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On the main street of the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom, there is a huge building that stands out from the rest…… and standing before that building, the Symphonia Branch of Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, the largest trading company in the world, Miyama Akari and Kazuya had serious expressions on their faces.

Today was their first day of work as trainees, and even though they would be studying for a year, this would be their first job in another world, making the two of them nervous.

[……It's finally time huh, Dear.]

[Yeah, all those good conditions and good treatment…… I'm sure there will be a comparable amount of things we need to learn and a lot of hard work ahead. However, I'll do whatever I can to keep up!]

[Yes! It seems like…… errr, the uniform is going to be provided, so I've only brought our writing utensils and the bento that Illness-sama made for us.]

[That's great. It seems like I won't suffer stomach aches after lunch.]


[Ah, no, I mean, the aches are from nervousness, okay A- Ahaha……]

After some light banter to distract themselves from nervousness, Akari and Kazuya made up their minds and stepped into the huge building.

Just as the morning class was ending and their lunch break started…… Akari talked to the nearby Kazuya.

[……Your thoughts]

[……The other world is amazing. It's on a different level.]

Kazuya replied to the words Akari muttered with his head in his hands. That was because the classroom lessons were too difficult…… isn't the case at all.

[……They taught us very carefully and courteously.]

[Yes. There was also that backup system where several assistant instructors will support and teach those who are lagging behind in studies……]

[The textbooks are easy to understand, containing lots of illustrations. It was also only detailed with what we'll learn in one month, and then we'll apparently get a new textbook for the next lesson……]

[The amount of money they spend on manpower training is extraordinary. Manpower is treasured the most…… It's easy to say that, the fact that they're putting such a thought in practice makes it feel like they're quite advanced here.]

Yes, they thought that studying to become a professional engineer would be quite demanding…… but in fact, they teach in a very courteous and easy-to-understand way, providing them a lot of support.

The content isn't crammed in all at once, but is carefully designed so that students can diligently learn the basics…… It isn't that difficult that one would think elementary school is harder than the lessons they're learning, but the two hours of learning were time they enjoyed so much.

[……Well, that aside, I've heard about this from Kaito…… but it seems like there really are lots of women here huh.]

[Yeah, I can't really tell just based on what we know, but I'd say the ratio is about 3:7.]

The both of them had heard from Kaito about how there were more women in this world than men. In fact, 7 of the 10 trainees, including Akari, were women, and many of their instructors were also women.

Thinking about how this aspect makes them feel the difference between the two worlds they've lived in…… An Elven woman, with their distinctively long ears, approached the two of them.

[You two…… Errr, if I remember correctly, Akari-san and Kazuya-san, right]

[Errr…… Leonora-san, was it]

[Yes, nice to meet you. Since it's a great opportunity, I thought it would be great if all the newbies would come to the cafeteria and deepen our friendship, so what do you two think about it]

Looking at Leonora as she said those words with a gentle smile, Akari and Kazuya looked at each other once and smiled.

[Yes, we'd love to join you.]

[We'll be in your care.]

[Yes, I'm also in your care…… Well then, let's go.]

As they stood up and followed Leonora, all the other newbies welcomed them with a warm atmosphere. Feeling that they would somehow have a good time here, Akari and Kazuya walked with everyone to the cafeteria.

After some chit-chat and brief self-introductions along the way, all the newbies secured seats in the cafeteria and got together to start lunch.

[Akari-san and Kazuya-san are a married couple, right It seems like Akari-san is quite good at cooking…… You both have beautiful bentos.]

[Ah, no, errr……]



[I- I'm sorry.]

When Leonora saw the matching bento that Akari and Kazuya had taken out, she spoke to them, looking deeply moved at the complete splendidness of their bento.

However, their bentos weren't made by Akari. After glancing at Kazuya, who looked like he was about to burst into laughter after hearing Akari being complimented as a good cook, Akari responded to Leonora with an awkward expression on her face.

[N- No, these bentos are made by the maid……]

[Maid! Ahh, speaking of which, you two have a surname, don't you Are you two perhaps nobles]

Hearing Akari's words, the other newbie girls joined in the conversation.

[Ah, no, we're not nobles. The maid also wasn't employed by us…… Errr, she was hired by my son.]

[……Son…… Eh Ahh, p- please wait a moment…… M- My apologies if I was mistaken. T- The both of you introduced yourselves with the name "Miyama" earlier, right]

[Eh Yes, that's right]

Seeing Leonora being obviously shaken after she heard what Akari said, the puzzled Kazuya also asked back, tilting his head.

Thereupon, Leonara stayed like that under the bewildered gaze of the couple for a while before she nervously spoke.

[……C- Could it be that your son…… is M- Miyama Kaito-sama]

[Yes, that's right…… wait, "-sama"]

[ ~ ~ ~ ~ ! I- I knew it!]

When Akari nodded, Leonora looked extremely moved, and at the same time, the bodies of the elven newbies were quivering.

Within that strange atmosphere, Leonora stood up from her seat and as if she's praying, she clasped her hands together.

[……Ahhh, God of Creation-sama, World King-sama, thank you for this good fortune. C- Coincidence it may be, I never thought that I would be able to meet Miyama Kaito-sama's parents!]

[E- Errr, Leonora-san]

[Ahh, my apologies. I was just overcome with emotion.]

