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Walking through the beautiful forest, I squinted my eyes as light shone through the trees.

I feel quite heavy since I couldnt sleep at all last night, but looking at the beautiful scenery around me, I naturally felt energized.

Sieg-san is walking a little distance in front of me, and she would occasionally move her gaze at me with a smile.

[Kaito-san, are you alright]

[Yes, the air feels great.]

Im currently walking through the forest with Sieg-san, which is simply put, a walk in the woods.

Its the second day since I arrived in Rigforeshia, and Sieg-san suggested that she would show me the forest around Rigforeshia that I couldnt see during the Sacred Tree Festival.

Other than the city itself and the Spirits Forest, I certainly hadnt seen much of Rigforeshia, and since I wanted to see more of the vast forests, I gratefully accepted her invitation.

The place Sieg-san brought me to is the forest where the hunting competition of the previous Sacred Tree Festival, and it seems to be a place where many animals live.

Since its also a place where the elves hunt, the road from the city of Rigforeshia is well-maintained, and its somehow pretty easy to walk around.

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All of the trees are thriving and the air feels very refreshing, as well as the beautiful scenery, and just as she explained to me beforehand, I can see small animals here and there.

Having lots of animals obviously means that there are lots of monsters in the area. I wouldnt have been able to come by myself to this place, but since Sieg-san is with me…… and I can also say that if the need arises, Alice, who would likely be around here somewhere, will be here to help me.

As Sieg-san and I made our way through the vibrant forest, I felt like we were currently hiking.

From time to time, Sieg-san will stop and give me a brief explanation about the plants and animals.

I guess I should have expected it since were in a different world, as there are many plants and animals that I have never seen in my previous world. Sieg-sans careful explanation though, was very easy to understand and fun to listen to.

[……We dont see that many monsters, isnt it Ah, no, as far as Im concerned, Im grateful for that but……]

[The Black Bears were wiped out by the Death King before. Also, due to the influence of World King-samas Barrier Magic, it seems that there are even fewer monsters approaching the city than before.]

I dont know if I should say its to be expected from Isis-san or its to be expected from Lillywood-san…… but it seems like it has become much safer around Rigforeshia.

I wondered if that would reduce the amount of prey they could get from hunting, but the elves didnt seem to like meat very much to begin with, so they seemed to be rather grateful to have more places to safely grow fruits.

Well, either way, thanks to that, Im grateful to that since I am now able to enjoy a leisurely stroll around here.

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As I was enjoying a leisurely stroll with Sieg-san, time had passed before I knew it, and the sun seemed to be quite high in the sky.

[……I guess its about time for lunch huh]

[Yes, since were going to the forest, I prepared a bento for us…… I hope you like it……]

[Thank you. The food Sieg-san makes is delicious, so Im looking forward to it.]

[Fufufu, you wont get anything even if you flatter me.]

When I called out to see what well have for lunch, Sieg-san pulled out a bento containing our lunch with a smile on her face…… Honestly, I was looking forward to it.

Searching for an open area in the vicinity, I then laid out a large cloth as a sheet and sat down with Sieg-san.

After that, Sieg-san places what appears to be a small magic tool on all sides of the cloth that I had laid down.

[Sieg-san Whats that]

[Ahh, its a magic tool that deploys a weak barrier around us…… It would be troubling if a monster interrupts us while were eating.]

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I see, so its a monster barrier huh We certainly are pretty vulnerable while eating, so its a relief to have something like that.

When she finished putting all of them down, Sieg-san once again placed the bento in front of me.

[Im still not as good as Mother but……]

[Thats not the case. Sieg-sans food is really good and I like it a lot.]

[T- Thank you.]

With a slightly bashful smile, Sieg-san spreads out the delicious-looking bento.

Mini hamburger steaks, egg salad, and simple sandwiches…… All of them looked delicious…… Or rather, all of the food lined up were my favorites, so embarrassing it may be, I felt excited.

