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After talking to Shiro-san, since I'm already in the God realm, I decided to visit Fate-san's temple to check on her schedule.

There was a possibility that she had escaped work and wasn't in her temple, but fortunately, she was there, and when I told her about swimming, she seemed quite enthusiastic about it.

I thought the conversation would end when I told her that I would get back to her with a more detailed schedule, but at that moment, Fate-san spoke with a serious expression on her face.

[……Errr, Kai-chan. I have a request, or rather, a suggestion, regarding the swimming.]

[Eh Ah, yes. What is it]

Unusually for Fate-san, she seemed to be stammering, or rather, she seemed to be finding difficulty choosing her words, as her expression sometimes changed to anxiety as she spoke her request.

[……I don't mind if it's just to the extent that you could possibly do, but when we're at the beach…… I'm wondering if you could help me create an opportunity to talk to "the people I haven't really had much chance to talk to before".]

[People you haven't had much chance to talk to]

[Unnn. You see, Shall-tan is my soul friend, and Shallow Vernal-sama is the head of us Gods, so I have many opportunities to interact with them. And then, there are the people I could somewhat interact with, like Underworld King who often visits the God Realm, so I have a good chance to talk to her. But as for the others…… For example, I don't have many chances to talk with Lili-tan and Sieg-rin. So, I was hoping that we could deepen our friendship while we were swimming……]


[No, you see, how should I say this…… I've been thinking that I've grown a bit mentally lately, and I'm hoping that I can get along with the people around Kai-chan. But even with Kai-chan's parents, it took me a while for me to get close with them, so I don't think it will work if I suddenly broaden my circle of friends too much. That's why, I thought I'd start with the people closest to Kai-chan.]

It was unexpected, but also inexplicably flattering. If it's possible, I want my loved ones to get along with each other. Of course, not all of them will get along because of each person's personality, but I'd be happy if they all get along.

And more than anything, the fact that these words came from Fate-san made me feel proud, as I could strongly sense her growth since the previous meeting with my parents.

[And see, I've thought about it. Kai-chan and your 8 lovers, 9 people in total…… There are only a limited number of ways for everyone to play together, so when everyone doesn't play together, we would end up splitting up as a group, right]

[I guess that's true. It's not really possible for everyone to stick around together all day, so I guess that would happen.]

[Unnn. So, I have a suggestion, the groupings at that time…… I'm wondering if you could make it so that the people who weren't usually together would be in a group.]

[……I see.]

I understand what Fate-san was trying to say. It is true that if everyone is left to their own devices and split up, the combination would be fixed to some extent.

By changing the combinations, I guess we can deepen the friendship of the people who don't usually have a chance to talk with each other.

[I'm trying to think of a method. That's why, errr, Kai-chan———]

Fate-san also seemed to have an idea of how to allocate the members, explaining in detail the method she thought about.

It wasn't difficult to achieve, but this made me unintentionally impressed by the way she was thinking about me and my other lovers.

[……That's a very great idea. I'm all for it. Then, I'll try to prepare it the way Fate-san suggested.]

[Thanks, that really helps.]

[No, I'm the one who should thank you for your great suggestion. Also, I'm somewhat really happy to see that Fate-san has given a lot of serious thought to this.]

[……A- Ahaha, w- well, I'm also growing every day after all…… T- This strangely kinda feels embarrassing! W- Well then, anyway, it's something like that, so see ya later!]

After flusteredly scratching her cheek while her face blushed in embarrassment, Fate-san ended the conversation.

Smiling at her adorable appearance, I thanked her again before leaving her temple.

On my way back from Fate-san's temple, I called out to Alice, who was probably behind me.

[……What do you think of Fate-san's suggestion, Alice]

[I think it's a great idea. I'm sure she didn't just come up with it on the spur of the moment, and this idea was actually something she had been thinking about for a while. Deciding it was a good opportunity, she thought of suggesting it today.]

[I see.]

[Good gracious, both Shallow Vernal-sama and Fate-san are mentally growing at an amazing rate. Maybe it's because neither of them had changed for a long time, as now, they're making great strides after getting the opportunity to change…… I guess I too have to learn from their example.]

I don't dare to say it out loud because I'm embarrassed to say it, but I think it's the same for Alice. How should I say this…… I don't think it's just my imagination, but I think Alice's mood is gentler than before.

I think she has always had a cheerful personality, but even so, there was a kind of coldness or sharpness that I felt from time to time, but lately, I've been feeling that atmosphere around her less and less.

I don't know how to put it, she used to act cheerful to the people around her, but tense and alert on the inside, but now, she seems to be more composed than before.

Just as Alice said, Fate-san's suggestion was a good idea, Alice seemed to be in favor of deepening friendship with my other lovers, and I'm really glad to hear that.

[……I wonder what is this Kaito-san's gaze is filled with gentleness that makes me feel itchy…… Do you mind if I change the subject Rather, do you mind if I complain a little]

[I don't really mind, but that's kinda unusual, isn't it]

[Well, a friend of mine recently made an inadvertent mistake at a crucial moment……  And she's so depressed that it's getting troublesome, so how do you think I should comfort her]


[No, well…… She's someone Kaito-san never met in person, but she's so concerned about her dignity and looking good, that when she accidentally messes up…… she becomes hopeless scrap.]

[……Calling someone hopeless scrap……]

[Also, she always tries to assert dominance with her breast size, so can I punch her In the first place, she only has a B-cup……]

Just like that, I was forced to listen to Alice complain about this friend of hers that she called hopeless scrap. However, I kind of feel like Alice was enjoying herself while she was talking about her.

Hmmm, she mentioned how I never met her before, but I wonder what kind of person she is From what I've heard, she seems like an interesting person……

~ ~ Extra : The Doya Series that Shiro is planning to Kaito ~ ~

【Doya (Three-Dimensional word)】 Doya Power: 40

It's just basic Doya!

【Doya Quake】 Doya Power: 100

The Doya will shake the ground!

【Doya Spark】 Doya Power: 60

The Doya surges!

【Doya Lightning】 Doya Power: 80

A new kind of Doya rushes through the wind!

【Doya Explosion】 Doya Power: 50

The Doya explodes!

【Doya Volcano】 Doya Power: 100

The Doya's great eruption!

【Doya Sonic】 Doya Power: 50

The Doya would blow the wind away!

【Doya Tempest】 Doya Power: 120

The Doya storm will devastate everything!

【Doya Wave】 Doya Power: 40

The Doya wave descends upon you!

【Doya Tidal Wave】 Doya Power: 120

The Doya great wave will wash away everything!

【Doya Meteor Shower】 Doya Power: 180

The Doya fills up the skies!

【Doya Big Bang】 Doya Power: ∞

The Doya will swallow up the world!-

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