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Together with the pair of Isis-san and Fate-san, the three of us were able to enjoy ourselves harmoniously from start to finish without any major troubles. My work and Fate-san's work, which had been doubtfully completed, ended up looking reasonably good in the end, thanks to the advice and corrections we received from Isis-san.

How should I say this…… The pair of Shiro-san and Lilia-san, and the pair of Kuro and Sieg-san had brought about a series of troubles and events, being together with this pair, chatting peacefully throughout the day, was very soothing for me.

Rather, Isis-san and Fate-san had a good affinity when it came to chatting. Fate-san talks a lot, while Isis-san was more of the quiet type, so it was very fitting when Fate-san would bring out a topic and Isis-san would respond to her.

In some cases, their conversation would even become so lively that there was no room for me to interject. It may be rude of me to say this, but I'm quite surprised that this pair seemed to be the most successful one.

If it were possible, I would have liked to stay and enjoy chatting over a cold drink, but if I stayed any longer, I wouldn't be able to hang out with the remaining pair…… Alice and Anima before noon, so even though I was feeling a bit reluctant, I decided to part ways with Isis-san and Fate-san.

The last remaining pair, Alice and Anima, had already climbed out of the water, and was working on something…… Heck, they're already preparing for lunch.

I can't hear their conversation because of the distance, but as Anima holds a knife, Alice was pointing at something and talking to her…… Was Alice teaching Anima how to cook

Feeling that the two of them seemed to be getting to know each other without too much trouble, I walked over to them.

[Are you two already preparing lunch]

[Yes, I did say I would prepare our lunch this time. Well, it won't really take much time, so I can do it later…… but Anima-san asked me to teach her how to cook, so I'm teaching her some stuff while preparing it.]

When I called out to them, Alice explained without looking away from what she was doing. Well, since it's here we're talking about, she must have noticed already that I was approaching. Also, the fact that she doesn't look at me is probably, or rather, definitely because she was embarrassed.

[Heehhh…… Anima is learning how to cook huh.]

[Yes! Even though I knew how to cook some, I am still inexperienced. Now that I stand before one of the world's most skilled, I thought of asking her for her knowledge!]

When Anima proclaimed this with sparkling eyes, Alice looked somewhat tired. I can understand what she feels. It must be exhausting to be on the receiving end of someone blatantly giving off a "respect aura" around her. Especially in Alice's case where she couldn't carelessly fool around……

As I reflexively chuckled upon seeing such an Alice, she let out a sigh before turning towards Anima, she spoke.

[Listen here, Anima-san. In cooking, there is one more thing that is more important than anything else. Put aside all those pretentious stuff like love and clever skills…… What's important is "tasting"!]

[……Tasting But that is……]

[Yes, that's right. Tasting your food is the most obvious thing in the world. However, that is obvious only because it is most important. Listen closely, okay In the first place, anyone who lets someone eat their sh*tty food without malice would either be people who doesn't taste their food or those with strange taste buds! If you just taste it, you would know if your cooking is a success or a failure before you even serve it to the others.]

Stopping herself from speaking at that, Alice then turned to another direction and shouted.

[Do you understand! Kuro-san! It's important to taste it!!! If only you had tasted it, you would have prevented nine out of ten of the hell that Kaito-san must have gone through!!!]

[Eh Me!]

Kuro, who was a few distance away, looked surprised when she was suddenly called out by name, but in this situation, I was more inclined to applaud Alice. That's great, Alice. Go tell her more…… Or rather, for my future, seriously, go tell her this a little more……

As I was thinking about this, Alice turned her gaze back to Anima before she continued.

[Well, that's why, Anima-san…… She's a bad example, okay Don't be like that girl over there who says stuff like exploring the possibilities of baby castellas, but produces dark matter every so often.]

[……I- I see.]

[I'd also like to ask you that. Please don't be like her.]

[If that is what Master says, I will be very mindful of this matter.]

It was an unexpected turn of events, but I'm grateful that she mentioned it rather clearly. As expected of Alice, she's really reliable in situations like this.

Well, Kuro was only tilting her head at us though, seemingly unable to understand what Alice meant…… I'll just hope for some improvement in the future……

~ ~ Extra : Please teach us, Makina-chan ~ ~

Makina : [And thus, Mother is here to answer the questions of my children! Well then, first off……]

『Who is stronger, Pandora or Ozma』

Makina : [I guess it would be Ozma. Though I say that, it's not that there's a big difference between their strengths, and in fact, in terms of combat compatibility, Pandora has a significant advantage against melee combat-oriented opponents, so depending on the flow of the match, there's a possibility that Pandora could end up winning. Well, there's a 7:3 chance that Ozma would win though.]

『Does the other members of the Ten Demons think that Illness is a pervert』

Makina : [Illness certainly is the most decent among the Ten Demons in terms of personality, and I'm sure the other members agree with that. But don't forget, when she acts as Pandemonium, Illness wears "a dress with bandages rolled up all over her body aside from her right eye". In addition, her right eye, her only eye that she can see from, is often out of focus…… Well, even if her personality is decent, I won't blame the other members for thinking that she's a weirdo.]

『Can you tell us the particular details of Factory Gear's ability』

Makina : [About my Heart Tool huh. I guess my child really is curious about Mother Fufufu, I'm glad. Well then, I'll explain.]

Factory Gear

A gear-shaped Heart Tool. By sticking the gear on something, any non-living thing can be replicated.

However, the speed of reproduction varies depending on the amount of magic power of the object, and depending on the object, reproduction may even take a hundred or a thousand years.

Things that couldn't be touched by the gear (Those who don't have substance) couldn't be reproduced.

Makina : [Or something like that. Hmmm, it makes me feel complicated though. Very complicated…… Having the power of creation, it's at least a power I have no use for. Ahh, incidentally, my Factory Gear also has an Ultimate Battle Form. I'll tell everyone about that too.]

Factory Gear Ultimate Battle Form 『Soldier Gear 』

Every ten seconds, the user can generate mechanical soldiers that the user can move at will. In addition, the user can specify the "number", "strength" or "size" of the soldier, and each time they are generated, the number of mechanical soldiers doubles.

(For example : If the number is specified, the number increases from 1⇒2⇒4⇒8⇒16 with each generation.)

It is possible to change the specified values, but if you do, the enhancements will revert to their default values.

Makina : [……Unnn, I really feel complicated about it. Very complicated. Well, it certainly is strong for a long-term battle, but as I said, it's an unnecessary power for the omniscient, omnipotent me. It takes too much time to reinforce it, and it's only useful for people other than me in certain situations…… Well, I guess that would be it for today. If there's another chance, Mother will teach you a lot of things again! Well then……]

Serious-senpai : [My rooooooole!]

Makina : [Eh What What role]

Serious-senpai : [What the heck are you doing! Isn't it my role to answer the readers' questions in an easy-to-understand manner!]

Makina : [Eh Is that so ……However, even if Serious-senpai knows about all sorts of random things, when it comes to stuff regarding the story…… You'd normally "deceive them with your enthusiasm", but you don't really know that much, right Even most of the previous questions were answered by …… Wouldn't it be better if the omniscient me answered them]

Serious-senpai : [……Stop, stop with the serious response…… That's super effective to me…… Seriously super effective……]-

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