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Even though this place couldn't exactly be said as my home, when I stepped into Lilia-san's mansion where I spent a year in, the thought that came to my mind…… was that I'm back home.

With how nostalgic I'm feeling returning back to the mansion, how should I say this…… knowing that I've finally returned makes me feel relaxed.

[It's been a while…… No, I guess it's better to say "Welcome back", right Welcome back, Kaito-san. Seeing you again like this feels my heart with glee.]

[Yes, it's been a while, Lilia-san.]

With a gentle smile on her face, Lilia-san happily welcomed me. Lilia-san has Chronois-san's blessing, so she should be immortal…… but perhaps, the past two years had made her grow mentally, as she feels more mature than before.

[Well, I had faith that you would come back, and since I had received information from Phantasmal King-sama beforehand, I may not be too surprised with your arrival, but seeing you return makes me very happy.]


It seems like Lilia-san is starting to become more of a noble than before, as she seemed to be very calm and relaxed.

But somehow, knowing the Lilia-san of the past, I feel a little sad seeing her like this…… but I'm happy that she has grown a lot.

As I was thinking that……

[……Well, I guess I can't say "How dare you" in a situation like this, eh]


[L- Luna! W- What are you suddenly saying now]

Luna-san, who was standing by Lilia-san's side, dumbfoundedly muttered, looking away from Lilia-san, but upon hearing her, Lilia-san suddenly became flustered.

[In the past two years, how many times has Milady lonelily muttered "Is Kaito-san still not coming back" Should I tell you the specific number of times you had said such a thing]

[Luna…… Please wait. I beg you, please don't say anything unnecessary.]

[Ahh, speaking of which…… While Miyama-sama was away, Milady was often "listening on that music box" in her room, wasn't she Milady being such a music lover, this incompetent Lunamaria apologizes for not knowing until now. Oya However, I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but why is it that that music box is "always playing the same song"]

[U- Ummm, Luna…… Stop already, I'm begging you…… I have, you know, the dignity of a noble and all that……]

Arehh What is this Rather than the clouds looking menacing, it seems like the clouds parted ways and the truth had revealed itself.

That music box Lilia-san was listening to…… It's probably that music box I gave her, right Which means……

[Dignity Oh my That dignified noble that you were talking about…… Did you mean that noble that has been pacing back and forth in her room after being contacted by Phantasmal King-sama, completely unable to get any work done]

[……Aaaaahhhhhhh…… No, that's, ummm, that's not it, okay!]

[……Errr, Luna-san In short, what do you mean]

Hearing Luna-san's words, Lilia-san covered her blushing face with her hands and slumped down on the desk. As if it was all a lie, the relaxed demeanor she had until a few minutes ago completely changed, and when I curiously looked at her…… before finally, letting out another big sigh, Luna-san dealt the finishing blow.

[No, it's quite simple. Milady was just trying to appear all ladylike and elegant to her beloved lover, whom she hadn't seen in two years…… It's not that she have become more mature in the past two years or anything like that. I guess the only thing that changed would be that she had become even more powerful.]

[ ~ ~ ~ ! ]

Ahh, unnn. I see…… Let me retract my previous statement. How should I say this…… I feel relieved to see that Lilia-san is still as cute as before, someone who is unlike a noble.

It's just like Lilia-san to be concerned about being ladylike …… and seeing her like this, I couldn't help but leak out a smile.

Well, it seems that Lilia-san, who had been exposed, doesn't seem to be too happy about it, as she seemed to be half-crying with a face as red as a boiled octopus.

When Luna-san saw this, she let out a light sigh once more…… and started leaving the room. As she opened the door a bit, she turned around and spoke to Lilia-san.

[……Well, such being the case, how long are you going to keep up that useless pretense, stupid Lili…… Miyama-sama also doesn't have much time to spare today, so just please be honest and fawn upon him.]

After telling her this, not as her maid, but as Lilia-san's best friend, Luna-san went out of the room…… leaving Lilia-san and I alone in the room. Luna-san is being thoughtful of her friends huh……

[Errr…… Lilia-san.]

[……Ugghhh…… I- It can't be helped, you know Even though I've become immortal thanks to Chronois-sama's blessing, compared to the other long-lived beings…… I felt like those two years had been a really long time.]


[……I- I felt…… lonely.]

A- Arehh I may have to retract my previous statement once again. Doesn't it seem like Lilia-san became cuter than before!

When I saw Lilia-san with tears in her eyes, telling me how she felt lonely, I felt a surge of love burst from within me.

As if my actions were being guided, I approached Lilia-san and as if I'm covering her body while she sat on her chair, I hugged her body.

[Uhyaaahhh! K- K- K- Kaito-san!]

[……I'm sorry I made you feel lonely.]

[……Auuu…… Auuu……]

[Knowing that my beloved Lilia-san was still the same as she was two years ago…… makes me feel so happy.]

[ ! ]



[Eh Wait! Lilia-san!]

I'm not sure if Lilia-san's embarrassment has exceeded her tolerance limit or not, but with her eyes upturned, she had fainted in my arms. H- Hmmm…… What is this I kinda feel relieved that this part of hers remained unchanged too…… but I also feel somewhat disappointed…… what a complicated feeling, this is.

~~ The Noble Lady, Two Years Later ~~

Ability : Perhaps understanding something after receiving the effect of a certain skill in the war's final decisive battle, her ability have risen tremendously (Her strength is currently on par with mid-tier Count-ranks)

Personality : It hasn't changed…… She tried to make it look like she's grown up after those two years, but she failed miserably.

Heroine Power : It has increased…… She has become a bit more honest than before.

Fainting : Gives one a sense of relief, as if they're at home (However, she can endure a little longer than before)

T/N: 73/214-

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