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Arriving at Rei-san and Fia-sans home, even though things have become a bit flurried, it seems that dinner is ready, so we moved towards the dining room.

There, I see Fia-san laying out lots of food, and looking somewhat happy, Rei-san spoke.

[Oya It seems like were having a feast today.]

[Yeah, Sieg-chans voice came back and Miyama-kun came to visit. I have to show him my skills.]

[……They look delicious.]

[Mother is the one who taught me how to cook, so shes pretty good at it.]

The food lined up on the dining table, had a homely atmosphere, looked very tasty, and I could tell that Fia-san was a good cook just by looking at it.

Then, Rei-san and Sieg-san took their seats, while Fia-san smiles towards me and pointed to an empty chair.

[Come now, Miyama-kun, sit down.]


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The moment I heard those words, a nostalgic scene flashed in my mind.

——–Look, Kaito. Sit down, Mom worked really hard today!]

——–D- D- Doesnt this look a little extravagant

——–I mean, its Kaitos birthday! I even baked a cake!

Its a really nostalgic memory, a childhood memory filled with happiness and love that I had taken for granted.

——–Mom, isnt this cake crushed flat

——–Ugghhh… T- That was because it couldnt carry my love……

——–It would be great if its just something like this……

——–You- said- some- thing, Dear


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Thinking about it now, that cake was quite a terribly-made one…… It was messed up with cream here and there, the sponge was a bit burnt…… but, it tasted great.

(T/N: Sponge was apparently what the… spongy part of the cake is called.)


[Ah, Im sorry! Excuse me.]

In a way, this is the first time Ive seen the scene of a family sitting together in harmony since I came to this world, and it seemed to remind me of the past, making me freeze.

After Rei-san called out to me, I sat down and a little flustered, I clasped my hands together.

[ [ [ [ Thank you for the food. ] ] ] ]

[……Whoa, Fia, you really stepped up your game today huh]

[Hmmm…… Delicious. As expected, I still cant compete with Mother.]

[Thanks, Im Sieg-chans Mother after all. You wont surpass my cooking skills that easily.]

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As I listened to their joy-filled voices, I brought the food into my mouth.

I see, Fia-sans cooking certainly is very good…… Its taste is homely yet simple, but its so warm and inviting…… How should I say this… Its like the taste of a mothers home cooking.

The flavor isnt so thick, but its so delicious that it slowly seeps into my body. It was just the way I like it.

[Miyama-kun, what do you think]

[Yes. It tastes really great.]

[Thats good—– Miyama-kun!]

[Eh A- Arehh]

I responded to Fia-sans question with a gentle smile on my face, but for some reason, Fia-san looked at me with a startled expression on her face.

I also noticed from her reaction, that before I knew it, tears were running down my cheeks.

[I- Im sorry! Did it not taste good]

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[Kaito-san, are you okay Could it be that you arent feeling well……]

[Ah, no, thats not it. This is, errr……]

Somehow, my tear glands seemed to have loosened up when I remembered Mom and Dad.

Hurriedly wiping my tears with my hand, I shook my head at Fia-san and Sieg-san who are concernedly asking me, while Rei-san looked at me with equally concerned eyes.

[……Its just that I slightly remembered my parents……]

[……No, its not surprising. It cant be helped if you remembered your parents back in your world.]

[……No, my parents…… they passed away back when I was a young child.]

[……I see, Im sorry.]

[No, it was a really long time ago, and Ive already sorted out my feelings.]

……Id be lying if I said I didnt feel lonely without my parents. I still remember Mom and Dad well.

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However, Ive already got my answers about my parents deaths in my own way. My parents probably wouldnt feel relieved if I just stood still and grieved…… Thanks to Kuro, Im able to think that way.

[……Its just that, errr, how should I say this…… I slightly remembered when we were all together for dinner as a family.]

[Kaito-sans parents must have been very kind people.]

[Yes…… Ahhh, they were slightly like Rei-san and Fia-san, my parents were cheerful people.]

Unnn, Rei-san and Fia-san really are a lot like Mom and Dad.

Dad was usually very cheerful, and he would sometimes say a few unnecessary words that made Mom mad at him, but he was a great father who was very kind and dependable.

