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If one had to describe it, it may have just been a small change. If I had to describe what I feel, I think that might be the case.

However, even if it's something you'd say is simple later, it still won't change that you need to find something hard for you to find.

At least, Fate-san has switched her goal to "get to know the other party first"…… and the relationship between my parents and Fate-san was dramatically improving.

Of course, there were a few awkward moments, but I was able to mediate between them, and the conversation continued without pause.

[Ahaha, is that so. You're a bad cook huh, Akarin]

[……N- No, just a bit. I'm just slightly, really slightly…… the difference between me and the good cooks is just paper-thin! I'm just slightly worse than others.]

[That paper sure is as thick as the space between heaven and earth.]


[Ah, yes, I'm sorry.]

Fate-san was able to talk to both Mom and Dad with a natural smile, but it seems like she was more in tune with Mom.

[That won't do, Akarin.]

[N- No, if you put it that way, since Fate-sama is a God, doesn't that mean you have never cooked before Then, doesn't that mean Fate-sama is a bad cook too!]

[……Hmph, unfortunately for you, Akarin, but I'm the God who governs fate, you know Once I settle that my hands are fated to make "something delicious", I can make a delicious dish even if I just nonchalantly cook them.]

[That's cheating!]

[Well, even if I don't use my authority, I'm still a God, and I can do most things if I try. In fact, the first time I made cookies, they might be simple, but they came out delicious.]

[G- Gununu……. Curse this difference in specs.]

As Fate-san began to smile naturally, Mom's nervousness began abating and the content of their conversation gradually changed to a casual conversation, as if they were talking with a friend.

Thereupon, I glanced at my watch and saw that it was about time already, so I think it may be a good time to call it a night.

[……Well, leaving the subject of Mom's poor cooking skills aside, isn't it about time we call it a night]

[Ahh, guess you're right. We did get into quite a conversation.]

Smiling at the completely relaxed Fate-san, who nodded upon my suggestion…… I decided to ask her about something that I had been curious about before.

[How is it, Fate-san Mom and Dad…… Have you become interested in them]

[Hmmm, I don't know.]

Even when she said that, there wasn't a trace of Fate-san's previous emotions on her face, and she looked somewhat refreshed.

[But you see, perhaps……. I think this is also fine. Because, you know, the heart is a complicated thing. I think drawing the line between the things I'm interested in and things I don't…… is something I shouldn't do.]


[I had fun talking to Akarin and Kazuyan today, and I want to talk to them again…… That's why, I think this is fine.]

[I see, I guess you're right.]

I felt that this was probably as close to a perfect answer that she can get. Fate-san's sense of values, which had been based on whether she's interested or not, has changed and she is no longer bound by it.

I think that's really an astonishingly big growth.

[……Well, anyway, I'd better get going. Akarin, Kazuyan, let's chat again.]

[Yes, by all means.]

[I- I'll convince you that I'm not such a bad cook next time.]

[I hope you can convince me…… but judging by your fate, I guess I can't expect much.]

[Me being a bad cook is already predestined!]

[Ahaha, that's that then……]

After lightly teasing Mom, Fate-san moved towards the door on a floating cushion, but stopped just as she put her hand on the door.


When I looked at Fate-san, who remained motionless and silent, I called out to her, and she slowly turned towards me with a smile.

[Ahh~~ I think I may have understood one more thing. I see, so this is how it feels…… Akarin and Kazuya, if I remember correctly, weren't your bodies created to fit this world]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

[It is as you said.]

[……I see.]

Nodding as if she had comprehended something, Fate-san got off her cushion and held out her hands to Mom and Dad.

[By my name——- By the name of Fate——- I tell the revolving fate.]

[ [ Eh ] ]


Mom and Dad tilted their heads as Fate-san suddenly spoke in a dignified voice, while I became surprised because I knew what she was about to do.

[That these people——- both Miyama Akari, Miyama Kazuya——- are people I acknowledge worthy of my blessing.]

