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As I walked down the road towards Lilia-sans mansion, which was beginning to get dimmer as night falls, I saw a familiar figure at the end of the road.

Her short, platinum hair, which is longer in her sidelocks, reflecting my image in her silver eyes which dont hold any quivering at all…… A woman stands as if a portrait of her was placed right at the end of the road.


[Ive been waiting for you. Kaito-sama.]

When I called out to her, a little confused, Ein-san gracefully curtsied and gives a beautiful bow.

Why is Ein-san in this place She said she was waiting, so I guess she must have some sort of business with me……

Seeing me tilting my head, with her usual coolness, Ein-san spoke.

[……I should have visited earlier, but I was hesitating. No, to be precise, Im still hesitating at this moment.]


[……Yes, as Kaito-sama may have conjectured already, Im not very good at expressing my emotions.]

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I certainly always had the impression that Ein-san is a cool woman who is very good at her job, but to my knowledge, I havent seen her expression and her tone of voice change much.

However, what did she mean when she mentioned shes hesitating She mentioned how she was supposed to have visited earlier, so I guess thats related to me

Seeing me tilting my head, Ein-san quietly continued speaking.

[……I was hesitating as to which way I could show you the gratitude within my heart……]


[Its not enough to say a hundred words, nor would it be enough even after a thousand actions…… I have no way of expressing the emotions I have in my heart right now.]


As she told me this, Ein-san slowly approached me.

The small-statured Ein-san is just a head smaller than I am, and as she gets closer, her face is at my chest area.

And then, coming in front of me, Ein-san slowly…… reached out her trembling hand and lightly grasped my clothing around the center of my chest.

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[……Thank…… you…… very much. For saving Kuromu-sama……]

[……Ein-san. Errr, its not like I……]

[I know. I know that Kaito-sama doesnt take such action as some sort of achievement.]

Ein-sans words, which seemed to see right through my heart, were exactly right.

Its not that I was thinking of saving Kuro or fulfilling the wishes of the Six Kings or Ein-san or anything of such magnitude.

I only confessed my feelings to Kuro because I was in love with her, wanting to tell her how I felt about her and asking her to be my lover…… Everything I did was just for me. It just so happened that such an act would lead me to saving Kuro.

[However, I cant thank you enough. I dont think Ive ever seen Kuromu-sama so happy.]


[……I was the first baby bird that Kuromu-sama raised…… Kuromu-sama reached out to me back when I was a little girl, alone and shivering with nowhere to go, and asked me to go with her. She led me to the place where I could call home.]


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While holding unto my clothes, Ein-san tells me with her face down and her small shoulders trembling…… I just continued quietly listening to her story, trying not to interrupt her as much as I could.

[It may be selfish of me, but I consider Kuromu-sama…… as my mother. I am the person I am today because of the love and nurturing that Kuromu-sama gave me. Thats why I became her maid, to use this life that Kuromu-sama picked up for the sake of Kuromu-samas will for the rest of my life…… to serve Kuromu-sama until the end of my life.]


[……Its ironic, isnt it I was so drunk with the happiness of serving and being by Kuromu-samas side…… that it was late in realizing the wish in Kuromu-samas heart. I wished to live for Kuromu-sama…… but I was also the first one to drift away from Kuromu-samas wish.]

Ein-san, raised by Kuro, became a maid devoted to Kuro.

But now that I know about Kuros wish, I can understand her regret…… Ein-sans choice was to stand behind Kuro, instead of Kuros wish of standing next to her.

And just when she realized that she was drifting apart from Kuros wish……

[……Thats something I couldnt do anymore. I already clearly see Kuromu-sama as my lord. I had formed a self that was proud to serve Kuromu-sama. I couldnt change the way things were anymore.]


[I felt really pathetic… Even though I knew more than anyone else about Kuromu-samas suffering, her wishes, and yet, I couldnt do anything about it…… So……]

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Ending her words there, Ein-san looks up.

Her silver eyes that shed some tears stared at me, and after a few moments of silence, she spoke.

[……Kaito-sama, I will remember this favor….. for the rest of my life. Even if you dont think of yourself as such, for me, I still think that youre our saviour.]

[E- Errr, I feel that youre kind of making it sound very impressive……]

[No, I may be hesitating on which words to say to express my gratitude, but I can unhesitatingly say that my thoughts about you come from my heart. I love you second in the world. I will put you second only to Kuromu-sama.]


What the heck is this, Im kind of feeling a chill similar to how I felt when I first met Isis-san…… I dont really know why, but did I flip some sort of switch from Ein-san

Her expression still held the same coolness as usual, but her eyes kind of looks like its filled with an absurd amount of passion in it……

[……Simple it may be, Ive finished telling you how I feel at this moment.]

[Errr, ah, yes. I- I understand]

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[……If theres something troubling you, you can always call for me. If theres someone troubling you…… I will immediately erase them.]

[……Y- Y- Y- Yes!]

She started saying some absurdly disturbing stuff! I dont know if what shes saying is just a joke or not but…… Im afraid of thinking that Ein-san is really going to mercilessly erase someone with just my words.

W- Well, its not like I have any enemies, so maybe, i- it should be alright, I guess

Removing her grip on my clothes and giving me a deep, respectful bow, Ein-san looked at me again.

[……Kaito-sama, Ive heard that you like ripple pie, is that true]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

[Well then, meager it may be, please receive these……]

[Eh Wha! Wait, E- Ein-san!]

Right after I nodded, Ein-san took a box out of nowhere that looks like a cake box……. or rather, shes just giving me a mountain of them!

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[……U- Ummm, Ill just ask just in case…… but these are]

[Ripple pies. It might be presumptuous of me, but I thought of offering these as my gratitude.]

[……Errr, how many of these are there]

[Approximately around “1000”.]

[A thousand!]

A thousand ripple pies! Didnt you prepare way too much! Eh The heck is this It kind of looks like a wall of boxes already though…… Seriously

[If you need more, I can always make them for you.]

[A- Ahhh, errr, yes. Thank you.]

W- Well, I have my magic box, so they wont get moldy…… but even if I eat a ripple pie once a day, that would mean these are more than 3 years worth of ripple pies…… Ein-san, are you not aware of the word “moderation”

[U- Ummm, Ein-san…… Do you know what moderation means]

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[But of course. Compromise, moderation…… Its an indulgence that I, as a maid, must eliminate.]


This woman is totally hopeless!!! In a different way from Shiro-san, I also cant talk to this person at all!!!

As the dumbfounded me silently put away the ripple pie into my magic box, Ein-san politely thanked me before leaving.

Yep, I feel like Im caught up in something once again.

[Well~~ As expected of Kaito-san, I never expected that you would also catch Ein-san into your basket……]

[Hey, Alice…… Ein-san, she was just joking, right]

[No, not at all. Ein-san basically doesnt bend on anything that she decides for herself. If shes saying shes going to prioritize Kaito-san as second in the world, thats really what shes going to do…… In a way, you can say shes a certain type of yandere, you catch my drift If she sees someone as Kaito-sans enemy, without any hesitation or compassion, she will erase them immediately.]

[The heck is that, thats scary.]

Hearing Alices words, who appeared as if its something natural, I felt the same chill run down my back again as before…… Well, Im really starting to feel like something outrageous just happened.

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Dear Mom, Dad——– Ein-san has come to give her thanks regarding Kuro, but there was something around the second half of what she said that sounds disturbing. Yep, how should I say this—— I probably flipped a switch.

And thus, next chapter, Siegs arc starts…… The theme is “A trip for two”!-

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