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The words Sieg-san suddenly said…… were a confession about how she likes me as someone of the opposite sex. To be honest, I was quite dumbfounded and my head wasnt able to catch up with the situation at all.

I felt like I should be saying something, but my mouth doesnt move as if something was keeping them shut, and my thoughts wont completely settle.

The seriousness on Sieg-sans eyes, the look of determination on her face that doesnt look away from me…… I dont feel any doubt that shes serious about her words just now.

Seeing me frozen, unable to say anything, Sieg-sans expression faltered a bit before she wryly smiled.

[……I know. I know that until now, Kaito-san wasnt recognizing me as a target of affection…… So I understand why youre confused.]

[……Ah, no, errr.]

It certainly as Sieg-san said, Ive never seen Sieg-san as a target of romantic interest.

Its not that Sieg-san is unattractive or anything, its just that, to me, Sieg-san is…… her existence is like a woman I admire.

She is a kind, dependable, mature woman. Shes a high-ranked woman, or something like that, I guess I think thats how I looked at her.

[……S- Since…… when did it start]

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Shameful it may be, the words that leaked out of my mouth…… is a question to stretch out the conversation.

In response to me, who hasnt been able to wrap my head around it at all, Sieg-san gave me a reassuring smile and spoke.

[It wasnt until the Sacred Tree Festival that I became clearly aware of it.]

[……I- Its been that long……]

[Yes. However, it took me a long time to find the courage to express my feelings.]


How should I answer her I dont know…… I cant think of a good response at all.

SIeg-san is amazing…… shes calmly smiling in a situation like this, while I was just……

[……It was just troubling, isnt it]


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Hearing the words she said in a slightly sad tone, my vision, which had been confused and narrowed before, opened up at once.

…….Sieg-sans hand…… theyre trembling

[Im sorry. I know that it would confuse you if I suddenly told you about it…… but I really wanted to share my feelings with you.]


[You dont have to respond now…… I wont rush you for your response. However, it would be nice if you could remember it…… even in the corner of your mind.]


Sieg-sans face, as she said that with a smile, looked like she was about to start crying.

Thereupon, Sieg-san moved her gaze from me, and reached out to put away the magic tools she had placed around us.

[……Its about time for us to head back—— Eh]

[……P- Please wait.]

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Before I knew it, I was holding Sieg-sans outstretched hand.

I wasnt conscious of anything. My head is still a mess…… but I clearly knew that I couldnt just let this happen.

[……Just a bit, please give me a bit more time to think! I will give my reply to you right here!!!]

[! Y- Yes……]

Sieg-san confessed her feelings to me. Sieg-san knew that I hadnt seen her that way, but she still built up the courage to tell me her feelings.

Ive also confessed my feelings to Kuro and Isis-san before.

With Kuro, I was so preoccupied with all the stuff that was happening that I didnt have the time to think about what was about to come.

When it was with Isis-san though, I was aware that she already had affection towards me…… But still, I felt terribly uneasy when I confessed until she answered.

Im sure Sieg-san is more anxious now than I was at that time…… Confessing even though she doesnt know how I felt, and even having no expectation of a response, how much courage did she need to have to do that……

If I were to indulge Sieg-sans kindness and withhold my answer here…… I would definitely end up dragging it out and would ambiguously stall it.

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If that happens, Sieg-san would end up having to carry her anxiousness all the time……Thats why, I knew I had to respond, or at least, make sure I had the thoughts on my mind right now.

In front of Sieg-san, who had turned back towards me, I slowly closed my eyes and let my thoughts wander.

How do I feel about Sieg-san How do I want to interact with her in the future

First of all, I must stop seeing Sieg-san as just a mature woman I respect, or that shes a high-level woman…… I must only see Sieg-san as the woman she is.

As for whether I like her or not…… I obviously like her. Even now, Im really happy that she confessed to me and that she liked me.

When I first met Sieg-san, I had the impression that she was a cool person with a slender body with a beautiful face.

But when I talked to her, I found her to be a gentle person who paid attention to every detail, good at brewing tea and cooking, and had such family-oriented interests.

Back when I had just come to Lilia-sans mansion, where everyone didnt look at me too favorably, shes the one who connected with me without looking at me with strange eyes. Because I felt happy about that, we began to talk a lot.

