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After coming to visit Isis-san and having her and Lillywood-san know of my return…… the next place to go would definitely be that place.

The place that I had spent the most time in this world, and where I know the most people in the world…… Lilia-san's mansion.

Looking at the mansion in front of its luxurious gate truly makes me feel nostalgic…… It really makes me feel like I have returned.

The gatekeeper, dressed in light armor, looked surprised when she saw me teleporting in for a moment, but then, without saying a word, she smiled and opened the gate with a deep bow.

The very act of opening the gate without contacting Lilia-san, the owner of the mansion, was like her way of saying "Welcome back", and that she didn't think of me as an outsider, which made me feel happy.

Lightly bowing to the gatekeeper, I stepped into the front garden of the mansion and immediately heard the sound of loud footsteps and flapping wings.



[Bell! Lynn! I'm ba——– Wait! Stop! Hold o———- Guaahhh!]

Bell and Lynn came running towards me with great speed…… but I had a bad feeling about their momentum and called for them to stop, but it was already too late…… as immediately afterwards, Lynn's body went straight for my face while Bell jumped on top of me.

[You've become heavy! Wait, can you calm down!]



For them, it's the first time in two years that their owner has come home, and that's why they're energetically frolicking with me. I'm happy that they've missed me and I think they're cute…… but the unmanageable problem is Bell.

Lynn is still fine, and even though she jumped towards me, it still isn't a problem since she isn't that big. However, Bell is already about 4 meters tall…… Of course, I'm sure that he's making sure that he won't stomp down on me…… but I'm afraid that he would really end up doing that with how excited he is.

As I was trying to calm them down, I heard the sound of footsteps and a familiar voice.

[……Bell-chan, Lynn-san, why did you suddenly———–!]

[A- Ahaha…… I'm sorry for the awkward reunion…… Sieg-san.]

As I was being jostled by Bell and Lynn, Sieg-san arrived with the Rainbow Dragon Sela on her shoulder.

It was just two months for me, but it has been two years for Sieg-san…… As someone of the long-lived Elven race, Sieg-san's appearance isn't supposed to change in just a few years, but perhaps, because I hadn't seen her for a while, I think she looked much more beautiful than before.

Sieg-san looked a little surprised when she saw me, but then, she gently smiled and reached out for my fallen body, she spoke.

[……Welcome back.Kaito-san.]

[I have returned.]

Getting up with Sieg-san's help, I then let her pull my body along and with her body close to mine, I brought her to my embrace. I could smell the faint scent of the circus-scented perfume that Sieg-san always uses in small quantities.

Feeling the warmth of her arms gently wrapped around my back and her calm, mature glamour of her body…… How should I say this…… I feel like my heart is beating really fast.

After hugging Sieg-san for a while, the both of us let go of our embrace and looked at each other.

[……Ahh, errr…… I also have to say my greetings to Lilia-san.]

Somewhat embarrassed, I said something to distract me from the thoughts I had earlier, and as I started walking towards the mansion…… but I suddenly felt a tug on my clothes, and immediately after, Sieg-san hugged me from behind.


[……I know it's selfish of me. However, ummm…… but can we stay like this for a while more]


[……I just want……. to be with you…… a little bit longer.]

It was…… a small request from Sieg-san that couldn't even be called being selfish.

She called out to me like a spoiled child, which was really rare for Sieg-san, who is usually a gentle and calm mature lady. They were words that made me inexplicably happy.

Taking Sieg-san's hand that was clinging on my back as gently as I could, I slowly turned around and hugged Sieg-san again.

[That kind of selfishness…… would always be welcome. That's why, it's alright to hug a little bit longer.]


Sieg-san's embrace on my body became tighter. No…… The strength of our embrace grew stronger. As if we're trying not to let any of that happy warmth escape……



We weren't saying any other words, and were just calling each other's names…… but it's strange how that simple act can make us love each other more and more.

There are still a lot of places I need to visit, but my cute girlfriend wants to be spoiled. I also want to spend a little more time with Sieg-san. After all, the moment we're spending together at this moment makes me feel inexplicably happy.

I'm sure Sieg-san also feels the same way…… as the way our lips were drawn together made me realize it.

Serious-senpai : [Nuaaaaaahhhhhh! Staaaahhhhp, can you not do such dense sweetness with every single one of your loveeeeers!]

: [Isn't Sieg-san getting preferential treatment there! Even though half of the chapter may have been taken up by Kaito-san's pets, she still flirted with Kaito-san the longest! I think Kaito-san should have flirted with Alice-chan even more!]

Serious-senpai : [Stoooooooooop!!!]

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