How should I say this… Bento boxes have a strange excitement to them, and being within their boxes strangely makes them look so much better than when theyre normally on the plate.

[Thank you for the food.]

[Yes, enjoy your meal.]

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Pressed on by her gentle smile, I took a sandwich and brought it to my mouth first.

Ham and lettuce It was seasoned with a tangy and slightly spicy seasoning to make the salty taste of the dish more appetizing.

Continuing on, I brought the egg salad, served with a small wooden fork, to my mouth, which was also really carefully unwrapped a soft and gentle taste, along with a refreshing vegetable flavor that spread in my mouth.

Sieg-sans cooking really had a gentle taste and was very delicious…… Or rather, it seems like every time I eat it, its getting more and more to my liking.

[I have prepared lots of them, so you can take your time and eat…… Ah, I also brought some tea. Here.]

[Thank you.]

Hmmm, I wonder why How should I say this…… Spending time like this feels kind of nice.

Eating lunch with Sieg-san, who would serenely smile in the midst of the greenery-filled nature…… It somehow makes me feel very warm, or rather, it makes me feel very calm.

Feeling relaxed and happy, we proceeded with our meal and finished all of the bentos, which should have been quite large.

Just as my stomach swelled up, Sieg-san quietly prepared a cup of hot tea, and after I thanked her again, I brought it to my mouth.

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[Ahh, I- Im sorry.]

[……Could it be that you havent been able to sleep much last night]

[……Errr, I actually only slept for a bit……]

I dont know if its because I felt relaxed after a good meal, but I unintentionally leaked out a yawn.

[……Kaito-san, how about you get some sleep for a bit]

[Eh No, but……]

[You dont have to be that reserved, go get some sleep.]

As she said this, Sieg-san took a large cloth from her magic box and rolled it around, she turned it into a pillow.

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Its true that after I filled up my stomach, Im feeling quite sleepy…… so her suggestion that I can sleep sounds very appealing.

Moreover, since Sieg-san was so concerned about me, its kind of difficult for me to say no.

[……Then, Ill sleep for a bit.]


Deciding to take Sieg-sans suggestion and sleeping for a little while, I laid down on the pillow that Sieg-san had prepared for me.

Thereupon, Sieg-san took out a thin blanket and gently draped it over me.

[……Errr, then, please wake me up after a while.]

[I understand.]

Laying down quickly makes me feel sleepy, and when I called out to Sieg-san as I felt my eyelids getting heavier, she gave me a gentle, reassuring smile.

Then, she slowly approached me, and as I felt my hair being gently stroked, I heard her beautiful voice.

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[ ~ ~ ♪ ~ ~ ]

[……A song]

[Yes, it doesnt have any lyrics but…… Its often sung in lullabies. If its unpleasant, should I stop]

[No, you can keep going if you want.]

[Yes…… ~ ~ ♪ ]

The gentle, beautiful melody comfortably echoes in my ears and slowly lulls me to sleep.

So Sieg-san…… is a good singer too. She really seems like a mature woman who can do everything, a really lovely person……

As I was thinking about this, my consciousness slowly faded away…… I thought I heard her soft voice mixed in with the song.

[……Kaito-san…… While you sleep, Im going to prepare myself…… When you wake up…… Please let me convey…… these feelings of mine.]

Before I could get a firm grasp on her words, my eyelids completely dropped…… and my consciousness sank into slumber.

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Dear Mom, Dad——- I came for a walk in the woods with Sieg-san and was treated to a delicious lunch. Thereupon, probably because I had been up all night, I quickly felt sleepy and I decided to take advantage of Sieg-sans kindness, taking a nap by her side. How should I say this, whenever Im with Sieg-san, I feel really at ease, or rather—— It feels really peaceful.

This sense of warmness really shows Siegs charm. Being wrapped within the warmness of an adult woman…… How lovely, it is.

Kaito could just go explode.

Next Chapter, Confession.

T/N: I made it…… Though I ended todays bonus chapters with a cliff… lul


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