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My housewarming party is coming up tomorrow, and I'm supposed to visit the royal castle of Symphonia Kingdom today. Incidentally, it seems that a pickup is on the way, and I'm currently waiting for them at the entrance of my house.

The reason why I'm visiting the royal castle is that I received a letter from the King, Ryze-san, asking me to come to the castle before the housewarming party.

To summarize the contents of the letter I received…… Errr, for some reason, even though I built my house in the royal capital of Symphonia, they're not treating me as a Symphonia citizen.

At a quick glance, it looks like I'm being treated as an outcast, but in reality, it's something much worse.

Because, apparently, my house has become something like a special zone or an independent state…… and that it isn't subject to the laws of Symphonia Kingdom.

In addition to that, I'm not obligated to pay taxes, and the government is forbidden to issue any kind of orders to me or anyone living in my house, except in cases of dire emergencies.

In order to make it known to the other nobles, simple formalities….. where they would just give me a note that proves how I'm under special treatment, would be conducted and thus, he's asking me to come and pick it up.

No, I honestly have no idea…… as to why this situation is happening…… is what I'd like to say……

[Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[This situation…… Is it perhaps related to, errr, a certain God from Earth that I'm thinking about right now]

[……I mean, I'm the one who suggested it…… but she is indeed the reason why this is implemented.]

[……I knew it.]

I so knew it. Looking back, I should have known that her presence would have some influence on my surroundings. Ryze-san…… and perhaps, Chris-san and Laguna-san too. I'm really sorry for giving you unnecessary trouble just because I didn't think about the situation enough.

As I waited at the entrance, feeling apologetic, I saw Lilia-san, who would be participating in the formalities as the head of a noble family, and her entourage walking out of her mansion.

Lilia-san and I live next door, so even though the size of our houses makes it a bit distant, I can still see her from where I stand. However, Lilia-san would be participating as the head of Albert Duchy, so we will be going to the royal castle separately.

As I watched Lilia-san's entourage prepare their carriage, I saw a gorgeous carriage stop in front of my gate.

Thereupon, a woman about 150cm tall alighted from the carriage's driver seat. She had wavy golden semi-long hair, red eyes, and was dressed in silver and white armor with a large sword on her back that looked twice as tall as she was. I have no clue as to how she would be able to unsheathe such a sword.

I've never talked to her before, but if I remember correctly, she should be the one guarding Ryze-san back at the Six Kings Festival. Is she a knight of the royal guards

Walking through the opened gate and through the garden, the woman arrived in front of me, brought her hand on her chest and lightly saluted.

[My apologies for making you wait. I am Rachel, I've been assigned to guide you today.]

[Ahh, errr, nice to meet you. I'm Miyama Kaito.]

[Thank you for your courtesy.]

She had a rather peculiar way of speaking, but her gestures made me feel the elegance of someone within the upper class.

As I was thinking about this, Rachel-san fixed her posture and with a wry smile on her face, she spoke.

[Miyama-sama, for the trouble "my husband" had caused you before, please accept my apologies.]

[Husband Errr…… Ryze-san]

When I heard her mention her husband, the first one that came to my mind was Ryze-san, who has many wives. At my words, Rachel-san shook her head with a smile.

[His Majesty, the King is indeed an attractive man…… but unfortunately, he is not to my liking. My husband is "that fashion-conscious skeleton" that also interacts with Miyama-sama.]

[……Eh Skeleton, you mean Sechs-san]


It seems like Rachel-san is Sechs-san's wife. This may sound rude, but I honestly was a little surprised.

No, even though I understand that people of differing races fall in love in this world, it is still difficult to imagine the Lich Sechs-san being in love.

[Is it surprising I don't really think that was the case though.]

Saying this, Rachel-san took off part of her armor and showed me her exposed arm. To my surprise, I saw what seemed to be the spherical joint of a doll in her elbow……

[I'm a Living Doll, a Demon who belongs to the so-called "Undead", so it's not that unusual for me to marry the fellow undead Sechs.]

[I- I see……]

I see, I had felt that there was something slightly off about her earlier…… but looking closely, I can see that Rachel-san's eyes weren't blinking at all.

Does that mean she's the same race as the magic doll, Zwei-san Hmmm, when it comes to Demons, there are new things I learn whenever I meet one.

As I was having a light conversation with Rachel-san, thinking about such things, before I knew it, Lilia-san and Sieg-san had approached us.

The two of them moved up to Rachel-san and after bowing politely, Lilia-san spoke on Sieg-san's behalf.

[It's been a while, "Knight Commander" Rachel.]

[Ohh, well, well, if it isn't Lilianne and Sieglinde. It has been a long time, hasn't it ……Ah, excuse me. You're now the Duchess Lilia-sama, right]

[Fufufu, I'm glad to see that you're as energetic as ever.]

[I think it's strange to describe a Living Doll such as I as energetic. It seems that both of you have become much stronger than when you were in the Knight Order. Especially Lilia-sama, I don't think I could compete with you anymore…… As your former superior, I'm proud to see that both of you have grown.]

Apparently, Rachel-san is the commander of the Knight Order of Symphonia Kingdom, and she's an old acquaintance of Lilia-san and Sieg-san, who used to belong to the Knight Order.

From the expression on Rachel-san's face as she said that she's no longer Lilia-san's match with a happy smile on her lips, somehow…… I could feel what kind of person she is.

~ ~ Character Introduction ~ ~

Name : Rachel

Race : Living Doll (Undead)

Affiliation : Symphonia Kingdom, Knight Commander of the Royal Knights (Knight Commander since 650 years ago)

Strength : Viscount-level, High-ranking Demon (The reason why it is said that "Count-ranks = National strength" is because all three Human kingdoms employ peerage-holders.)

Special Remarks : Had a rivalry with Bard, Knight Commander of Archlesia Empire. Sechs' wife. Just like Sechs, she has a rather peculiar tone of voice.

Serious-senpai : [……W- Well, it seems like the story's finally progressing…… the party is still not starting though! Even though the title had already reached ⑤ , the party is still not starting!!!]-

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