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After a brief self-introduction, Frea-san placed her kiseru pipe back into the holder that was strapped to the belt strap of her trousers, before she looked up at me and spoke.

[I suppose it would be easier to explain if I showed you my dragon form, but doing that would cause a commotion in the city, so let's just leave that for another time. The order of my explanations wasn't good, and I caused my comrade unnecessary confusion…… I'm sorry.]

[Ah, no, don't worry about it…… By the way, errr, why are you calling me comrade]

[Ahh, what, it's not that big of a matter. Even though we're at different places and using different means, we still once fought on the same stage back in the God Realm, facing in the same direction…… Thus, you are my comrade.]

[I see.]

The stage in the God Realm that Frea-san mentioned should be related to the ordeal that Shiro-san had given me. I only heard about it later from the others, so I don't really know that much about it…… but other than my acquaintances, I heard that many people, including the Six Kings' executives, participated in that battle.

And Frea-san is also one of them…… Even though it was a coincidence, it might be a good opportunity that we got to meet like this. Either way, I had been thinking of thanking them sooner or later.

[……Frea-san, I know that it was already late, but for lending me your strength at that time, thank you very much.]

When I bowed my head, Frea-san looked shocked for a moment, before she gently smiled and lightly tapped me on my shoulder.

[Your thanks are unnecessary…… is what I'd like to say, but I could see that they're words of gratitude that my comrade said with much effort. Thus, I will accept your gratitude. But in that case, let me also express my gratitude.]


[I would like to thank you for allowing me to be a part of that battle, and briefly it may be, to see with my own eyes your great deeds. It was truly magnificent.]

[No, I had a lot of help from a lot of people in that incident. The only reason I was able to defeat Shiro-san was because of all of you who helped me.]

These were truly my heartfelt words. I have triumphed over Shiro-san, the creator of the world…… When you put it into words, it sounds like a great accomplishment. But the truth is that I couldn't have even made it through the first trial on my own.

It was with this thought in mind that I said this, but Frea-san quietly shook her head.

[That is where you are wrong, my comrade. It is true that what you have done and the results you have achieved are great. However, it was "not because of your achievement" that I called you great, my comrade.]


[It wasn't just about the God Realm. From the time my comrade arrived in this world, to the time you have challenged the God…… There must have been many difficulties that stood before you. I don't know the details, but there was that incident with the Underworld King, the one involving the being called the Demon Lord, and many of such difficulties.]

Once there, she paused for a moment and turned her gaze towards the sky. Following his gaze, I also looked up and saw the beautiful blue sky without a cloud to be seen.

Then, with her gaze still on the sky, she calmly spoke.

[……Hey, my comrade The choice of "compromising" should have been available for you. The choice of "giving up" should also have existed. Of course, I know that there are times when running away isn't always an option. However, such a thing should be close to nonexistent.]


[You could have settled with moderate results. No one would have blamed you if you had given up and ran away. The things that have happened to you have been too great a challenge for a mortal to face.]

Hearing the things Frea-san had said, I would be lying if I said that there wasn't anything that came to my mind. For example, when I met Isis-san for the first time, no one would have blamed me for running away because of fear.

There were many times when I could have escaped if I had wanted to, and many times when I could have compromised or given up if I wanted.

However, I……

[……However, comrade didn't stop. You wanted the best result, so you vigorously opposed your own frightened heart. That is why comrade has gained a lot of people by your side. That is why comrade had seized great results.]


Thereupon, Frea-san turned her gaze from the sky back to me and stared at my eyes.

[My comrade, you are not great because you have achieved victory. It was because "you had faced the challenge that you were great. I admire your courage more than anything, your proud heart that reached out for the best. You can be proud of what you achieved. You have succeeded in your challenge because it was you who did it…… Its a great deed that no one else could ever duplicate.]

The words we had exchanged so far had at least conveyed to me that Frea-san was a straightforward person. Thats why I felt a little embarrassed when I understood that these words of praise were Frea-sans true intentions, holding not a single hint of falsehood.

[That is why, the great challenge that such a comrade is facing…… If I could help you in any way, that would be something I would be most proud of. And seeing my comrade achieve victory brings me incomparable joy. That is why I want to thank you. For allowing me to take part in that really great battle.]

Seeing such a Frea-san telling me that with a smile, I couldnt help but smile too. Its not because I achieved a great result that Im great. Its the fact that I reached out to achieve such a great result that makes me great…… The words of praise Frea-san for the courage I mustered, holding not a hint of deceit in it…… really makes me happy.

Serious-senpai : [……Since her appearance, her Affection Meters are just too high.]

: [She has been praising Kaito-san from beginning to end after all…… Speaking of which, Serious-senpai, why are you drinking black coffee as if its a matter of course Also, why do I feel like there are so many things here in the Afterword than before……]

Serious-senpai : [Makina gave me a lot of stuff. Even though she had some personality problems, her logistics ability is truly divine.]

: [I was worried about whether it would be alright if she were to take my role for the moment, but it seemed like youve gotten along surprisingly well…… Well, for the time being, heres some sugar for your coffee.]

Serious-senpai : [Why are you smoothly harassing me!]-

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