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A monster was born in this world so long ago that it could even be called the ancient times. Nay, rather than being born, I think its more appropriate to say that this monster appeared out of the blue.

The monster was born with too much power, but at the same time, it had nothing else. A black smoky outward appearance without a definite figure, but its interior is empty—- This monster whose only power, without any exaggeration, is the very concept of nothingness, and for this monster with an empty interior, it decided to search for it first.

First, a form of its own, and then, a heart of its own… And one after another, it went around the world searching for its own existence, as if its fumbling around in the darkness.

Or perhaps, it might be a walking calamity traveling around the world. The monster touched many things and looked at many places in the world, and before long, it came to believe—

That this world—- is full of impurities—-

It wasnt simple, but its really complex, too unstable and yet it cant do anything about it, and staggeringly vast and deep. Little by little, the impurities remained and accumulated in the monsters empty body as it traveled the world.

And then, how many years could have passed A monster that has spent an unbelievable amount of time going around, storing up impurities in its body, the monster saw the world again from the place where it was born.

This world is full of impurities. Its not pure or rational, everything is uncertain and fragile. Its always changing, as if this world is one single existence.

And thats why, this world—- is so beautiful and precious—-

Silver-white hair swaying in the wind and golden eyes reflecting the world. A heart that has gained many impurities and the figure that appeared with a gentle smile on her face.

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And thus, the monster that could have destroyed the world begins to walk again. It gained form and acquired a heart—– establishing the collection of impurities it gathered as the testimony of its existence, it took upon the name of Kuromueina—- and began to etch out its existence as it started a new journey.

The story of she who bears that name—- “The One who was Once a Monster” began with her reaching out to a little child who looked very much like herself in the past.

[Come with me!]


Holding the little child, she gave her the name “Ein”, named after her new beginning, the demon called Kuromueina was truly born into this world.

There exists a high ranking demon called Kuromueina. She held immense power, yet unconcerned with wealth and power, as she walked around as if shes wearing the very concept of freedom.

[Whoa, this is quite tasty, isnt it~ One more please~]

[Thank you for your patronage!]

Kuromueina bought a spit-roast from a street vendor and ate it with relish as she looked out at the Humans city bustling of activity from the incoming New Year.

Kuromueina often goes from place to place, sightseeing, and eating. This is an unusual hobby for a stand-alone high ranking demon, where most of them set up their own territory, making their subordinates and dependents move in their stead, and dont go out much themselves, but Kuromueina liked to get involved with the world this way.

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Kuromueina doesnt have a fixed form, depending on her mood, she could take the form of a boy or a young man, and to avoid causing a commotion for having a reasonably well-known name, she sometimes wears an Information Concealment Magic in her peacetime, getting these people on the street to not realize that this girl walking around with a spit-roast in her hand is a famous demon.

However, those who know Kuromueina will know that shes in a good mood when they see her walking around in her favorite appearance, the form of a young girl.

The demon called Kuromueina is an oddball in many ways.

Although shes a high ranking demon, she doesnt have any subordinates, doesnt discriminate or look down on other races such as the humans and the gods, and openly speaks to the owner of a stall that can be called a commoner.

Its only because she truly loves this world and the people who live in it, despite everyones differences. Thats why she loves to take a leisurely walk around the city like this and watch the world change little by little.

Of course, she has her own tastes and preferences. Her favorite form is her current young girl form, but she can also take on the form of a magical beast when shes in a really bad mood, though that rarely happens. She has a sweet tooth, especially if its large enough for her to eat while walking.

As far as others are concerned, she can be said to like basically people with any kind of personality, but she doesnt like those who do anything just to hurt anyone.

Yes, she has a very large number of likes, and conversely, she has an extremely small number of dislikes. However, among such a wide range of likes, there is one that she has a special fondness for.


Kuromueina, who was leisurely strolling through the city with a smile on her face, stopped in her tracks. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a large fountain and the figure of a young man standing in front of it.

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Black with light brown hair, a face that isnt particularly beautiful nor ugly, a body that is somewhat lean but not unhealthy, and an average height of about 170 cm. For better or worse, mediocre was the word that applied to him, but Kuromueina muttered as she looked at the young man.

[……Its a baby bird……]

The expression on her face as she mumbled so is like a child who has found her favorite toy, and also like a mother looking at her beloved child.

—-A baby bird. Kuromueina can sometimes describe others as such. However, its not meant to describe someone as an idiot, rather, she meant well when she said that phrase.

The eyes of the young man looking anxiously at his surroundings, the subtleties of emotions behind his eyes…… It was the same expression “her former self who had nothing” had and thats what she liked best.

Thats why Kuromueina stepped forward towards the youth without the slightest hesitation. Canceling off the Recognition Inhibition Spell on the young man, she also removed the effect of the Infomation Concealment Magic from affecting the young man……

[Whats wrong You look like youre in some kind of trouble]

She called out to the young man with a big smile on her face, as if she was truly enjoying the encounter she had with “someone who looks a lot like her old self” that she hadnt come across for a while.

As she stroked the head of the young man—- Kaitos head sleeping in her lap in a heartfelt affectionate way, Kuromueina gently smiled.

An innocent and lovable baby bird that still knows nothing, the existence that she most favors right now.

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[Little by little, its changing……]

Words she gently muttered.

Shes empty, and yet she loves more than anything else to have someone who wants something in his heart…… a baby bird who fumbles around in search of wings and wishes to fly, even if he doesnt know how to get them.

[Kaito-kun…… One day, when your wings are fully grown and youre ready to take to the skies, I wonder what kind of beautiful wings youre going to show me Im really looking forward to it.]

To her, a baby bird is a being with “infinite possibilities”. Searching for something with their empty heart, and before long, when they find it, it would turn into their wings and help them fly away into the sky.

Most of all, she loves to see it happen up close and personal.

Gently moving her gaze, she could see many of those who were once baby birds.

The high ranking demon who was named after the beginning, and the one who wanted to stay by her side longer than anyone else.

The lich who has gained a lot of knowledge and is active in a wide range of fields.

The fairy who loves nature and flew around innocently, away from the place she used to live in.

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The ogre valiantly laughing as he came to terms with his days being different from his kind.

The human who got the answers shes looking for and became a demon.

They are all different, but all of them have beautiful wings, and they fly around in the sky of this endless world together with her family that she cant help but love.

Theres one high ranking demon called Kuromueina—- an oddball who has great power and deep, warm kindness, and she who continues to love this ever-changing world full of impurities and uncertainty.

Looking at the lovely world today, as if to bless the people who live in it, as if to thank the impurities that continue to fill her that were born from nothingness—- an affectionate smile appeared on her face.-

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