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The 14th day of the Earth month. Sieg-san and I were going to Rigforeshia for four days and three nights.

If I could use Teleportation Magic, it would have only taken us an instant to get to Rigforeshia, but unfortunately, I didnt register that place as a target location because I didnt get my Teleportation Magic Tool until after the Sacred Tree Festival.

So, since we arent able to use Teleportation, were going to Rigforeshia using the Flying Dragon Services.

Putting mine aside since I got it from Kuro, Teleportation Magic Tools are absurdly expensive because it requires a difficult technique to make it and the high purity magic crystal needed for it. Even Lilia-san, a duchess who used to be a princess, doesnt own one.

Even so, it seems that Lilia-san offered to ask the royal palace to arrange Teleportation Magic for us, but Sieg-san refused, saying that she would return with her own money since she was only to her hometown for personal reasons.

[……It would have been nice if we could bring Bell and Lynn along.]

[Putting aside Lynn-chan, Bell-chan cant get on the Flying Dragon Servicess gondolas…… And if you only take one of them with you, theyll probably get into a fight, so it cant be helped.

Bell and Lynn are staying back at Lilia-sans mansion, and Ive asked some of the servants to take care of them while were gone.

Even if my relationship with them wasnt that good in the beginning, and I didnt have much interaction with the servants, but as a good amount of time passed, Ive developed a friendship with them, and Ive been talking a lot with them recently. Theyre also willing to accept looking after Bell and Lynn as well, and Im really grateful for that.

And so, as we occasionally chat with each other on the way, Sieg-san and I continued on our way to the Flying Dragon Servicess aviary that we went to before.

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[……Errr, this is……]

[I didnt expect it would be this much……]

When we arrived at the large ranch that is attached to the Dragon Flight Services aviary, Sieg-san and I were stunned to see the scene in front of us.

It certainly is a really vast ranch back when I came to visit it before…… but the situation here drastically changed.

The aviary was several times larger than before, dragons that seemed to be tens of meters long, and even the number of people who came to visit are astounding.

Speaking of which, I completely put them away in my mind after receiving Lynn, but this Flying Dragon Services has made a contract with Magnawell-san where he would send his subordinates to work here…… Unnn, how should I say this… Theyre all huge.

[…..Thats a High Ancient Dragon…… Ive never seen one before.]

[Errr, that name kinda sounds awesome…..

[……They have strength around the peerage-holding Demons.]

[……I- I see……]

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Apparently, there are several top-tier dragons roaming around here that arent supposed to be in the Human Realm.

I guess thats why there are so many people here…… All of them certainly look very fast and strong……

[However, this means well have to wait for quite a while, wont we]

[Most probably…… Well, being able to ride the highest-ranking dragons would certainly make them popular…… Or rather, Im beginning to wonder if we could ride today……]

There was a line of people waiting in front of the aviary as if it were a popular amusement park attraction, and it doesnt seem likely that we would be able to ride immediately.

But well, it cant be helped under these circumstances, so when I gave up and was about to line up with Sieg-san, I heard a familiar voice.

[If it isnt Miyama-san, welcome!]

[Ahh, hello, Mary-san.]

As I was about to get in line, I was called out by Driver-san who I negotiated with and the manager of this Flying Dragon Services.

She told me that her name was Mary back when I received Lynn, and thats what I call her now.

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[It has become quite great, isnt it]

[Yes, Its really all thanks to Miyama-san and Dragon King-sama. Were receiving reservations to ride with us every day…… and in just a few days, weve slightly surpassed our monthly income so far.]

[Thats kind of amazing……]

[Yes, it makes me scream out in happiness…… So, Miyama-san, how are you doing today Are you by any chance going to ride with us]

[Ah, yes…… However, doesnt it look difficult today]

Having a light chat with Mary-san, who spoke to me with a lively smile, I told her the purpose of our visit.

Mary then nodded once in agreement, and then, she moved her hand, as if to encourage me to move over there.

[Well then, please come this way…… Ill prepare for your departure right away.]

[Eh H- However, we dont have a reservation or anything like that……]

[You dont need to make a reservation, for in our establishment, Miyama-san is our most important customer. Ill arrange for you to ride our best flight service right away.]

