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Ten days after hearing about the swimming trip from Laguna-san, we arrived at the beach in Hydra Kingdom, where all my lovers had been invited and their schedules had been arranged.

With Shiro-san going to the Human realm, the God realm was engulfed in an uproar…… Especially Chronois-san and Life-san, who insisted on following us, but Shiro-san seemed to have convinced them, as the Gods settled down when they were arranged to stand guard on the beach, making sure no one else got near, along with the people from Hydra Kingdom that Laguna-san had prepared.

The kingdom that invited us had prepared a horse-drawn carriage to the beach, which was a few kilometers away from the kingdom…… but the security was so secure that it looked like a war was about to break out.

Thanks to this, the beach and the kilometer area surrounding it were completely reserved for us, which means the world-famous Shiro-san and Kuro would be able to enjoy without worrying about our surroundings.

When we arrived at the site, we got out of the carriage and met upon a magnificent sight, just as Laguna-san had confidently recommended.

The crystal clear ocean blue and the white sandy beach that I have only seen in movies. The facilities for swimming, built in a calculated way so as not to spoil the scenery, made me exclaim in amazement.

Thereupon, we would change our clothes and go to the beach…… is what I would like to say, but there was something that needed to be done first. Yes, It was about Fate-san's suggestion about grouping.

As I was thinking about this, as if she was thinking the same thing, Kuro, who had been told about this by Alice, clapped her hands with a cheerful expression on her face.

[Yes, attention, everyone~~ We've certainly arrived safely at the beach, and I'm sure you've all heard about Fate-san and Kaito-san's proposal, but I'll explain it in detail.]

I can rely on Kuro to take charge at times like this. If it were up to me, I'd be in a panic about how to explain things, so I really appreciate her help.

[Well, to put it simply, since we can't all act together all the time, we'll make four "pairs" and each group would hang around each other. Ahh, of course, we'll play together if we can, but this is when we aren't together. Meanwhile, Kaito-kun will be free to go around to each pair and play with them.]

Yes, the method Fate-san suggested was to divide my eight lovers into pairs and have them hang out together as a team…… And being the only one not grouped with anyone, I'm going to play around with one team after another.

This way, the people who hadn't had a chance to talk before could deepen their friendship, and I could play with everyone in order without being biased.

[Well, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone should only hang around in pairs, as we can also hang out and play together with other pairs. So, the most important thing now is to decide on the pairs…… and thus, I asked Kaito-kun to draw lots to determine who gets paired up with who. Ahh, I'm sure everyone knows this, but you can't use Probability Manipulation, okay]

And as for the important part of the pairing, Fate-san suggested that I draw lots to decide the pairings.

Thanks to Shiro-san's blessing, I have a large amount of luck in my favor. So, if I draw lots while thinking "I want people that don't normally interact with each other to get to know each other", I think I would naturally draw out good pairings.

[Well, as I said before, it's just an element to add to the fun. Don't get too hung up on it, and just try to get along with the person you're paired with. Anyone have any questions ……Unnn, then, Kaito-kun, the floor is yours~~]

[Roger that.]

After Kuro's explanation, no one seemed to have any objections. Then, Kuro held out to me the lottery she had prepared beforehand, and thinking about what Fate-san had told me that day, I drew the lots.

And thus, the four pairs of the day's swimming…… has been decided.

Lying on a cushion floating in midair, Fate-san muttered to herself as she looked at the person who had become her partner.

[……Ahh, I see, a pattern like this would also happen huh. Come to think of it, we haven't really talked that much, have we]

[……Unnn…… I'm in your care…… Fate.]

Fate had expected that she would be paired with Lilia, Sieglinde or Anima, but she ended up being paired up with Isis.

However, thinking about it again, it is true that there is not much contact between Fate and Isis, and even though they have known each other for a long time, they haven't had many conversations.

