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As we continued to work leisurely while enjoying idle conversation, Fate-san seemed like she suddenly thought of something, before turning her gaze towards Isis-san, she spoke.

[……Honestly speaking, before today…… I couldn't understand what was on Ai-chan's mind.]

[……What…… do you mean]

[No, even though we haven't had many conversations like this, I've known about Ai-chan for a long time. However, I just don't understand what you meant when you said you were lonely and alone.]

Saying this, Fate-san turned her gaze back to the hourglass she's working on and continued working. After Fate-san said that it was only until a while ago, sounding somewhat nostalgic, Isis-san also stopped working for a moment and turned towards Fate-san.

[……I felt that it's normal for the overwhelmingly strong to be isolated, and I didn't understand why is it that you wanted to be friends with those inferior to you in rank. The strong and the weak don't stand on the same stage, and so, it's natural that there would be differences. It's normal for the weak to fear the strong, so I thought it was idiotic of you to worry about that. No, well, my outlook at things had been quite narrow back then, so it's not like saying that what Ai-chan had done was wrong or anything like that~~]

[……U- Unnn]

[I thought Ai-chan was a strange fellow who thinks about things that don't make sense…… It's not that I like or dislike you though. How should I say this…… It's kinda hard to describe…… I guess my impression of Ai-chan until a while ago was that you're a strange person who doesn't make any sense.]

[Until a while ago, does that mean that it's different now]

While her tone was as lax as usual, Fate-san didn't sound like she was insulting Isis-san, and in fact, the expression on her face seemed like she was somewhat smiling.

When I asked her what she thought of Isis-san, Fate-san glanced at me before looking at Isis-san and spoke.

[……Hmmm, how should I say this…… I just thought that Ai-chan is "normal". Ah, no, I don't mean it in a bad way. It's more like, I feel like Ai-chan isn't any different than normal girls. For someone who was supposed to be the most feared among the Six Kings, being the Incarnation of Death, you don't look that scary at all. I guess you can't always rely on public opinion in knowing what someone is like huh~~ Well, I guess it might just be that it's because I'm not affected by your magic power of death.]

[……Thank you.]

[Unnn Did I praise Ai-chan]

[……I don't know ……However…… For me…… being told I'm normal…… makes me happy…… that's why…… thank you.]

[Hmmm. Well, in that case…… you're welcome]


Perhaps, because she was seen as an object of fear by many, or even the whole world, Isis-san seemed to be very pleased with Fate-san's assessment of her as someone normal.

Seeing her like that, Fate-san was silent for a bit…… before she smiled as happily as Isis-san.

[……I guess there really would be things that you can't understand until you talk to them in person. Unnn…… I don't dislike Ai-chan's personality. I feel like we'd get along well…… Since we have this opportunity, we should get to know each other better! And so, what are your hobbies, Ai-chan]

[……Hobbies ……Reading books…… and collecting memorabilia…… I guess ……What about your hobbies, Fate]

[None! If I had to point out one, I'd say it's skipping work!]

[I don't think you can call that a hobby……]

Even though she had talked about lots of things, I guess Fate-san was trying to say that she wanted to know more about Isis-san.

How should I say this…… It may be rude to say this to someone who is much older and more powerful than I am, but being able to feel Fate-san's growth at every important point makes me kind of happy and gives a smile on my face.

Just like that, the two of them continued to learn about each other. With every word they exchanged, they seemed to get to know each other better, and as a smile naturally crept up on my lips, I joined in the conversation.

I had thought that they would have quite the opposite personality, but it seems that Isis-san and Fate-san are more compatible with each other than I had imagined, and their conversation was quite lively.

[……Then, what do Ai-chan like the most]


[Hohooo~~ That means, we're the same~~]

[……Unnn…… The same.]

The two of them seem to have a gentle atmosphere, or rather, the situation feels like they were leisurely conversing with each other over a cup of tea.

[……By the way, Ai-chan, I'm tired, so do you want to take a break]

[……Eh ……But…… we've only been at this for a few minutes.]

[No, no, I've worked diligently for a few minutes already, so don't you think that's an accomplishment for me]

[……U- Unnn…… I- I guess so]

[Right! And so, let's take a break……]

[No, it's still too early for that. I think we should finish at least one first.]

Well, their personality was a great match…… but If I leave them alone, Isis-san would definitely be swept along by the pushy Fate-san, so I can't completely leave them alone.

No, I mean, if her request is complied here, she'd probably laze around for whatever reason, and worst of all, I don't think she'd be able to finish her work by the end of the day.

Hmmm, how should I say this…… I think I might have understood how Chronois felt a little better.

Q : Is Ozma's strength, which is said to have fought evenly with Megiddo, on the level of the Six Kings

A : Megiddo in their sealed state is inferior to the other Six Kings by one level. Even so, they still hold power that separates them from the Count-ranks…… Also, it was a few tens of thousands of years ago that they were evenly matched, and now, Megiddo is stronger than Ozma, even in their sealed state.

At the moment, the order of strength:

Kuro > Alice > The Wall of Omnipotence > Megiddo (True Form) > Ein > Isis > Lillywood > Magnawell > A Level Wall > Megiddo (Sealed) > Ozma

~ ~ Extra : What would be the rankings of the Six Kings if they had grown to their maximum potential ~ ~

No. 1 : Kuromueina (Prologue Fully Awakened)

No. 2 : Alice

No. 3 : Isis (Magic Power of Death Full Control)

~ ~ The Wall of Omnipotence ~ ~

No. 4 : Megiddo (True Form)

Tied for No. 4 : Ein (Authority of Time Complete Growth)

~ ~ The Wall of Quasi-Omnipotence ~ ~

No. 6 : Lillywood (Divine Tree Form)

No. 7 : Magnawell

※ His large size tends to be a handicap when dealing against beings of the same rank

~ ~ Extra within an extra ~ ~

Prologue (Fully Awakened)

It is the power of Kuromueina, allowing her to control the beginning, and at the time of the final battle, Kuromueina was only able to use a small portion of this power.

With this power, Kuromueina stands at the beginning of everything, which makes it so that "nothing can exist before Kuromueina". In every action, the first move would "always be held by Kuromueina", and those who face her would always lose the initiative.

With this power, Kuromueina is also the one who determines the beginning. Since there is nothing before the beginning set by Kuromueina, all of Kuromueina's attacks are irreversible, making recovery and revival impossible. The establishment of the beginning can always be canceled  by Kuromueina if she wills it.

With this power, Kuromueina is capable of reaching any outcome and creating any outcome.

This power is extremely powerful and is theoretically higher than omnipotence, so even if the opponent is omnipotent and omniscient, there is no escaping from the power of the beginning.

However, it is still "a power within the domain of comparing abilities", so it cannot resist the completely beyond…… out of the realm power of Epilogue. However, if one were to exclude Epilogue, one could say that this holds the strongest power.

……But then, there has never been, and will never be, any development that would need her to use this power to fight. The world is at peace.-

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