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Marys going to put me on a high priority flight even though I dont have a reservation…… Im feeling kind of apologetic since it was all thanks to Magnawell-san but…… Im sure Sieg-san would want to see her parents as soon as possible, so I guess Ill take her up to her offer.

Thinking this, I turned to Sieg-san, who told me with her eyes that shes going to leave it up to me to decide.

[……Well then, do you mind if I ask so]

[Yes, leave it to me. Well then, this way please.]


Following Mary-san, who was guiding us, Sieg-san and I leave the long line and head towards the aviary.

Thereupon, one of the largest dragons in the vicinity of the aviary, a jet-black dragon slowly moved in front of us and bowed its head towards me.

[Its been a while. Miyama-dono.]

[……Errr, if I remember correctly, you were there when I met Magnawell-san……]

[Yes, Im Magnawell-sama subordinate…… Fafnir is my name. Its an honor to see your countenance once again.]

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The huge dragon…… Fafnir-san, who must be over 100 meters long, spoke to me in a very polite tone.

I was puzzled by his overly polite response, and as if he sensed it, Fafnir-san opened his huge mouth.

[All dragonkin have received strict orders from Magnawell-sama to treat Miyama-dono with utmost courtesy.]

[……I- Is that so]

[Yes, Ive heard that Magnawell-sama owes you a great debt…… and were told that we should listen to Miyama-donos words as if they were equivalent to Magnawell-samas words. If you need anything, we will be at your disposal.]

[……Errr, y- yes.]

Owes a debt Did Magnawell-san have such debt towards me ……Ahh, could it be about Kuro

Mhmmm, how should I say this…… I dont know if I should be grateful…… but I also cant compose myself…… I feel complicated.

When I was somewhat troubled on how to respond, the preparations seemed to quickly proceed and Fafnir-san agreed to take us on a ride to Rigforeshia.

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Sitting next to each other in the spacious carriage with a luxurious interior that must have been several times larger than the one we rode in before, I felt quite uncomfortable since it was just the two of us in here.

It seems that Fafnir-san is far faster than other dragons, and even if he were to adjust his speed so that our carriage doesnt shake or fly off, he said that we will reach Rigforeshia in less than half an hour.

[……H- How should I say this, Im once again reminded of how amazing of a person Kaito-san is.]

[N- No, I didnt expect this to happen either……]

[……It feels unsettling, isnt it]

[……Yes, really.]

In a situation that could be called a completely VIP treatment, both me and Sieg-san arent used to it and have been strangely nervous.

However, its painful to keep on being nervous for 30 minutes, and I thought of having a conversation with Sieg-san, so I exchanged a few glances with her.

I dont know if Sieg-san was thinking the same thing as I was, as even though she looked a little flustered, she took out her magic box.

[Kaito-san, if youd like, how about we have some tea……]

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[T- Thank you.]


[Thank you for the tea.]

Receiving the tea that Sieg-san offered me and brought it to my mouth, I drank it all at once. Perhaps, I was more thirty than I thought I would be.

[……As I thought, the tea that Sieg-san brews is delicious.]

[Really It makes me happy to hear that.]

[Do you have any tips to brew such great tea]

[……Hmmm, lets see……]

With a cup of tea and a breather, I felt a little more comfortable and naturally began to connect with the conversation.

Hearing the question I told her, Sieg-san cutely put her finger to her mouth…… and after she glanced at me, she winked.

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[……I guess you just have to brew it with the person you want to serve it to in mind.]

[……Eh Ah, errr……]

Arehh What is this I dont know if Im just at a loss for word or not…… but for some reason, Sieg-sans unexpected gesture made me feel so nervous that I couldnt get the words out of my mouth.

Sieg-san really is a really beautiful woman, and despite her cool appearance, she is an amazingly kind and cheerful person, and how should I say this…… I think shes a very attractive woman.

Dear Mom, Dad——– I was confused by the unexpected VIP treatment on our way to Rigforeshia, but all of that was blown away in an instant now. To be able to travel with an attractive woman like Sieg-san, even if its a coincidence——- it was a happier event that is more than I realized it was.

Kaito has become a wee bit more aware…… In a way, I guess you could call it progress

Serious-senpai: [Hey…… Why dont you just let it end as a leisurely dragon ride Why the heck do you have to end it with them flirting Youre doing this on purpose… You must be doing on purpose, right]

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