Slightly taken aback by what Leonora just did, Akari spoke to her, while looking a little embarrassed, Leonora returned to her seat.

[……Is Leonora-san acquainted with Kaito]

[N- No, by no means! It would be disrespectful of me to claim myself as his acquaintance…… It's just that Miyama Kaito-sama is us, "Elves' Hero"!]

[ [ Hero! ] ]

Yes, although Akari and Kazuya…… heck, even Kaito himself didn't know about this, Kaito's name is incredibly big for the Elves from Rigforeshia.

If the person himself knows about this, he would be holding his head within his hands…… but a certain story featuring Kaito as the protagonist has already been published its eight volume, and there are even plays and songs based on Kaito's exploits.

He has quite a lot of fans crazy about him, especially among the young elves. Leonora is one of them.

She has three copies of each of the first editions of his books, and she has been to more plays about him than she can count. She can even sing the songs based on Kaito's exploits.

Since Kaito is an otherworlder, when she first heard Akari and Kazuya's surname, she thought that it was just a coincidence…… but they were Kaito's parents. It would be unreasonable for her to not get excited.

[Yes! Miyama Kaito-sama is such a great person that in Rigforeshia, his name is praised along with World King-sama! The books about his exploits were also extremely popular!!!]

[ [ Books! ] ]

[U- Ummm, I- I know it might be rude of me to suddenly ask this…… but if it's possible…… W- Would it be possible…… if I can ask for M- Miyama Kaito-sama's autograph]

[ [ Autograph!!! ] ]

Before they knew it, their son was being hailed as a Hero, and books about him were even being published. Hearing her words that were like a bolt out of the blue for the two of them, Akari and Kazuya were simply astonished.

Moreover, this may have been something stated already…… but this would also be a bolt out of the blue for Kaito himself.

『 I Got Reincarnated in Another World, and my Son Became a Hero 』

-by Akari & Kazuya

Serious-senpai : [It looks like Lindwurm's character design and the highlights of Volume 8 are introduced in the Activity Report. Well, it looks like there will be some seriousification this time, so I guess I'm looking forward to it.]

: [Eh No, putting that aside…… What's with this last part…… Kaito-san's evil hand is reaching out for Serious-senpai What does this mean……]

Serious-senpai : […………………]

: [Come to think of it, you haven't been telling Kaito-san to go explode or saying that he's your natural enemy lately, have you]

Serious-senpai : [……N- No, well, ummm…… It's not like I've been captured by him…… b- but he's not that bad of a guy…… a- and he would be pitiful…… if I speak too much mean stuff to him……]

: [Don't you look completely fallen though……]

Here's the Activity Report stuff that the two were talking about.

As always, thank you for everything.

The release date of the Light Novel's Volume 9, November 22, is drawing near, and I, the author, would like to introduce some of the highlights of Volume 8. Seeing these, I bet you'd probably want to buy it…… I think

Well then, I'll announce it right away.

*insert Volume 8 Cover Illustration.jpg*

Highlight ① : "The appearance of Lillie, the head of World King's subordinates"

One of the major differences between the Web Novel and Light Novel is the appearance of Lillie, the head of World King's subordinate. She is a character that has powers similar to Kaito. To be more specific though, Lillie's ability has overwhelmingly better sensing power, while Kaito's ability has overwhelmingly better adaptability.

Highlight ② : "Sieglinde's super strengthening Light Novel-exclusive Chapter : 《The Elf who can't use Nature Magic》"

In the Web Novel version, Sieg wasn't able to fight properly, especially in the final battle, but in this volume, she will be strengthened immensely. Perhaps, she might even be able to compete with that cheaty human ojou-sama

I also added a chapter about that ring that Sieg wears on her pinky on the cover.

Highlight ③ : "Shiro makes her Last Boss Moves much faster than in the Web Novel"

In the Web Novel, it was only in the latter half of the Six Kings Festival, but in the Light Novel, she has already begun making her move as the Last Boss. Well, the content is more like [……Ahh, Kaitokun-san, I unknowingly encouraged the Last Boss to make her move, tehepero~~]

Highlight ④ : "Continuation of Lunamaria's Episode"

In the Light Novel, Lunamaria's past story, which was also published in the Web Novel, is included…… but there's a further continuation of that.

[……Lunamaria-san is quite smart, aren't you]

[……Miyama-sama, people with good intuition like you are…… well, someone I rather like.]

—-something like that. You can also check out the illustration of the very cute Lunamaria drawn by Ochau-sama!

Highlight ⑤ : "Illness' Light Novel-exclusive content past story"

To put it simply, it would be "ILLNESS HAS ARRIVED!!!" or something like that, which would suggest that she will be involved in a major arc in the future.

Also, the encounter between Alice and Illness is also written down.

[……You have a really interesting way of distorting things, don't you]

[I wonder what you meeeeean]

[You don't ask for anything from anyone. You would fulfill anything and everything by yourself. And all according to your own standards, only giving to others…… That devotion may be in your nature, but devotion without knowing who it is that you're devoting yourself to would just bring nothing but distortions.]


[Even the words I said to you just now, I feel like you don't consider them as something you need to listen to……]

Highlight ⑥ : "Finally, Serious-senpai has fallen in the evil hands of the Flag King, Kaito!"

Senpai is an Easy Heroine.

——and there you have it. Please look forward to it~~-

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