[Unnn, I'm also in your care~~ However, even if it's said that we would play together, what should we do I don't really know much about playing in the ocean……]

[……Errr…… How about we…… search for…… beautiful seashells]

[Eh What's that, does doing that have some sort of meaning]

[……I- I'm sorry.]

[Ah, no, I'm just lying, okay! Lying! I'm just kidding!!! Please don't look like you're about to cry!]

Fate couldn't help but retort back, but immediately afterwards, but seeing Isis clearly feeling down, she began to follow up in a panic.

[Errr, Death King…… No, I'll call you Ai-chan, okay! That sounds great, a seashell hunt sounds like fun! Ai-chan, let's see who can find a better seashell!]

[……Ahh…… Unnn!]

[……This is troubling. This girl might be harder to deal with than God of Time and Space…… However, since I've already said this myself, I can't just tell her that I found this troublesome. Ahh, hang in there, me……]

Their personalities were contrasting, but Fate having the willingness to get along and the fact that she had no problem with Isis' magic power of death made them a good pair.

[Ahaha, Isis-san is so pure that she might be a difficult partner for uncooperative people like me and Fate-san…… Well, I can't really laugh much at others either……]

Alice laughed upon seeing the pairing of Fate and Isis, but then, she let out a small sigh as she turned her gaze to her partner.

Thereupon, her partner gave her a neat salute.

[Alice-dono! I'm looking forward to hanging out with you today! I'm inexperienced with playing around like this, so I may cause you some trouble, but I appreciate your guidance and encouragement!!!]

[……This would be quite exhausting. If I mess around with her too much, Kaito-san will definitely get very angry at me later……]

Yes, Alice's partner is Anima. And as Alice already knows, Anima holds respect close to admiration for Alice, and even now, she's looking at her with sparkling eyes.

In addition, Kaito has repeatedly told her not to destroy Anima's dream, so she can't play around as usual.

[U- Unnn…… Well, I'm in your care.]


Letting out a sigh in a way Anima wouldn't be able to see, Alice felt that, just like Fate, she would have a hard time today.

While the two pairings were a little confused by the unusual combination, a certain pairing calmly greeted each other.

[Come to think of it, it's the first time we could calmly talk with each other like this, isn't it, Sieg-chan]

[Yes. I'm in your care, Underworld King-sama.]

[You don't have to be so formal, you can just call me Kuromu. We're just here to have fun.]

[I understand. Well then, I'll call you Kuromu-sama.]

[Unnn! Let's have fun today~~]

Kuromueina and Sieglinde may not have had many opportunities to talk, but because of Kuromueina's sociable personality, the two peacefully smiled.

After having a short conversation like that, moving her gaze while her expression changed a bit, Kuromueina asked Sieglinde.

[……By the way, Sieg-chan. Do you mind if I ask you something]

[……Yes, what is it]

Moving her gaze to the same direction Kuromueina was looking at, a complicated expression appeared on Sieglinde's face…… before it turned into a sympathizing one.

On the end of the pair's gaze…… was the final pair.

[……Why is it that Lilia-chan always gets the hardest part Is she actually under some unknown curse that I can't even notice]

[……That's also something I just couldn't figure out…… For some reason, she's just like a black hole that seems to always pull all hardships towards her.]

Yes, if Fate and Isis, Alice and Anima, and Sieglinde and Kuromueina are paired together…… The final pair would inevitably be……

[I'm in your care.]

[Y- Yesh! I- I- I- I'm awso in youw cayw……]

The pair of "Shallow Vernal and Lilia". While Shallow Vernal nonchalantly greeted her, Lilia looked pale as she responded, clearly overwhelmed and on the verge of fainting.

The pairings hanging out together at the beach

Fate & Isis Pair…… Fate's growth is put to the test.

Alice & Anima Pair…… She's so adored by Anima that Alice couldn't joke around with her.

Kuro & Sieg Pair…… The safest team, they'll probably play well together.

Shiro & Lilia Pair…… The troubled person, who just as usual, absorbed the troubles for herself. In a way, the noble lady is just as usual.-

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