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After my stroll with Sieg-san, we came back to Rei-san and Fia-sans home.

I was feeling a bit gloomy, but that was resolved after my stroll with Sieg-san, and I thought all I had to do now was get a good nights sleep and get ready for tomorrow, but at that moment, a troubling situation arose.

[Kaito-san! How many times do I have to tell you to make you understand!!!]

[Thats my line!]

[……Youre really stubborn, arent you……]

[……I return those words back to you.]

……Sieg-san and I were currently having what you would call an argument for the first time since we met.

However, it isnt that were speaking ill of each other or that were displeased. Its simply because we held opinions that clashed with each other.

[……Like I said, Ill go sleep on the floor! Sieg-san, you go sleep on the bed!]

[Thats no good! Kaito-san is our guest! Ill be sleeping on the floor!]

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[If youre saying it like that, theres no way I would let a woman sleep on the floor either! I wont budge on this one!]

Yes, Sieg-san and I are arguing about the one and only bed.

Even though two people could sleep on it if they wanted to because of its size, Sieg-san wouldnt want to sleep with a man like me on the same futon, so I told her that I was originally planning to sleep on the floor…… But Sieg-san just wouldnt stop insisting that she couldnt let me, as her guest, sleep on the floor.

And now, we are arguing about giving each other the bed.

[Im stronger than you. I used to sleep outdoors a lot, so Im fine on the floor.]

[In the world where I was in, it was common to sleep on the floor with a futon laid out on the floor. Its fine if I just sleep on the floor.]



Lilia-san once described me and Sieg-san as being similar to each other, and I think that might actually be true.

[Anyway, I have my pride as a man too! I cant let a woman sleep on the floor!]

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[You dont have to treat me like a woman! Im not sexy or feminine at all!]

[Thats not true! Sieg-san is a very charming, lovely woman!!!]

[Hweh! T- T- T- Thank you……]

[Eh Ah, no……]

I just reflexively said something outrageous!

Hearing the words I shouted at her, Sieg-sans face turns red as she looks down. I cant continue to speak anymore either.

Unable to speak to each other, seeing Sieg-san looking down and fidgeting made me feel embarrassed and I looked away.

However, the conversation wouldnt go on if we just stay silent like this, so after a moment of silence, I slowly opened my mouth.

[……B- But, you see…… If the both of us wont budge at all, well have no choice but to sleep in the same bed though]

[……I- Its not…… l- like I…… mind it that much anyway.]

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If we both wont allow the other person to sleep on the floor, well have to sleep together in the same bed…… When I told her that, to my surprise, Sieg-san said she was fine with it.

I know shes just looking out for me but……

[……A- Are you really sure youre okay with that]

[……Yes…… I- I guess Kaito-san really wouldnt want to be in the same bed as a large woman like me, right]

[N- No, I dont think of such things at all…… Also, Sieg-san is a really lovely woman. Your height is also part of your charm.]

[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

Sieg-san is about the same height…… or maybe a bit taller than me, and she seems to be pretty conscious about that.

She has already asked it multiple times before, to which I told her I wasnt intimidated by her features.

Its true that Sieg-san is tall, and with her extremely beautiful face, at first glance, she gave a cool impression.

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But after talking with her, I realized shes very gentle and her height, coupled with her slender figure and beautiful proportions, is just one of the things that makes her so attractive.

[……P- Please dont flatter too much…… I- Its making me feel embarrassed.]

[Ah, I- Im sorry.]

Back then, Sieg-san couldnt speak, so even now, I know what she wants to say even if she doesnt say much, and in fact, the opposite was also true, and she seems to know what Im thinking to a certain extent too.

She could tell that I find Sieg-san attractive, and as she tried hiding her long ears that had turned red, she looked very cute…… and thinking about whats about to come, I felt my nervousness tremendously rise.

……Its quiet… Too quiet.

The ticking of the clock is extremely loud, and Im currently keeping my eyelids shut, surrounded by a crystal-clear silence in the darkness of the night.

My body was considerably tired. I took a long trip on the Flying Dragon Services, a lot of things have happened since we got here, and I took a night stroll…… But even with all the things Ive done and how tired my body is, I dont feel like I can sleep at all.

Im lying on my side on the edge of the bed, and behind me is Sieg-san, who is lying down and should be facing the opposite direction.

[……Kaito-san…… Are you still awake]

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As Im savoring the feeling of time slipping away without feeling like I can sleep at all, I heard a small voice call out from behind me.

[……Dont you think were wasting a little too much space]

[……I was also thinking the same thing.]

Currently, Sieg-san and I are lying back to back, as far away from each other as possible.