That's definitely her speech when she's giving her True Blessing…… Hearing this, I finally understood the meaning of Fate-san's question earlier.

Mom and Dad have been created with bodies that match the bodies of humans in this world. That means that they have the same immunities and other such things as the humans of this world.

So, even if the two of them don't have a blessing, it doesn't mean that they're susceptible to diseases or anything like that…… but that doesn't mean that they won't get sick either.

[Therefore——- By my name——- By the name of Fate——- I command the fate.]

That's why, Fate-san is giving Mom and Dad her blessing so that they won't get sick…… No, that isn't all there is to it, right If she just wants them to not get sick, there shouldn't be any problem with giving them a Provisional Blessing. I mean, that should be how it normally goes with the people of this world…… Her giving them her True Blessings should mean that she has some other intentions.

[Oh, Revolving Fate——- Become the guiding wind and push their back forward——- Lead them to a blessed future——- By my name——- By the name of Fate——- That their name——- That the name of Miyama Akari and Miyama Kazuya——- As people I bestowed my blessings——- To be inscribed in fate——- in conjunction with my name.]

With those words, a bright light enveloped Mom and Dad.

[……Alright, this should do it~~]

[E- Errr, Fate-sama That just now]

After bestowing her blessing, Fate-san relaxedly spoke, and confused, Mom asked.

[My blessing. Well, you can just think of it as Defensive Magic……. It protects you from illnesses, and even though each Supreme God's True Blessings are different, it would make you "immortal", so you won't have to worry about dying of old age.]

[ [ ! ] ]


[I mean, Kai-chan is immortal, but your parents' lifespans are no different from normal humans. Besides, humans are fragile~~ so they might end up dying because of some incident. If that happens, I'm sure Kai-chan will be very sad…… and that's something I don't want to see.]

Fate-san's voice sounded so gentle and warm as she told me this, and probably feeling slightly embarrassed, she turned away her blushing cheeks.

[……I think I finally understand the feeling of "caring about the people who are important to Kai-chan". W- Well, I think you should be fine with almost everything with this. After all, you both have fate on your side, so you won't die easily.]

[……Fate-san…… Thank you.]

[A- Ahaha, well then, you'll just have to ask Kai-chan about what a blessing is and all sorts of stuff. I'll be going home! See you later~~]

I don't know if she couldn't take the embarrassment anymore or not, but after a few words, she disappeared. Fate-san knew the cause of my parents' death.

That's why, she thought of preventing something like that from happening again…… I guess she was trying to be thoughtful. Seriously, I think I have a great lover.

And at the same time, knowing that Fate-san had grown enough that she had come up with such an idea makes me feel happy…… and proud for her.

On the way back from the Human Realm to the God Realm and to her own temple, Fate suddenly stopped.

[……I guess this is thanks to Kai-chan. The timing for this tea party was good. If we had decided to have the tea party later, when I was given more time to think about things…… Akarin may not have dropped her memopad and I wouldn't have clung on it to break past that atmosphere.]

Feeling that it had worked out so well that it could be a great success because Kaito moved quickly and prepared a place for both sides to meet, Fate moved her gaze.

Thereupon, just like Shallow Vernal, Fate looked at the scenery of the Human Realm from the God Realm…… and gently smiled.

[……Was it because my sense of values changed I feel like the scenery looks much more beautiful than before. After that incident with Shallow Vernal-sama…… Was this the kind of scenery that she was looking at Fufu, this isn't bad…… I feel like I'm going to like a lot of things a lot more than before.]

After Fate muttered that, a change happened. In her eyes that had golden patterns encircling her purple pupils in it…… a golden cross appeared.

And her eyes…… Not only does she see the fate that she had been looking at back then, reflected in it were something else.

[Fu… Fufufu…… Ahh, that's a good "future". I guess I'll have to work hard to keep it from changing.]

The image of herself next to Kaito, surrounded by many people with a smile on her face, looking happy from the bottom of her heart…… After seeing this future, Fate returned to her temple, her heart filled with a new hope for the future.

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