After we got back from the Sacred Tree Festival, she would sometimes give me her home-cooked meals…… And even when she had little time on her hands, she taught me how to cook.

When I was attacked by Eta and Theta, she was the first to come running and risked her life, fighting for me.

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After we got Bell, even though I had no experience with animals, she taught me how to take care of him in many ways, and she often came to help me when she had some spare time out of her work.

I must be an idiot…… Looking back on it like this, I can see Sieg-sans affection was evident in her behavior, but I didnt notice it at all and just took advantage of her kindness.

How insensitive am I……

Slowly opening my eyes, I stare into those beautiful blue eyes, remembering each and every one of the memories I had with Sieg-san, the words I exchanged with her, and her thoughts.


[Y- Yes!]

[To be honest, I didnt really understand…… Sieg-san, youre right, Ive been oblivious to Sieg-sans affection for me until now, and even though Im thinking about it right at this moment, I havent been able to firmly put it all together.]

[……I think it isnt unreasonable. As I said earlier, Im in no hurry—— [ However ! ] ——-]

Interrupting what Sieg-san is saying as she looked slightly sad, I wrapped both of her hands in mine, and continued to speak.

[If you ask me if I like or dislike Sieg-san, I will answer without hesitation. I like Sieg-san!]

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[ ! ]

Yes, I couldnt come up with a smart answer. I also couldnt come up with a cool reply.

However, even if I removed all the filters I had selfishly attached to my perception of Sieg-san, I still had the feeling that I like her.

[Im aware that its a very selfish thing for me to say.]


[However…… From this moment on, if I were to see and treat Sieg-san as someone of the opposite sex… as a love interest…… I can assure you that I may like you more than I do now, but I cant possibly hate you!]

[ ! ! ]

Yes, seriously thinking about it, that much was certain.

If I were to walk with Sieg-san from now on…… I would probably like her even more than I do now. And theres no way Im going to hate her.

Im glad that Sieg-san confessed to me, and I want to know her better than ever. I want to like her even more.

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That would mean…… Ive already thought of one clear answer.

[Thats why, errr…… Thats why…… from now on, as your lover…… I want to know more about Sieg-san. Please let me understand more…… Please let me like you even more than I already do.]

[……Y- Yes!]

Thats the answer I chose…… I want to be lovers with Sieg-san from now on, and I want to know a lot of things with her, see a lot of things with her.

When Sieg-san heard my answer, she vigorously nodded her head and then, large drops of tears spilled out of her eyes.

[……Eh A- Arehh E- Even though Im feeling so happy…… why……]



As Sieg-san wiped away her overflowing teas with a happy smile on her face, I gently brought her into my embrace.

[Ummm, I may be an insensitive, stupid and unreliable man but…… I look forward to being with you from now on.]

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[……Yes. It was me instead, whos timid and unreliable but…… I will be in your care from now on.]

I continued to hug the crying Sieg-san as I felt the distance between our hearts have crossed a single boundary…… as if we had somehow come one step closer to each other than ever before.

Dear Mom, Dad——- Sieg-san and I are now lovers. Im insensitive, stupid, and Im only just starting to make progress, so I think I have to do my best from now on. But now, for sure——- I think our relationship has become deeper and closer than weve ever been before.

Serious-senpai: [They have become lovers…… and theyre staying in Rigforeshia for four days and three nights…… Its only the second day now…… I guess this is where hell starts now…… Its going to start raining whips……]

Serious-senpai: [Uweehh! Eh Wait, eh W- Why did you suddenly give me a candy here N- No way, my heart still isnt ready yet……]

Serious-senpai: [Ahh, thank….. you. (Kyun)]

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My sister found out that I was writing a novel, so in returned, I thre…… erhem- erhem…… commissioned her to draw for me.

After I asked her to draw her, she “willingly” drew some pictures.

I never expected she would pick Serious-senpai though.

Well… Shes cute.

Also, what a surprise, my little sister even drew Isis.

……It kinda… looks like a Goddess of Beauty though…… Eh I mean, wait a sec….. eh Kaito, youre loved by such a transcendental beauty The heck is that, how about you go die already

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