However, although its bigger than a normal bed, its not as big as a king-size bed. When we are laying down while trying to keep some distance away from each other, we cant help but be at the edge of the bed.

This may be partly due to our personalities, but at any rate, the space in the middle of us is quite empty.

[……Should we get a bit closer]


I had been thinking about it, but I couldnt just carelessly say it as it might be impolite, but thanks to Sieg-san opening up that topic herself, despite my nervousness, I was able to agree to it.

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Wriggling my body to avoid looking back at her, I slightly moved towards the center of the bed.

I can hear the sound of clothing rubbing with clothes from her side. It seems like Sieg-san is moving in the same way as mine……

[ [ ! ] ]

However, there is no way we can make fine adjustments by moving with just our senses without looking back, and after I feel Sieg-sans back touching with mine, both of us simultaneously flinched.

I felt my senses being awfully keen because Im nervous, and my back feels hot even though we only slightly touched each other.

I could hear my own heart thumping loudly, and I was about to speak to distract myself from the nervousness that was boiling my body…… Before I could speak though, Sieg-san spoke.

[……Kaito-san, can I ask you something weird]

[……Something weird Y- Yes, I dont mind.]

Hearing Sieg-sans ask me in a slightly raised voice, I nod my head and replied that I dont mind.

Thereupon, Sieg-san stayed silent for a moment before she slowly spoke.

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[……Today, you were talking about it with Father…… ummm, about my underwear……]

[Ehh Ah, no, that was just Rei-sans joke, okay!]

[Fufu, I know. No, you would probably just rampage like you usually do……]


Hearing Sieg-san suddenly saying something outrageous, but its not like I would do anything like that, so I hurriedly explained to her.

After laughing at my reaction, which could be described as excessive, Sieg-san spoke more outrageous words.

[I dont really understand though…… for example…… Would Kaito-san want to see me…… while Im just wearing my underwear]

[Wha! S- S- Sieg-san! W- W- What the heck are you saying!]

[No, I was just simply wondering…… what would you feel when you see…… a woman whose chest is small and doesnt have any glamor…… And you see, Ive heard that men like women with big breasts……]


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Eh Whats with these questions Ummm, do I have to respond to this Im feeling so embarrassed just hearing about this……

H- Hmmm. Its just my guess, but I think based on what she usually says and does, I think Sieg-san doesnt have a lot of confidence in herself as a woman. So, being a man, she wanted to hear my opinion…… If thats the case, then I should properly answer her.

[……Dont every person have their own preferences Of course, there are a certain number of people who like women with large breasts but…… I personally think they are attractive enough even without them being large.]

[……For instance, what do you think about me If Kaito-san saw me only wearing that…… w- would you, ummm, be a- aroused]

[……I definitely would be…… Ive said this many times, Sieg-san is an incredibly attractive woman and……to be honest, Im still very nervous even now.]

[……Is that the truth]

My face was burning hot, but I honestly told her my thoughts.

Thereupon, Sieg-san tried confirming it again, sounding a bit anxious.

[Yes. I think Sieg-san should have more confidence to yourself.]

[……Being told that I have a low estimation of myself, I dont want to be told that by Kaito-san……]

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Thats a very strong counter, that I even let out a groan.

I certainly dont have that much confidence in myself either. How should I say this… I guess you could say Im a cowardly person at heart, and that everytime people think highly of me, Im afraid that such compliments arent fitting for someone like me…… This is the only thing that I feel isnt going to change anytime soon.

[Fufufu, but thank you. I got a bit more confident of myself.]

[I- Is that so…… Thats good to hear.]

[……Ahh, but, please dont steal my underwear.]

[I wont steal it!!!]

I strongly refuted the words that she teasingly said.

I mean, even though I know shes just joking, but I didnt expect that she would really warn me of that…… What kind of person do I look like in Sieg-sans mind……

[……I think youre a man more fantastic than any others.]

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[Ehh Ah, errr, t- thank you.]

The words were spoken as if she could see through the thoughts in my mind, and I felt the heat that was supposed to have cooled down, suddenly returned back to my face…… Unnn, as expected, I dont think Ill be able to sleep today.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Sieg-san is a wonderful, mature woman who is kind, family-oriented, and very reliable. However, she isnt perfect in everything, she sometimes feels anxious, unsure of herself, and has lots of traits that show shes a human like me. And with all of these qualities she has —— I think shes a very lovely woman.

The sweetness level is slowly rising.

Even so, Kaitos reasoning is as tough as orichalcon…… Even though she was completely pushing herself and the flow of the atmosphere even looks like she would accept him……

Serious-senpai: [……One extremely spicy mapo tofu ramen please.]

T/N: Not sure if I would be able to add another bonus chapter today, but Ill try.


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