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Alice said she had just built a house in one night. I was surprised at first, but after calming down for a bit…… Well, I was able to convince myself that Alice could do it since she's Alice.

She had completed it before I could even give her any of my requests, but well, I'm sure it will be fine.

[……Well then, I'd like to see it right away.]

[Yes, yes, then let's move. This way.]

[We're not going to teleport or anything like that]

[No, your house is just nearby.]

I followed Alice as she walked out of the room. Putting aside when I just learned that the house was built overnight, the reason why I am so calm now…… was only because of my trust in Alice.

If this had been a situation where Shiro-san or Eden-san was the one who made it, my heart may have been filled with anxiety. But if it's Alice…… I can rest assured.

Alice really likes playing pranks, and she's one of those people which the word "smart idiot" fits to a tee…… but her balance between these aspects is really exquisite.

The house that she will introduce to me will probably be beyond my imagination, which would make me surprised…… but a house that would make me think that, for whatever reason, this is the right house for me.

I'm not that big of an idiot. I understand that there's no way that I'm going to get the normal detached house that I envision.

Many of my lovers and acquaintances are Kings and Gods, and since there's a high chance that they would come to visit, my house would have to be of a certain class.

I think Alice has probably prepared a house that would be on the edge of that line. A house that I can compromise on, but also luxurious enough for Kuro and the others' status.

[……What is this I'm kinda feeling Kaito-san's passionate trust in me. I'm a little embarrassed, and a little glad that I didn't adopt that joke of an idea that I had before.]

[I trust Alice after all. Well, you do fool around often…… but I can rest assured if it's you.]

[……L- Let's stop with that. Alice-chan isn't really a fan of straightforward praises. I'm telling you this now, but if Kaito-san looks at me with such a cool look on your face, I'd quickly turn into some easy-to-please heroine!]

[……Was that something you should be proudly bragging about]

As I walked down the corridor, I smiled at Alice, who walked a little faster, perhaps because she's embarrassed…… but I suddenly noticed something strange.

[Hey, Alice]

[What is it]

[……We're heading to my house, right]

[Yes, we are.]

[……"The front gate is in the opposite way", you know]

[That, it is.]


Hearing that we're actually heading to my house even though we're walking in the opposite direction of the front gate, I tilted my head as I followed Alice.

Then, as I was about to push that question even further, I suddenly saw something strange out of the corner of my eyes.

[……Eh Arehh]

There was something that looked like a corridor ahead of us. However, that's strange. I've lived in Lilia-san's mansion for a year already, and I don't think I've ever seen that here before.

As I was feeling confused as to what was going on, Alice stopped in front of the corridor and turned towards me.

[We've arrived! At the other side of this passageway…… To be exact, the corridor itself and the other side of this corridor is Kaito-san's house.]

[……U- Unnn]

[Oya I see that you're confused. Well, it certainly might be hard to tell when we're on this side…… Then, how about taking a look from the outside!]

With a quick snap of Alice's finger, the nearby window opened and our bodies began levitating. Then, my body was led straight out the window and rose to a position, where we could see the whole thing.

The sight that came into my view…… Unnn. How should I say this…… I think it was something out of this world.

[……Hey, Alice. That kinda looks twice as big as Lilia-san's mansion…… I mean, it kinda feels like it's the same size, but just growing sideways……]

[The right side is Lilia-san's mansion, while the left side is Kaito-san's house.]

[……Unnn. Well, I have lots of things I'd like to throw a tsukkomi at…… but is something like this alright]

[It's alright. I have received Lilia-san's permission after all.]

[Eh Really!]

I was worried that Alice made all those changes, like that corridor connecting our homes, was something she did without permission…… and I was quite anxious for Lilia-san's stomach, but Alice suddenly took out a document.

[Summarizing the contents of that document, it says that I can freely remodel her mansion. That document has Lilia-san's signature and stamp on it.]

[……I- Is that so…… Well, if Lilia-san gave her permission…… I guess it's alright]

Of course, there are things that I feel surprised and confused about. However, unnn…… Thinking about it again, I think that our homes connected like this aren't so bad.

In Lilia-san's mansion, there are many people who I'm close with, including Lilia-san, and I would be lying if I said I didn't feel lonely living away from her, so I'm really happy that I'm able to come and go freely, rather than being treated like a visitor everytime I come to visit.

The two mansions have two separate front gates, but our gardens seem to be connected, so Bell also seems to be happy that she has more room to move around.

[……Unnn. I was surprised at first, but this doesn't look that bad.]

[Isn't it]

[By the way, are the interiors of our homes the same]

[……No, the interiors are different. Well, I'll show you around and explain it to you.]

The exterior really looks just like a mirror copy of Lilia-san's mansion, but the interior is apparently different.

[Ahh, by the way, even though your home looks like Lilia-san's mansion, the materials used in it are different. Well, they still aren't that durable to endure Kuro-san's punch though. I'm just using materials that are available in this world.]

[Don't treat Kuro's punch as a criteria for durability as if it's the most obvious thing in the world…… No, well, putting that aside, this is kinda surprising.]

I had already expected that she would build a house with strength that was out of the ordinary, just like that castle in the sky from two years ago, but it seems that she built it using ordinary materials.

Well, she probably still used top-tier materials but…… this is still kinda surprising.

[Well, I mean, it's not like it's needed after all. It doesn't matter if it's a meteorite or a thunderstorm, I'll be by Kaito-san to protect you anyway…… In the first place, the God of Creation herself is watching over your past and your future, so there's no way you'd encounter any problems.]

[I- I see……]

[Alright, with that out of the way, let's go inside the house!]

[Y- Yeah…… By the way, on a completely different note, Alice flying in the sky is quite a rare sight, isn't it]

[Speaking of which, I guess you're right. Well, there isn't really any advantage to flying anyway. If it's just a short distance, it's faster to just run, and if it's at a long distance, you should just teleport.]

[That certainly is the case now that you mentioned it…… What about if you want to look over a large area]

[Hmmm. I have "memorized all the buildings in the world", and I also know all the structural blind spots, so I can just use Farsight Magic. Well, if I really have to go look over a large area from up high, I can just jump.]

[……You're so smart that I really don't understand what you were talking about. Even though you look that stupid……]

[What is this…… It's kinda hard to decide whether you're complimenting me or dissing me. I've said this many times before, but Alice-chan grows up with love! Please spoil Alice-chan a bit more!]

[Even though you act all embarrassed when I spoil you…… Thank you for everything, Alice. I love you.]


Exchanging such idle chit-chat, we made our way into the brand new house.

: [As expected of Alice-chan! And for those readers who feared that we'd be seeing less of Kaito-san's interactions with Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san, Sieg-san and Illness-san, that construction comes to the rescue! Mesmerizing! Admirable! ……Eh Serious-senpai Ah, no, well…… She was taken away because she mentioned "that ranking that shouldn't be named" in the Activity Report. I pray for her soul.]-

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