Mom was always cheerful and smiling, and even though she was very clumsy and not very good at housework, she was always positive and cheerful.

[……Miyama-kun, another helping]

[Eh Ah, yes. That would be great.]

[Unnn, then, Ill get you some more.]

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[Thank you.]

As if to brush away the mood that had become a bit gloomy, Fia-san cheerfully said that and gave me another helping.

[Miyama-kun, just like Fia said on the way here, you can always think of our place as your home.]

[Ah, yes. Thank you.]

[Of course, you can consider me as family. If you and Sieg get married, you will actually be one anyway…… So, you can just directly call me father-in-law—–Bfuheee!]

[……Geez…… Youre really incorrigible……]


Feeling their gentle concern, I naturally smiled.

I guess you could say that it was unfortunate that I lost my parents early…… However, I feel really fortunate for the bonds I have today.

I have people who care about me. I have people who comfort me when Im down…… I feel so happy that its almost like a miracle.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— I would be lying if I said I completely got over your deaths. However, you dont have to worry about me. Im fine here, and Im feeling happy from the bottom of my heart. I may need a long time before I can become a full-fledged adult, but even today—— Im still smiling.

After dinner, we continued chatting for a while, and after taking a bath, I was thinking that the only thing left to do was to go to bed when…… Sieg-san suddenly called out to me.

[……Kaito-san, do you mind if we go take a stroll around]

[A stroll……]

[Yes, I felt like getting some night breeze, so if its fine with you, would you mind coming along]

[Alright. Lets go.]

I had no reason to refuse, so I accepted her invitation and walked out of the house with Sieg-san.

The city of Rigforeshia at night is very quiet, the stars shining in the sky are beautiful, and the comfortable night breeze somehow makes me feel peaceful.

Sieg-san and I began to walk together, not having any particular destination in mind.

We rarely exchanged words, and although our stroll was silent, by no means does it feel uncomfortable at all…… Strangely enough, I felt peace of mind.

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Then, we continued on for a while, but when we arrived in the plaza…… I was suddenly gently hugged from behind.



[E- Errr, S- Sieg-san!]

A soft, warm embrace, and the good scent faintly wafting after a bath…… I felt my heart loudly beating as I flusteredly called Sieg-sans name, and after a moment of silence, still hugging me from behind, Sieg-san spoke.

[……Kaito-san is a very strong person. Always straightforwardly doing your best…… I really respect you.]

[N- No, its not like Im that great of a person……]

[Even if you think so, you are a man I can truly respect…… I always get courage and energy from the hardworking Kaito-san. So, I sometimes want to return what I felt to you too.]

[……Errr. I appreciate that but, w- whats with our situation]

[……Strong and admirable…… And yet, by no means are you an invincible person…… I want to hug such a Kaito-san right now but…… Is that no good]

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[N- No!]

[…..Thats great…… Well then, lets just stay like this for a bit longer……]

What is this This feeling…… I was supposed to be very nervous, but I felt truly reassured instead.

Sieg-san is a mature woman who is always kind, calm and dependable…… Just like a dependable older sister.

I was an only child, but if I had an older sister…… would she be like this Do I think of Sieg-san as an older sister

……No, but what about the pounding Im feeling in my chest right now I dont think Im going to have any answers right away…… but it isnt making me feel uncomfortable.

I dont know why, but the tears which should have already stopped…… started flowing again.

So this is the power of an adult woman…… who can make others feel comfortable and peaceful……

~ ~ A Certain Bookstores Disaster ~ ~

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[I- I- If it isnt D- Death King-sama! W- W- W- Welcome to our establishment.]

[……I want…… the books where Kaito appeared.]

[Kaito A- Ahh! T- The books about Miyama-sama, h- h- here it is……]

[……Ill buy…… all of it.]

[All of it! N- No, but, t- there are about 50 copies of that……]

[……Keep…… the change.]

[! White gold coin!]

[……If a new book comes out…… Ill buy it.]

[Eh Ah, no, a new book is……]

[……I also want…… the new book.]

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[O- O- Of course, were planning to make a sequel! B- B- But for now, w- w- w- would you please wait for it!]


The next day, the bookstore was in quite a panic as they went to commission for a sequel to the book……-

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