggested that we go home because the visibility in the forest at night is worse and I might trip, so I nodded in agreement.

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When Sieg-san and I returned to the city of Rigforeshia, both of us let go of our held hands in embarrassment, and when we reached Rei-san and Fia-sans home, it looked like they were just getting ready for dinner.

Rei-san and Fia-san looked at us when we came back with a smile on their faces and welcomed us back. Is it just my imagination that they look so happy right now

Since it was going to take a little while to prepare dinner, I was allowed to take a bath to get rid of the dirt first.

As usual, Sieg-san punched out Rei-san, who strongly suggested that Sieg-san and I bathe together, and since Sieg-san suggested that I take a bath first since Im their guest, they let me bathe first.

The bath at Rei-san and Fia-sans home is like a Japanese cypress bath, with a pleasant woodsy scent that soothes my tired body.

The large, luxurious baths in Lilia-sans home are good, but taking a bath in a familiar-sized bath like this is good too.

After I get mine, Sieg-san took a bath as well, and then, we gathered in the dining room to have our dinner.

Fia-san prepared a beautiful dish, decorated like a big flower, and looking closely, its made of vegetables and thinly sliced meat, just like carpaccio.

However, the size of the dish is very large, and there seems to be a variety of vegetables and meat used in the dish, so it kind of looks luxurious.

[……Its a really beautiful dish.]

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[This, you see… Its called Rigforeshias Flower…… A local specialty of our city.]

[……Wha…… Wha……]


Fia-san tells me that the dish is called the Rigforeshias Flower, and as I was admiring how beautiful it looks…… For some reason though, Sieg-san blushes and looks as if shes seen something unbelievable.

Calling out her name, I tilted my head at her strange reaction, but it seemed that she was too surprised that she didnt hear me. Sieg-san just moved her gaze towards Fia-san and muttered.

[……W- Why…… W- When]

[Eh When, she asked…… Isnt it amusing, Rei]

[Yeah, how many years do you think weve been Siegs parents I knew it the moment the both of you came home and saw your face.]

[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

In response to Sieg-sans dumbfounded words, Rei-san and Fia-san looked astonished when they replied to her.

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[……Errr, is something the matter]

[Ahh, I see! Miyama-kun doesnt know about this. This Rigforeshia Flower is a dish that is eaten during certain celebrations in this city.]

[C- Celebrations]

[Yes, its a celebration for Sieg and Miyama-kun.]


I didnt understand the situation and asked, but Fia-san and Rei-san smiled at me and replied…… Eh Wait a moment…… Does that mean they already know that Sieg-san and I are now lovers!

I- Isnt that too fast…… I- I mean, it happened just a few hours ago, and we also let go of each others hands before we went into the town…… I- I guess its to be expected from Sieg-sans parents, they immediately knew if Sieg-san had changed.

After they told me that they had clearly seen through it all, I can feel my face flushing red…… While Sieg-sans shoulders are trembling, and even her ears turned bright red.

[……Thats why…… this food…… is a dish to be eaten for a “wedding celebration”!!!]


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Hearing Sieg-sans words as she shouted with a bright red face, I couldnt help but let out a yell as well.

Ehhh… When they say “a certain celebration”…… they meant a wedding celebration! No, no, no matter how you look at it, isnt that too fast! Its really making me embarrassed here……

[Unnn Does that really matter Youre eventually going to be married, right]

[Wha! Ah, t- that is……]

[Or perhaps, does Sieg-chan think that theres a chance you will break up with Miyama-kun]

[That is, ummm…… u- unlikely…… but……]

[ [ Then, its all good! ] ]

[……U- Uuugghh…]

Hearing what the two of them said with smiles on their faces, Sieg-san blushed so red that it feels like shes going to start releasing steam on her ears, and she then sits down, covering her face with her hands.

Unnn, ummm, I dont think Im going to Sieg-san either…… but still, I can understand why Sieg-san is that bashful.

