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One late afternoon, I went out to buy some books. I've been living in Symphonia's royal capital for quite some time now, so I already have a good grasp of the geography of the area close to my home.

As I was walking along, thinking of several nearby bookstores in my memory and which one I should go to today…… an unfamiliar sight suddenly caught my eye.

A crowd of people…… Or rather, a large number of people gathered around a small girl…… I mean, she seemed to be almost surrounded.

In addition, the people surrounding her were a bit strong…… I know I shouldn't be prejudiced by looks too much, but it's also possible that she was tangled up…… No, I don't feel any tense emotions from her. Rather, the emotion I could read with my Sympathy Magic was that she was somewhat happy.

Hmmm, there are a lot of people in this world whose appearance doesn't match their age, so perhaps, they may just be normal friends getting together. Well, whatever's happening there, it doesn't look like there's any problem.

As I was thinking about this, the girl in the distance suddenly turned her head, and I couldn't help but stare at her. She had long hair as red as blazing fire, and her face was very neat, but what was even more shocking to me…… was the "countless scars" on her face.

A vertical claw-like scar over her right eye, a horizontal cut on her nose, and a scar on her that looks like it had a hole that had healed up…… Even just a quick glance showed me that her face was riddled with scars.

On her upper body, which was as scarred as her face, she only wore a sarashi wrapped around her chest, a black coat, or perhaps, a gakuran-like clothing with a flame-like pattern. As for her lower body, was she wearing bontan pants Anyhow, she's wearing trousers that were awfully larger than her size…… Not only that, but she also had one of those kiseru pipes I only seen from ancient dramas, making her look as if she was a female delinquent leader.

Her iridescent eyes, with their long, vertical pupils, looked as sharp as a bird of prey's, and she seemed to release an inexplicable sense of intimidation.

(T/N: The black student uniform on his back is called Gakuran, while the pants he's wearing is called bontan)

As I was surprised by her appearance, which was different from the image I had from looking at her back, my eyes suddenly met with hers, and I felt her eyes become sharper.

I'm a bit…… No, I'm quite scared. How should I say this…… It's as if her presence heeds you to act in your best behavior…… Even though she looked petite, she had quite an overwhelming presence.

Thereupon, the girl brought her kiseru pipe into her mouth, and started approaching with a regal gait…… Eh No, why! Why is she coming here Was it because I met eyes with her

Just like that, the girl walks up to me and quietly raises her gaze to look at me…… I mean, her eyes look nasty. Eh What the heck is with this situation…… Could it be that One of those scenes in delinquent mangas, where delinquents suddenly pick a fight for no rhyme nor reason……

[If it isn't my comrade! What a great coincidence it is that we can meet here!]


Arehh The situation is kinda different from what I had imagined…… Why am I being called a comrade by this girl that I've never met before This should be the first time we met, right It's kinda hard to believe that I would forget someone with an appearance as distinctive as hers……

I don't know if she knew about my confusion or not, but the girl grinned and happily spoke.

[I've always wanted to talk to my comrade at some point. How about it Since we've fortuitously met, why don't we have a little chat]

[Huh E- Errr……]

As I was wondering what I should say, the people who had surrounded the girl earlier approached.

I hadn't noticed it earlier, but it seems like all of them had this "red claw" emblem somewhere on their clothes.

[Sis, we would like to exchange greetings as well, but we don't have much time, so……]

[Unnn Ahh, it's already time huh. Yes, I will introduce you lot to my comrade some other time. Head on there and don't be late.]

[Yes! Thank you for going out of your way to see us off, Sis!!!]

[Don't mind it. That aside, make sure not to cause any trouble for others…… A rash action by a single one of you could ruin the reputation of everyone of the "Crimson Fang", so you better do your duty.]

[Hahh! Well then, if you will excuse us!!!]

Hearing the girl's words, the members of Crimson Fang () simultaneously bowed. What the heck, I wonder why I feel like I'm being left alone with a delinquent…… What the heck is going on here

[I'm sorry, my comrade. They originally would have liked to exchange greetings with you too, but they're a little busy, so I hope you can forgive them for today.]

[Eh Ah, no, yes…… I don't really mind…… M- My apologies. Errr, have I met you somewhere before]

The girl told me such a thing with a wry smile on her face, but I still don't have any idea who the girl in front of me was. I desperately tried to search my memory, trying to remember if I met her before, but I still have no idea.

Thus, I decided to ask her directly. Thereupon, the girl looked puzzled for a moment, before she scratched her head in embarrassment.

[……Ahh, that's right. Now that my comrade mentioned it, you wouldn't know who I am. My apologies. Let me start again with my introduction. The name I received at birth is "Freabell", and the name the King had bestowed upon me is "Nidzveld"…… Freabell Nidzveld. One of the Dragon King's executive subordinates, the "Four Great Demon Dragons", entrusted with the lowest seat. Feel free to call me Frea.]

[Huh Yes…… Ummm, I am…… Miyama Kaito. I'm in your care…… Frea-san.]

I don't know how many times I've been surprised today, but I was once again taken aback. And at the same time, Lilia-san, with the shura haunting behind her back, suddenly popped into my mind…… Might just be my imagination. I'd like to think that it was just my imagination.

: [The story beginning with the description of Kaito-san walking alone in the city is a stable and proven flag for the appearance of a new character.]

Serious-senpai : [Now that you mentioned it, that was usually the case when he met someone by chance…… Lilia would definitely hold her because of that, telling him off because "everytime he goes out, he meets someone outrageous".]-

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