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I mean, if your own parents are that openly delighted, I would obviously be embarrassed…… Unnn, thats why, pull yourself together, me…… Stop thinking that Sieg-san who had turned bright red is cute……

Then, after Rei-san looks at Sieg-san, who has sat down on her seat, he then turns to me and gives me a serious look.


[Eh Ah, yes!]

[……Sieg is our very precious daughter. I know shell be fine with you by her side but…… Please give her happiness.]

[……Yes. Ummm, I might still be inexperienced and unreliable yet but…… Im going to do my best, and not just let Sieg-san support me. I want to be there for Sieg-san as well.]

[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

While being exposed to his gaze extremely filled with his fatherly thoughts, I still firmly looked back into Rei-sans eyes and replied to his words.

I am a man…… Its times like this when I have to be able to say something strong and reliable…… I hope that in the future, I will be someone that is worthy of being by Sieg-sans side, and a person with whom Rei-san and Fia-san can leave Sieg-san at ease…… I will do my best.

[……Unnn. I really am glad that youve become Siegs partner.]

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[Come already, enough with that man-to-man talk…… Lets go eat! Im really confident with what I made today.]

Hearing my words, Rei-san suddenly releases the serious expression on his face and calmly smiles at me.

Perhaps, sensing that our conversation has ended, Fia-san cheerfully suggested that we sit down, and we followed her suggestion.

Sieg-san, even with her face still red, stood up and took the seat next to me.

[……Leaving that out of the way… Miyama-kun.]

[Eh Yes]

[……I may be repeating myself, but the room is completely soundproofed. Also, the “replacement sheets” are in the drawer next to the bed. Also, Ill make sure that the bathtub is properly adjusted to work late at night, so you can use it to your hearts cont—— Bfueeehh!]

[……Can you please…… go die one time]

The fatherly expression Rei-san had on his face just a moment ago disappeared, turning into the face of a perverted old man, and hearing what he said, Sieg-san punched Rei-san with a tremendous force.

A vein could literally be seen popping out of her forehead, and her eyes are completely set…… It seems that shes angrier than ever before.

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[W- Wait right there, Sieg…… Why are you pulling out your sword…… Wait! Wait a moment! Wa—– Gyaaaaaahhhh!]

Thereupon, in the late night of Rigforeshia, Rei-sans loud screams echoed.

Dear Mom, Dad——- The fact that Sieg-san and I had become lovers was instantly revealed to Rei-san and Fia-san. However, why does Rei-san have to say unnecessary things…… Doing actions that shouldnt be necessary——- Even though he would have been a good father…… If it werent for that……

After Serious-senpai and Isis, my little sister drew Kuro as well.

The main heroine is adorable! As usual, its posted in the Activity Report.

Also, theyll be giving me a rough version of a smiling Kuro later.

My little sister drew this in one night…… It wasnt XXXXXXXXXX huh……

(T/N: I dont know what author was referencing about. ” ジェ○ンニじ “)

Also, perhaps, this one is when shes in the middle of waiting for the appointment time of date with Kaito Shes eating baby castella…… The murder weapon who almost killed Kaito.

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The sleeves that are excessively longer than her arms are quite wonderful.

The message below is a message from my sister.

Thank you so much for all the feedback and nice words. As Im someone working at the bottom of the pyramid, when I received lots of comments on my work that I rarely get to experience, and while Im surprised, Im grateful everyday for your support. (I apparently have to pay tribute to the popular author.) As a matter of fact, Ive only recently come to know about my brothers novel, and Ive only started reading it, so I havent been able to keep up with all of the chapters. Even though Ive drawn all these images, Im still just a hobbyist, but when I saw the impressions and reviews, I felt really impressed with his novel! I totally cant wait to promote myself as his fan (lol).


My sister drew another rough version of Kuro after I asked her to make one.

Theres also Kaito in there though…… I mean, its not clearly depicted as its still a rough sketch, but this ikemen aura drifting from him…… Its him, officer!

However, ummm, after I asked my little sister to draw it for me, why do I feel like the comments had turned into a flow where theyre badmouthing me……

T/N: 62/237-

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